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21 Things To Do On Maternity Leave Before Baby Arrives

You have completed your whole two trimesters successfully. Now, just the last and most important trimester left. If you are working in a corporate, you might have already applied for Maternity Leave. Normally, when you take off from your work, you enjoy, chill and sleep most of the time. But taking a Maternity Leave may make you restless and anxious about the baby’s arrival. Therefore, we have brought to you some things to do on maternity leave before the baby arrives.

The time which you are spending is a very precious time between you and your baby. You need to be physically and mentally healthy. Thinking about birth and the next phase will surely make you anxious. Therefore, during your maternity leave just try to relax and divert your mind to other things. Check out some ways in which you can keep yourself occupied in this time of yours-

1. Stay under the Covers-

You don’t need to get up soon and start doing any work. Stay under your blanket, have some yummy breakfast, play scrabble or chess with your partner. Just cherish every little moment, because right now no one needs you except the person sitting next to you.

2. Get Organized Early-

After you have told your boss that you are pregnant and will go on maternity leave soon, talk to HR and get to know everything about Maternity leave. Start copying your co-workers in any of the work emails you send. Get yourself organized early, as you never know when the baby will arrive. Also, let everyone know that you will be on leave so that, they are not dependent on you.

3. Talk to some Help-

You will need good house help after the baby has arrived. Talk to your friends about house help and hire a good one, so that it won’t become a headache for you later.

4. Learn all the Baby products working-

Many times moms do not know how a particular baby thing works. Like the trolley, crib, car seat there are many new baby products with amazing features. So, you can understand there working properly now, to avoid any confusion later.

5. Get a good Diaper Bag-

You will need a diaper bag very soon and at that time you may not get time to do proper research. So, right now while you are free, research some good diaper bags according to your need and order them. Make sure your diaper bag is not too small, not too big, and also not uncomfortable.

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6. Understand about your Insurance-

We often forget about this thing until it comes in front of us after delivery. It is better to know everything about your insurance and keep ready all your paperwork so that at the end time you do not face any problem.

7. Explore your neighborhood-

One of another amazing things which you can do is explore your neighborhood. This will come in handy when you have to go out with your kid.

8. Try to have some rest-

Now, is the best time for you to have some rest. Without worrying about any meetings and projects, you can and should rest as much as possible. Because after delivery everything changes and you won’t get much time to rest.

9. Go Binge watching-

Yes, before due to office work you must have missed a lot of shows and movies. Now, you have got plenty of time to make up for all of them. You can make a list of all the good shows and movies to watch during your maternity leave.

10. Make some Mommy Friends-

This will really help you in the future. A woman who is already a mommy knows more about kids now. And also it will be good for your baby to have some baby friends.

11. Deep Clean your Home-

Before your leave, you might not have gotten time to clean your home. Now, after maternity leave, you have plenty of time to deep clean your curtains, sofa, carpets, and rugs. It is possible that since you are in your third trimester, you may not have much energy left in you. Therefore, ask your partner for help and just clean for 30 minutes a day daily.

12. Be on top of the Laundry-

Don’t wait for the day, for your laundry basket to get filled up and then to start washing clothes. Whenever you get time, and feel good clear the laundry section and try to keep the basket empty. You are in your peak time; you do not want to be bothered by laundry.

13. Fill up your Freezer-

This is something important, which many women forget about. After giving birth, cooking food will be your least priority but you will be hungry too. So, it is better to fill up your freezer with ready-made and frozen food.

14. Stock up on essentials-

Make a proper list of all the essential items which you may need after birthing and also stock them up. After birth, thinking about these things is not possible. So, check on the toiletry essential, kitchen essential, etc.

15. Exercise-

Maternity leave is not only about sitting and resting. You just cannot skip exercise. Walking and Deep breathing are two very important exercises which you should practice, this helps in making the last days of pregnancy easier and comfortable.

16.  Breastfeeding and Birthing process-

Instead of sitting ideal, you can utilize the time to read more about breastfeeding and the birthing process. There are so many things related to Breastfeeding like breastfeeding position, how to get a good latch etc. reading about all these things will be handy to you now as you can remember them.

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17. Plan a good Maternity Shoot-

Now since you are on maternity leave. You have plenty of time to plan your maternity shoot. Choose some amazing clothes and a place to shoot your pregnancy.

18. Go on a date with your Partner-

Do not forget your better half. Now, is the right time to get pampered and spend some quality time. Once the baby arrives, all your concentration shifts towards the baby. So, whenever you are not feeling good, go on a lunch date or dinner date with your partner to lighten up the mood.

19. Do any DIY project-

If you are getting bored by watching any serial or by just sitting idle. You can try your hands on any DIY project. Doing something creative makes us feel good and also brings out anxiety from our bodies.

20. Pre-wash baby clothes-

If you have bought the baby clothes already, it is better to wash them and keep them dry. Use a gentle, scent-free detergent for the extra sensitive skin of your baby.

21. Prepare for Postpartum-

Yes, often moms are so involved with the whole delivery and birthing process, they tend to think and prepare themselves for the postpartum. For this thing, it is better to talk to someone who has recently given birth and is going through postpartum. Learn about the things which you may go through. Have a small postpartum kit with you with pads, peri bottle, tucks, etc. and leave it in the bathroom, you will be glad to see it later.

So, above are some 21 ways through which you can stay happy, relaxed, calm, and diverted. Try to find any hobby, or you can try listening to new music or read new books during this time. Keep yourself occupied and you won’t even know where your time has gone.

Enjoy the last months of your Pregnancy

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