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Birthing Ball Exercises During Pregnancy, Labor and Later

birthing ball exercises-

Being a pregnant woman, all you can think of is how to keep your pregnancy smooth going, your baby healthy and the process of delivering a baby easy. Yes, there are many women out there who prefer, Normal delivery over C-section. Well, the birthing ball makes this process easy. A birthing ball makes the process of birthing more comfortable for you. It keeps you fit, and increases your chances of normal delivery. So, let’s understand the benefits of Birthing ball exercises during pregnancy and labor.

Birthing ball is nothing but a giant inflated ball, you might have seen in your yoga or gym class. It is a kind of exercise ball that is used in pregnancy, labour and even after that.

So, lets understand about the birthing ball in detail-

Benefits of Birthing Ball Exercises

birthing ball exercises


  • Eases back pain and improves the stability to move around.
  • Gives support to ankles and knees.
  • Helps reduce Spinal pressure.
  • Stimulates blood flow to pelvic area.
  • Helps to open up the Pelvic muscles.
  • Keeps you in upright position, which works good for gravity change.
  • Corrects the baby position before birth.
  • Helps to reduce anxiety and pain from contractions.

Above are the benefits of using Birthing ball, but if you do not feel comfortable in using it, refrain from using it.

What is the Difference Between Gym Ball and Birthing Ball?

Both birthing and gym balls are made up from anti-burst material, that means they do not get punctured but they deflate slowly. Both the balls look similar, but they should be kept away from sharp objects, direct heat or rough surface.

Features which differs Birthing ball from Gym ball are:

  • Gym balls are comparatively smaller than Birthing ball
  • Birthing ball come with anti-slip finish
  • You can find birthing ball round and peanut in shape.

Which Type of Birthing Ball to Buy?

Keep the following points in mind, when you chose to buy a birthing ball-

  • The size of the ball depends on your height. After sitting on the ball, your legs should touch the floor.
  • Have a look at anti-burst and anti-slip feature.
  • Should be able to balance your body weight
  • It should be pressure tested and can take up to 300 kg of weight.

Why to Buy Birthing Ball Cover?

  • The cover helps to keep the ball clean.
  • It helps to manage the ball effectively.
  • The cover makes the ball feel soft against skin.
  • It makes it easier for you to carry from one place to another.
  • Cover makes the ball look pretty.

How to choose a perfect Birthing Ball?

You can follow the general guideline, to choose the right birthing ball for you-

birthing ball exercises

If your height is 5’4 or shorter – 55cm.

For height between 5’4 -5’10- 65cm.

If your height is 5’10 or more- 75cm.

How to Use Birthing Ball for the First Time?

If you are using Birthing ball for the first time, you should consider following points in mind-

How to Use Birthing Ball for the First Time?

  • Place the ball on rug or on a carpet. You can be either barefoot or wear anti-skid shoes.
  • Balance your body by keeping your foot firmly on ground.
  • Make yourself comfortable as you sit on the ball, by placing hands on your knees. You can also rock sideways or even back forth.
  • After you have secured a comfortable position, you can bounce gently.
  • You can take the support of a chair or wall, if you do not feel comfortable.

You can use birthing ball at any stage of pregnancy. Just be confident, before you start doing it.

How to use Birthing Ball during Pregnancy?

During Pregnancy, you can use Birthing Ball in following ways-

For sitting comfortably when resting or working

  • Whenever, during pregnancy you wish to sit comfortably to relax, try sitting on the Birthing ball you will it is much easier to get on and off on the ball than it is on sofa.
  • Also, when you sit on the ball, you do a mini workout. Bouncing and rocking helps to keep your tummy and back muscles upright.

For some mild exercise

Birthing ball helps to improve posture and also exercises the tummy muscles. It helps you to bear the pregnancy weight. You can perform following exercises on the Birthing ball-

  • The Bouncing Exercise- This exercise helps to balance your weight. It strengthens your legs and increases your balancing ability.
  • The Pelvic Tilt Exercise- Pelvic Tilt exercise helps to strengthen the lower back and uterus too.

Place the birthing ball against wall, sit straight with your back touching the ball. Gently pull your tummy in and curve your lower back and push towards the ball.

  • The Hula Hoop Exercise- You will enjoy this exercise, it is great for your pelvic floor and your thighs.

Sit firmly on the ball, with your hands resting on hips. Make large circular movements with hips, just like hula hoop dancers.

  • The Resting Child’s Pose- For this exercise, you need to kneel down on the ground with the ball in the front. This will help to stretch your spine and also strengthens the lower back, arms and calf muscles.
  • Ball Lift- This exercise will help to tone up your arm muscles and also stretch your spine a bit.

Stand properly on the ground, hold the ball in your hand. Stretch the hands slowly and lift it above your head. Then, slowly bring it back in your front.

How to use Birthing Ball After Baby’s Birth?

Yes, Birthing ball is multi-purpose, you can use it in following ways after birthing-

  • After delivery, you will feel sore, you will find it more convenient to sit on ball than on the hard surface.
  • You can also cuddle and soothe your crying baby, while sitting on ball.
  • Exercising helps to tone up your post-pregnancy body.
  • You can also sit on ball, while breastfeeding you will feel the latching will be more convenient.

Exercising and being active is the best way to improve your chances of normal delivery. A birthing ball is just one way to increase those chances. Also, keeping your body active helps to solve many problems related to pregnancy.

Did you know about these birthing ball exercise?

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