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How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy (Healthy Diet + Exercises)

How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy

A healthy mom delivers a healthy baby. This is a very correct saying. Being fit and healthy is very important for a healthy life. Even when you are pregnant, if you stay fit and active your pregnancy will go smoothly. Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in the body. Morning sickness, fatigue, physical changes, etc. In all these changes, you might be thinking How to stay fit during pregnancy? Well, we have got you some amazing points which will help you to stay fit and healthy.

Being active and exercising even during pregnancy is necessary for easy labor and also it helps to lose your postpartum weight fast. When you are energetic, you feel good about everything and you get to enjoy this beautiful phase of pregnancy.

So, c’mon to be mommies let’s keep reading to understand what can you do to be energetic and healthy during pregnancy-

How to Get Fit During Pregnancy

Get Fit During Pregnancy

  1. Examine your diet-

Pregnancy brings real cravings with it. And due to cravings, we mostly get attracted to unhealthy food, whenever you crave a particular food try to understand the nutrient your body is telling you to eat. It is very necessary to have a properly nutritious diet like vegetables, whole grains, calcium, etc. for the good health of you and your baby.

2. Have a proper sleep-

I understand that, sleeping properly during pregnancy is one difficult task. As your belly grows, you become uncomfortable in your fav. Sleeping position. But it is very necessary to give your mind and body the rest it needs. To sleep properly, you can either buy a pregnancy pillow or can try meditating for some time. Try to relax fully before you hit the bed so that your mind does not have any emotional thought bothering you.

3. Keep moving every day-

Many women rest a lot during pregnancy, this is not good for your health. To move around pregnancy is the best thing you can do if you are unable to do exercise. You can walk in the morning, after dinner, if you feel good you can do a little stretching. Pushing yourself just a little bit will help you in gaining energy, and also your body will prepare itself for the labor.

4. Keep yourself hydrated-

Water is very important during pregnancy. Keeping yourself hydrated is healthy for both baby and mother. Hydration does not mean, drinking only water. You can also drink fresh juices or coconut water to keep your body hydrated. This is necessary to get toned while pregnant.

5. No Smoking and Drinking-

All the mom-to-be knows this, but still it is very important to keep in mind. Smoking harms your unborn baby, even passive smoking is not good for the health of the baby. It increases the chances of miscarriages, premature birth, etc.

Drinking alcohol is also a strict No-no during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Alcohol increases the risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

6. Reduce Stress-

I know pregnancy can be stressful sometimes, as with all the physical changes and mood swings, we get mental stress. But stress is the biggest enemy of the human body, and during pregnancy, it is really harmful. Reducing stress is very important for the smooth going of pregnancy and also to improve birth outcomes.

Best Exercise  during Pregnancy

Exercising even during pregnancy is very important, it helps to prepare your body for childbirth and labor. But during pregnancy, exercise has to be done very carefully. Some of the exercises which you can do easily during pregnancy are-

  • Stomach- strengthening exercise:

Strengthening your stomach or abdominal during pregnancy is very much needed. As pregnancy increases, the hollow in the lower back gets increased and this gives the backache.

How to perform-

  1. Start by knees under hips, hands under shoulders, and with fingers facing forward.
  2. Inhale and let your back get attracted towards the ceiling. Your head in the front.
  3. Hold for a few seconds then slowly return to the initial position.
  4. Do this slowly and rhythmically 10 times, making your muscles work hard and moving your back carefully.
  5. Do the exercise as per your comfort.
  • Pelvic tilt exercise:

Pelvic tilt exercise

Pelvic tilt exercise helps to work on deep core. It makes the back strong and also works on abs.

How to perform-

  1. Lie with your back and shoulder on the ground
  2. Legs to be bent from knee
  3. Pull your belly button inside, towards your spine, and push the pelvis towards the ceiling
  4. Tighten your hip muscles and tilt your pelvis forward
  5. Hold this position for 5 seconds.
  • Pelvic floor exercise:


Pelvic floor exercise or Kegel is the practice of contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. It helps to strengthen the uterus and prepares it for childbirth.

How to perform-

  1. Sit comfortably
  2. Squeeze the pelvic muscles in for 10-15 seconds
  3. While squeezing do not hold your breath
  4. After 10-15 seconds, return back to normal position.

Exercises by Trimester

First Trimester: Pilates, Yoga, Biking, Weight Training, Swimming and Running

Second Trimester: Walking, Yoga, Running, Swimming

Third Trimester: Jogging, Walking, Aqua Sports, Toning

Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

  • Avoid lying on your back after 16 weeks, this will reduce the blood flow to the baby.
  • No horse riding, ice hockey, or gymnastics.
  • Don’t exercise at heights over 2500m above sea level.
  • Don’t do high impact exercise a lot which includes lots of twists and turns.
  • Don’t go for scuba diving as it is dangerous for babies.

Exercise tips when you’re pregnant:

  • Do not exhaust yourself while exercising.
  • Always keep yourself hydrated even while exercising.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise in hot weather.
  • Try to exercise while someone watching you.
  • You can try swimming; water helps to support your increased weight.
  • Walking is amazing and safe when it comes to the easiest exercise.

So, these are some of the ways in which you can stay fit and take care of yourself and your baby. All the above exercises and tips are safe, still, if you feel uncomfortable doing them, you should stop immediately and consult your doctor.


1. How to stay lean during Pregnancy?

Staying fit, healthy, and lean is important in Pregnancy. Above we have written some of the tips and exercises which you can perform to stay active during pregnancy. Being active and healthy in Pregnancy is important as it prepares you for childbirth.

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