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Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy and Why?

Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Pregnancy requires a good time to sleep. Although it is true, that as you proceed with pregnancy it gets hard to find a proper sleeping position which is good for your health and is also safe. Many women love to sleep on their stomach or back, but during pregnancy, these positions get difficult to adjust. Every woman faces the problem of Sleeping position during pregnancy. Till, first and second trimester you still can manage the sleeping type, but as you enter into the third trimester, the sleeping position gets challenging.

So, this blog answers all your questions on why is it difficult to sleep? Which is the best sleeping position? And which sleeping position to avoid? Check out the blog to know about the comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy.

Why is it difficult to sleep during Pregnancy?

  • Urge to pee- Your kidneys find it difficult to filter the increased blood volume. As your baby grows, there is where less space left in your stomach, it creates pressure on the uterus and bladder, which increases your trips to the bathroom for urine. So, whenever you are sleeping, chances are you have to get up many times for peeing.
  •  Increased heart rate- During pregnancy, your kidney pumps more blood which increases the supply of blood in the uterus. Due to this, your heart has to work harder, which hinders in peaceful sleeping.
  • Shortness of breath- Pregnancy brings lots of changes in the hormone. You might feel that you are struggling to breathe.
  • Leg cramps and backaches- Leg cramps and backaches are very common during pregnancy. As your weight increases, it starts to create pressure on your legs. Also, our body starts preparing us for childbirth, by making a hormone called relaxin. Relaxin loosens up the ligaments, which creates the backache.
  • Heartburn and constipation- Constipation and heartburn is a very common problem which a woman faces during pregnancy. As pregnancy proceeds, the baby takes most of the space in the stomach slowing down the digestive system.

Which is the best sleeping position during Pregnancy?

With all the research, it is recommended that the best sleeping position during pregnancy is sleeping on the side also called S.O.S. Sleeping on the side can be any either left or right. But sleeping on the left side is preferable, as it increases the amount of blood and the nutrients, which the placenta and the baby need.

  • If sleeping on your back gives you backache problems, then sleeping on your side is a better option for you.
  • If you experience heartburn during the later stage of pregnancy, you may want to elevate your upper body with pillows.
  • Lying on your side is a better option, as during later pregnancy you may experience shortness of breath.

Sleeping on your sides also helps to enhance the kidney function, which means proper elimination of waste products and there will be less swelling in your ankles, feet, and hands.

Any Sleeping positions to avoid during Pregnancy?

Stomach sleeping-

Many women feel that they cannot sleep on their stomach during pregnancy. You sure can, until your pregnancy reaches 16-18 weeks, sleeping on the stomach is feasible and allowed. Many women have the habit of waking up in front, which is helpful if you are sleeping on your stomach.

Later when the pregnancy increases, it gets difficult to sleep on the stomach. To overcome, this you can buy a stomach sleeping pillow which will give you comfort and help you sleep properly.

Back sleeping-

This position is considered the safest sleeping position during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. In the third trimester, i.e. after 28 weeks sleeping on the back puts a lot of pressure on the main blood vessels, this pressure decreases the oxygen supply to the fetus. Later, this position can give you back pain, digestive issue, and poor circulation.

Tips for proper sleeping during Pregnancy

  • If you have a habit of drinking soda and coffee a lot, try cutting down on it. Avoid consuming it in the morning and early afternoon.
  • When you are about to go to bed, try not to consume lots of fluids. You can have a proper breakfast and lunch and then eat in small quantities till dinner.
  • Have a proper routine of getting up early and going to bed early.
  • Relax when you are about to hit the bed. Have warm milk, read a book, or drink a caffeine-free drink.
  • Leg cramps during pregnancy are very common, many women during cramps try to press their feet against a wall or stand up, this helps in relieving from cramps. Make sure you have enough calcium and magnesium in your diet, this avoids leg cramps.
  • Try yoga or other exercises to relax before going to bed.
  • Try using lots of pillows, to support your body organs. One pillow you can put in between your legs, one at the back.
  • For any extra support, you can try using a wedge-shaped pillow, or any other pregnancy pillow for support.

So, these are some of the ways which can help you to decide with the correct sleeping position during pregnancy. Although it is a little hard to adjust with all the changes going in the body. Still, we have chosen some ways which can help you sleep properly during pregnancy.

Happy Pregnancy! Happy Sleeping


1. Which is the best position to sleep during the Second Trimester?

During the second trimester as the baby grows, your belly increases. Make sure to have a firm mattress so that it does not ache your back. You can also buy a pregnancy pillow, to give your body the support and comfort it needs.

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