YOU ARE PREGNANT. These three words change a women’s life. The nine months of pregnancy is the most amazing and valued journey in a person’s life. Both mom-to-be and dad-to-be strive hard to make the pregnancy go easy and to be sure that their child is safe. The road to pregnancy is not easy; you go through lots of ups and downs, mood swings, hormonal changes, and whatnot.

You will get tons of advice and suggestions during these months. But, your heart always listens to the one you trust more than in the world. The Blessed Mom is all about this. 

It is started by two women and the creator of The Blessed Mom tries to make your nine months roller-coaster journey into a smooth transition. It helps you with its blog on how you can be prepared for the new phase of your life and it also helps you understand the importance of parenthood. We aim to empower the parent-to-be with expert and genuine advice.

We wish to become the source you can always trust when in doubt. Our research team is highly professional and skilled and brings to you all the safe and effective products you can use during pregnancy. We also help you in being fit pre and post-pregnancy, to choose your baby names, which books to read during pregnancy and all the other pregnancy-related issues.

So, enjoy your pregnancy and trust The Blessed Mom for any query and advice. You can also mail us at in case you need special assistance. We would be more than happy to help you. 

Happy Pregnancy!