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How to Stimulate Baby Brain Development (Food + Activities)

Baby Brain Development

All parents want to give the best of everything to their kids. They want their child to be smart, intelligent, and have all the success in the world. You know, when a baby is born it contains 100 billion neurons in the brain, and during the first year, it grows triple. But it is very important to coordinate these neurons and have them wired together. In simple words, it is important to use these neurons at an early stage. But the main question is how to stimulate baby brain development?

Have you ever seen how parents talk to their children? Or how they hold their child when they cry? All these things result in a baby’s brain development. Yes, to stimulate or to boost baby’s brain development all you need is to give him love and attention.

We have dropped at you a number of the wonderful ways that, during which you’ll be able to connect together with your toddler simply and that they can thanks later in life once they square measure before others.

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9 Food For Baby Brain Development

Foods conjointly play a significant role in the development of a baby’s brain. a number of the simplest food for baby brain development are-

  1. Greek Yogurt- Yogurt is one among the foremost in style food round the With its nutrients like mineral, protein, and healthy fats yogurt comes into the list of 1 of the simplest food for baby brain development.

 2.  Avocado- A good baby brain development food. I am sure your baby will love Avocados. Filled with dense-nutrients like fats, vitamins, and minerals. Avocados are nutritious and also help in brain development.

 3. Cheese- A fav. snacks for many moms. Just as you love cheese, you can introduce it to your baby also. They are light in taste and texture both. You can add little cottage cheese in their vegetable.

 4. Whole grain Porridge- A nutritious diet for your baby. A blend of whole grains such as oatmeal, barley, and quinoa can be blended and served with breast milk or yogurt. It is healthy for the baby and also a great source of protein and fiber.

 5. Eggs- When it comes to egg, give your baby only egg yolk at first as they are easy to digest and are very nutritious. Egg yolk is made up of cholesterol, from which the outer lining of the brain cell is made up of. Egg also contains fat-soluble vitamins which are good for brain health.

 6. Nut butter- Nut butter like peanut butter, cashew butter, and almond butter. All are a great option when it comes to your baby. Nuts help in increasing brain activity. When the nuts are in their butter form, they become a good source of protein, healthy fat, and fat-soluble vitamins. Just serve your baby a spoon of nut butter, by mixing into its cereal or yogurt.

 7. Apples- An apple a day keeps the doctor away, even works for babies too. Apple contains quercetin, which helps to stimulate brain activity. You can serve them apples at the transitional food stage.

 8. Lentils- Lentils are a great selection of food. They are beneficial for us adults and our babies too. Lentils come in many different forms, they are rich in fiber, protein, and iron. You can give these to your babies after they are for 6 months. Lentils water, Lentil puree are some ways to feed your child lentils.

 9. Green Leafy Vegetables- You can introduce Leafy Vegetables to your baby, only around 10 months, as they are a little hard to eat as babies. Green Leafy Vegetables like kale and spinach are good in vitamin K and lutein, which helps to boost brain activity.

You can make a juice of spinach with other fruits, to serve to baby.

 Stages of Baby Brain Development

Every age group of babies requires different brain development activities. We cannot use newly born baby’s way to entertain a baby of 2 years. This is one tuff thing for parents, to understand the baby’s age and to use activities accordingly. So, we have made your work a little easy by bringing the stages of baby brain development according to age.

1. Birth- 4 months-

If you are thinking your baby is too small, to understand things right now. You are wrong, the baby understands and feels you from the time he was in your womb. During this time, the baby is just trying to build up the mind and understand the new world.

Make some silly faces, tickle your baby, Sing some songs, and also narrate everything you are doing to your baby. Like when you are putting on the lights, say that now mommy is going to switch on the light, this way baby starts feeling the difference.

 2. 4-6 months-

Your baby has started crawling, so you need to be a little more careful with the pointed objects now. You can play some rhymes, help him with colorful blocks, show them colorful books, and also hand out some different objects to your baby so that they understand the difference.

3. 6-18 months-

Talk to your baby whenever you get time. Play some music, play hide and seek, point to people, and tell them the relation. This helps to imprint things slowly in their mind.

 4. 18-24 months-

This is the most fun age, as they can walk and even talk properly to us. At this age, you can play some recognition games together with your baby like “ spot the pink teddy bear”, Scatter some items, and ask them to bring the particular item, in this way they learn to understand and recognize things.

You can give them crayons and ask them to scribble or color the picture. Colors have a different way of attracting children.

 5. 24-36 months-

At this age, your baby is very curious and wants to learn everything. They try to imitate you. This is the age when you develop the motor skills of your baby. Give them new toys and let their imagination be wild. Introduce them, to real-life activities like talking on the phone, driving a car, etc. Read them storybooks, and also show them pictures so that they start identifying things.

 6. Age 3-5-

Your baby has grown now, now is the time when you take out the proper time to interact with your baby. Teach your baby sharing by practical example. Limit their time for TV and mobile. Bring some new books and puzzles for them to do. Try to inculcate curiosity in your kid.

Talk to them about how their day was. Encourage your child to explain to you every detail. Do some activity together, this will be fun and will increase your bond.

19 Baby Brain Development Activities

1. Breastfeeding-

When you are breastfeeding, you hold your baby close this way baby can focus on mothers’ face from that distance. While breastfeeding talk to her, make some facial expressions, again and again, this way babies get connected to their mother.

Even if you chose to bottle feed the child, hold her close, so that baby can focus on your face.

2. Be a Playground-

Till the time your baby is small, you get to be her playground. Just lie down and let your baby climb and crawl on you. This way you help her boost the coordination and problem-solving skills.

 3. Create some Obstacles-

You can keep some cushions and her stuffed toys in her way, this way you help grow her motor skills. By creating some obstacles, you can show your baby, how to remove them, or how to crawl over or under them.

 4. Follow Your Baby’s Lead-

As your little one is growing, he will now start exploring his own creativity. He will try to make some silly noises, will crawl backward, and try some more different things. It will be good if you follow his lead, this way he gets motivated.

5. Take her out on drive-

When you are going on a drive and you take your baby. If you and your baby are alone, then you can sing to her, this way the baby enjoys the company. If you have got the driver, you can show your baby different views and surroundings. Like trees, clouds, etc.

 6. Go shopping-

Take your little one to grocery shopping. Seeing different items there, they get excited. To keep him engaged, you can hand out the baby anything and he will keep exploring it.

7. Keep changing things-

If you make your kid sit at this side of the table, try changing his side. Doing this, the scenery gets changed and your baby starts seeing things differently too.

8. Diaper-time-

We do not realize that even while changing the diaper of our baby, we are bonding with him. Yes, take your own sweet time while changing the diaper of your baby. While doing so, you can sing him a song and also talk to him about what you are going to do next. These are small things in our routine, but they help in the baby’s brain development a lot.

 9. Give him his creative time-

You can build confidence in your child, by giving them choices once in a while. You can put two different colored and sized bowls in front of your kid, and ask him to choose. This will make him learn the difference and also will improve his decision count.

 10. Bath time-

Bath time helps to boost brain development. When the water touches your baby’s body, it helps in the sensory experience. You can also try going in the tub and having skin to skin contact with each other.

 11. Bedtime-

This I have always seen and experienced from my own childhood. My parents have this habit of reading a bedtime story to me, and I used to so enjoy it. This created the reading habit in me. If you do not have time to read the story, you can always show your kids some different pictures from the book.

This makes them excited and then there brain is all set to do something creative the next day.

12. Give her Massage-

Just like we adults get relaxed and calm when we are given a massage. Similarly, giving massage to infants also makes them relieve their stress. And touching them with gentle hands, makes them feel secure and promotes the baby’s growth.

 13. Sing a song-

Learn as many rhymes as you can, and later you can add some of your own lines in it. So, whenever you are bathing your baby or going on a drive you can sing those songs with your own version added in it. So, next time you sing a song to your baby, they will understand that it is bath time or car driving time. This can be your baby brain development music.

14. Teach him-

Try to teach him by handling two different images and telling them to find the difference. They will look at the picture for long and will try to find the distinguishing feature. This helps in the baby’s reading habits. Also, teach him about the other relatives through a photo album.

 15. Tickle her-

When you tickle her, the baby laughs. And laughter is one of the best ways to energize baby. And also you feel amazing when you hear that cute little laughter of your baby.

 16. Talk to her as much as possible-

Talk to your baby, whenever you are around her. This makes their brain sharp, and they become a sharing type of kid.

 17. Make eye contact-

Don’t just turn on the TV and talk to her, as your baby’s mind will be distracted. Always make eye contact while talking to her, this makes her recognize the faces in the early stage. And this way you are building up to memory in your child’s brain.

18. Show them the mirror-

Have your baby reflect at his mirror image. This way he sees another cute baby and gets excited. He will smile, wave, and try to touch the other baby.

19. Stick out your tongue-

When you make funny faces and stick out your tongue. Baby is able to understand simple facial movement, this helps the baby in early problem-solving.


  1. What to eat for baby brain development?

If you are very secured and cautious about your baby’s brain development. You can start the process of it when he is in your womb. Yes, there is some baby brain development food during pregnancy such as- Blueberries, Eggs, Almonds, Greek Yogurt, Cheese, Pumpkin seeds, etc.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog on how to stimulate baby brain development? Please share your experiences with us.

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