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(0-40) Week By Week Pregnancy Stages Symtoms (You Must Know)

Week by Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Every woman after getting pregnant thinks about all the weeks of pregnancy, which is left; she thinks about the baby stages during pregnancy and whatnot. We all know pregnancy comprises a total of 40 weeks. And each week is different and important than the previous one. Every Week by Week Pregnancy Symptoms baby development and our pregnancy symptoms both change.

So, The BlessedMom has brought to you week by week pregnancy detail. In this blog, we will cover the baby development and also the pregnancy symptoms a pregnant woman goes through every week.

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Week by Week Pregnancy Symptoms Chart

Pregnancy Week By Week Chart
Pregnancy Week By Week Chart

Pregnancy is broadly divided into three trimesters. Each trimester has 13, 13, and 14 weeks, respectively. We will be going through each week trimester wise.


Trimester one comprises of Week 1 to Week 13. Following changes occur in these weeks-


The first week of pregnancy is often confusing, you are pregnant, but you don’t know it. Your body is preparing itself for the next nine months, uterus wall getting thick. Doctors can only confirm it later.

  •  Baby Development: This might be surprising for you all. But there is no baby yet in the womb. The doctors calculate your actual date of delivery from the last day of your monthly cycle. When the sperm has not even hit the egg. So, technically the pregnancy starts from 3rd and 4th week.
  • Symptoms: No such different symptom


This is the week you are most fertile; you are ovulating. If the sperm makes its way up to the egg waiting in the fallopian tube, you will be pregnant.

  • Baby Development: No baby in this week also
  • Symptoms: You may notice little spotting and think you are pregnant, but it is just the fertilized egg attaching itself to the wall of the uterus.


This week is also called as Implantation. From this week, your ovaries will not release any eggs as you are officially pregnant now. Sperm and egg have merged into one single cell, which will later grow into a baby.

  • Baby Development: Your baby’s gender, eye color, skin, and blood type everything has been set and locked since the day you conceive. The baby now is called a zygote with 46 chromosomes, half from both the partners.
  • Symptoms: Bloating and cramping, Sore breasts, Spotting, High body temperature


Now, your embryo is attached to the uterus. Cells will divide themselves between making baby organs and fluid-filled cushioning will also be formed to protect the baby as he/she grows.

  • Baby Development: In week 4, an embryo gets split up into two parts: one will become the placenta to provide nutrients and oxygen to the baby and the other half continues to grow to form a neural tube, which will convert into baby’s brain, backbone, and spinal cord.
  • Symptoms: Tender swollen breasts, Fatigue, Nausea or vomiting, and Basal temperature high.


Your baby has grown and become the size of a sesame seed. Your embryo now has three layers- ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. 

  • Baby Development: Now, from the top layer, ectoderm baby’s brain, spinal cord, and nerves are being formed. Heart and circulatory systems will be formed from mesoderm, and the third layer endoderm will become lungs, intestine, and urinary system.
  • Symptoms: Tender, Swollen breasts, Morning sickness, Fatigue


Until this weekend, your baby has grown triple in size. Its heart has started to beat. And the baby is protected by amniotic fluid.

  • Baby Development: Baby has grown to the size of a lentil. Although it still looks like a tadpole. Human features have started to emerge. Lungs and digestive system have started to branch out.
  • Symptoms: Nausea and vomiting, Frequent urge to pee, Mood swings, Tender and Swollen breasts, Fatigue.


Yeppii baby is growing rapidly. It has become the size of a blueberry.

  • Baby Development: Your baby’s eyes with the cornea, iris, pupil, lens, and retina have started to form. Baby’s stomach and esophagus (a tube through which food reaches the baby) have formed. The liver and pancreas will also start to develop.
  • Symptoms: Heightened sense to smell, Mood swings, Urge to pee, Food aversions


Now, your baby is making itself ready to move around the stomach. It has grown and become the kidney bean size.

  • Baby Development: Your baby’s finger and toes have been formed now. Her hands meet her heart, she has knees, and her legs have grown too. The respiratory system is on its way.
  • Symptoms: This is the week you will start feeling that you are pregnant. Urge to eat pickles and ice creams Growing breasts, Abdominal bloating.


Baby has grown to the size of a grape. Body parts have developed. Digestive system and reproductive organs have been formed. But you cannot detect the gender yet.

  • Baby Development: Baby has grown a lot and is looking like a tiny human now. Tiny tooth buds have started to develop, heart’s four chambers have been formed. The baby now weighs just a fraction of an ounce.
  • Symptoms: Food cravings, Food aversions, Heightened sense of smell, Urge to pee, There will be bulging veins on hands and feet, but these veins help to protect your baby when you move up and down.

WEEK 10:

Baby has grown to the size of Kumquat and can also stretch the spine. Baby’s brain develops rapidly from this week.

  • Baby Development: Eyes and eyelids have developed, and now the eyebrows are taking shape. You can hear the baby’s heartbeat now. Teeth have started to harden and are connecting to the jaw bone. The tail bone gets disappeared now.
  • Symptoms: Now is the week, you start getting that pregnancy glow, You have boosted blood volume, which makes your skin look plump, milk-producing glands have started to grow.

WEEK 11:

Baby has grown and become the size of a fig. That is around 1.5 inches in length. This week is also called as beginning of the fetal period.

  • Baby Development: Baby has become really big now as compared to other weeks. She has started breathing and is intaking a small amount of amniotic fluid, and this helps the baby’s lungs to develop and grow. Right now, the baby’s head is still larger than his body.
  • Symptoms: You may notice a little change in your belly now. You will feel constipated, heartburn, fatigue

WEEK 12:

Yaya! Baby has grown and become three inches tall now, which is about the size of a plum.

  • Baby Development: Your baby has started stretching and kicking, but you won’t feel it yet. If you put your hand on your tummy, your baby might respond, but it will be difficult for you to understand. He can open and close his fingers and can also curl up the toes.
  • Symptoms: The pressure on your bladder will start; the belly will increase, telling people that you are pregnant. Your eyesight can be little blurry due to the thickening of lens and cornea. Your weight might have increased to 2-5 pounds.

WEEK 13:

This is the last week of your first trimester. Your morning sickness might have been reduced. And everyone around you can notice your baby bump now.

  • Baby Development: Baby has grown and become the size of the pea pod. It has got its fingerprints; her veins and organs can be seen clearly. If you are having a girl, her uterus is filled with more than 2 million eggs.
  • Symptoms: Your breasts have started making baby’s first milk that is colostrum, you will also feel little cramping, your ligaments will become lose you won’t be able to hold on to things.

2nd TRIMESTER  (WEEK 14-26)

Trimester two comprises of Week 14 to Week 26. Chances of miscarriage are reduced to a great extent, and your morning sickness and fatigue have faded away. Other following changes that occur in these weeks are-

WEEK 14:

Baby’s brain impulses have begun to fire; his kidneys are working well. In the ultrasound, you can see him sucking his thumb.

  • Baby Development: The baby has become the size of a lemon. All her internal organs are formed, and they will keep on maturing until the baby is born. If it’s a boy, the prostate forms this week, and if it’s a girl, her ovaries come down to the pelvis.
  • Symptoms: Since you have reached the second trimester, your chances of miscarriage has reduced. This trimester is also called as “feel-good” trimester. You will be able to eat properly, and you will have immense energy in you.

WEEK 15:

Baby has grown and become the size of an apple. It is about 4 inches tall now.

  • Baby Development: Your baby can now move all the joints and limbs. Legs have become longer than arms now, taste buds have been formed. Hair will start covering the back, shoulders, ears, and foreheads, and now, through the ultrasound, you can see whether it is a girl or a boy.
  • Symptoms: You may feel congestion, Nose bleeds, Skin darkening (around nipples, areolas, navel, and armpit), In this trimester, many women also feel aroused, due to the blood flow and hormonal change. 

WEEK 16:

The baby is now Avocado size, with 4.5 inches long.

  • Baby Development: Baby can suck her thumb and make a fist. His delicate skeleton is hardening now; the umbilical cord has fully matured.
  • Symptoms: Your baby has started kicking, and now you can feel it, which you can misunderstand as the butterflies or indigestion in the stomach. Your uterus has grown about halfway; there will be less nausea and fewer mood swings.

WEEK 17:

Baby has become the size of a turnip, with 5.12 inches tall.

  • Baby Development: Your baby’s skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone. Baby’s looks are changing, as hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes are growing.
  • Symptoms: Your breasts have grown fully; you might have to change your bra now. Your uterus is changing now and gearing up for major expansion. You will feel unsteadiness (because your belly is growing) and dry eyes.

WEEK 18:

Your baby is now the size of sweet potato. It is 5.59 inches long.

  • Baby Development: Your baby’s ears have grown in their place, and now they are capable of hearing from you. Yes, baby can hear you, so now is the time to talk to your baby. Sudden noise may even startle her. You can tell stories, listen to new music also.
  • Symptoms: Now, you can easily recognize when your baby kicks, the kicks will be more defined and bigger. You will feel more hungry and have specific food cravings. You can feel dizziness from fluctuating blood pressure.

WEEK 19:

Your baby is growing fast; it has become the size of a mango. His legs are now longer than his arms. Vernix caseosa has begun to coat the skin.

  • Baby Development: The greasy, cheese-like coating around the baby helps to regulate body temperature. Baby’s heartbeat is going strong; it is twice as fast as yours.
  • Symptoms: You might not feel good now, the growing belly has shifted your center of gravity, more backache, to prevent the backache stand up straight so that your hips and shoulders are lined properly.

WEEK 20:

You are halfway to your pregnancy, just 20 more weeks left.

  • Baby Development: Baby is now the size of a banana, and is 10 inches tall now. Now, your baby will be measured; differently, it will be measured from head to toe. Baby’s taste buds can now send a signal to his brain.
  • Symptoms: This week calls for celebration as you have reached half of your pregnancy. There can be a sharp pain in your hip, abdomen, or groin. You may feel itchy around your belly and breasts, as the skin is stretching.

WEEK 21:

Your baby is now carrot size and is 10.5 inches. 

  • Baby Development: Your baby’s fingerprints are now permanent; she is one in unique kind now. Your baby will respond to touch now. If you put pressure on the belly, the baby will move away or push back.
  • Symptoms: You are growing daily, and so is your belly. You are more prone to varicose veins now, as there is increasing pressure on the veins of your legs. You will have extreme mood swings, and you will also be hungry.

WEEK 22:

Your baby now looks like a miniature version of the newborn. Your baby is the size of a papaya now.

  • Baby Development: This week, your baby’s eyebrows have started growing, his hair will start sprouting on the scalp, and it varies from child to child, he may have entered the world full of hair on the head or can also enter it bald.
  • Symptoms: Increased oil production will give you acne. As your abdomen is stretching, it will give stretch marks. You can see stretch marks on thighs, hips, and breasts too

WEEK 23:

Your baby has grown to a full large mango and is 11.38 inches tall.

  • Baby Development: Baby’s ears are getting better at listening to sounds; later, she can recognize the sounds she hears now. Billions of brain cells are getting developed in your baby’s brain; Lungs are expanding to full.
  • Symptoms: Now, is the time your baby needs more nutrients. She uses more and more minerals and vitamins your body is consuming. This is the time you will have to eat more now. This is the reason the doctor prescribes the iron supplements. You will experience fatigue, stress, weakness, shortness of breath, etc.

WEEK 24:

Now, your baby weighs more than a pound. And from this week, your baby will likely survive; even if you had to deliver the baby this week, he would make it through via ventilator.

  • Baby Development: The baby is now the size of the ear of corn. Her nostrils are practicing breathing. Your baby can raise his eyebrows. Baby is still skinny with very thin skin, but that will change soon.
  • Symptoms: It is very normal if you are worried about your baby now. Your uterus is growing and is the size of a soccer ball now. Its time to learn and read about preterm labor too.

WEEK 25:

The exciting 25th week, just a few more weeks, and you are going to have the most precious gift of your life. Your baby has grown to the size of acorn squash.

  • Baby Development: His grip is getting stronger, and he can now reach for the umbilical cord and also hold it. Your baby’s first bowel movement has started; Baby’s heartbeat has become more clear.
  • Symptoms: You might notice a change in your hair, they will look more lustrous and fuller, don’t worry this is because of the hormonal change and the hair will shed after the delivery. You can notice a pale skin if you have an iron deficiency.

WEEK 26:

Your baby is a 2-pound bundle of joy, which is grown till 14 inches, that is as long as zucchini

  • Baby Development: After 25 weeks, baby now starts sleeping and waking up in the womb, sometime she will be very active, and sometimes she will be silent as she will be sleeping. She can hear you talk now, as the lungs are fully grown, she is now inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid.
  • Symptoms: As the baby is putting pressure on the bladder and abdomen, you will experience lower back pain. You can see little swelling on your face, hands, and feet too.

3rd TRIMESTER (WEEK 27-40)


So, this is your last trimester. Trimester third comprises of Week 27 to Week 40. It is also called the honeymoon phase of pregnancy. Following changes occur in these weeks- 

WEEK 27:

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the second trimester. Your baby now looks like the way he/she will look at the time of birth.

  • Baby Development: Baby is now the size of a cauliflower and has got distinct features. He/she can also distinguish between your and your partner’s voice. You can also feel the hiccups of your baby. Your baby can also open and shut the eyelids at any time.
  • Symptoms: The extra body hair and facial hair grow faster on your body, you feel pain in your legs and an urge to move them when you are sleeping

WEEK 28:

Your baby is now the size of an Eggplant.

  • Baby Development: Your baby can now blink, and her eyelashes have also grown very properly. Her iris is having color now, His brain is working more fastly now and all the senses of hearing, smell, and touch have been properly developed.
  • Symptoms: Your baby kicks very forcefully when she is active. You can have leg cramps in the middle of the night, and your nails will be harder.

WEEK 29:

The baby has grown to 15.2 inches, which is the size of large butternut squash.

  • Baby Development: Your baby’s skin is still wrinkly; his head is growing to make the space for the brain. Your baby is becoming stronger every minute. Her lungs, brain, senses all are growing stronger day by day.
  • Symptoms: Your digestion will be slow, and you will feel gas and heartburn after eating, as there is no space in your abdomen left for muscles to relax. You may have hemorrhoids, which will get fine after delivery.

WEEK 30:

Just ten weeks left for your baby to arrive. And these ten weeks are very precious as all the final development happens in these weeks.

  • Baby Development: Your baby is the size of large cabbage now. She has her own cycle of sleeping and waking up now. From this week, your baby will gain half-pound every week. All these weights are needed for baby protection after birth.
  • Symptoms: As your baby is growing, so is the abdomen. You will feel stretch marks. Also, your skin will become a little itchy. You will have mood swings, growing feet, and also you will feel fatigued.

WEEK 31:

Keep it up! Your baby is growing amazingly well. He can now turn his head from side to side.

  • Baby Development: Your baby is now as big as a bunch of leeks, with 16.18 inches tall. Now, she has grown big so she cannot move and will be in the same position until birth. If you are having a boy, his testicles are moving, and if you have a girl, her clitoris is almost formed.
  • Symptoms: You may be having more of lower back pain now. It is possible to see colostrum (first milk) coming out, and now you will experience Braxton Hicks contraction, which lasts for 30 seconds and is irregular too.

WEEK 32:

Your baby is now the size of Jicama, and it has fingernails and toenails.

  • Baby Development: Your baby’s eyesight is becoming good; they can focus on large objects that are not too far away. He is gaining weight continuously, and his hair, fingernails, and toenails all are growing.
  • Symptoms: With the baby’s growing need, the blood volume has increased to 40-50 percent, and with baby in the abdomen, your stomach is left with no free space. All this leads to shortness of breath.

WEEK 33:

Baby is the size of Pineapple now, at 17.2 inches tall.

  • Baby Development: The bones in the baby’s skull are not fully developed; this helps him to move his head and also to fit inside. The skin is getting soft and smooth, and all its wrinkles and redness are disappearing. You might see less kicking, as space is getting filled up in your uterus.
  • Symptoms: You might feel some contractions, but this is just because your body is preparing itself for the labor. Finding a comfortable position to sleep in might be difficult now. You may feel excited even at this moment.

WEEK 34:

Now, your baby’s nervous system is getting matured. Baby born between 34-37 weeks, do not have any health problems — just six more weeks to go.

  • Baby Development: Your baby is now the size of a cantaloupe. Your baby can now even see the colors; the first is the red color of your uterus. The fat layer around the baby is piling up fast, which helps to regulate the body temperature.
  • Symptoms: Fatigue, Dizziness, Itchy Rash all these things will be your companion for this week.

WEEK 35:

Your baby has become the size of Spaghetti Squash now. He has turned upside down now, for the birth process.

  • Baby Development: The baby has prepared itself for the birthing position. Amniotic fluid is slowly decreasing until you give birth. Kidneys are fully developed now.
  • Symptoms: Your uterus has expanded fully and has reached till your rib cage; this will make you feel bloated. Since the center of gravity has shifted, you will be clumsier now. And now you are super bored with all these symptoms.

WEEK 36:

Just four weeks to go. Now, from this week, the baby’s growth has slowed down. And both your body and baby is storing energy for the delivery.

  • Baby Development: The baby is now the size of a head of romaine lettuce and is now the length of 18.75 inches. Now, the fat has accumulated around her face too, and this will help her maintain her body temperature. She is now shedding the downy covering of hair and also the waxy substance, she will swallow both which will be secreted later when she comes into the world.
  • Symptoms: Your appetite has decreased, as no room is left in your abdomen. Now, the baby is positioned towards down so you may feel breathing easy.

WEEK 37:


Congratulations! You have entered the ninth month, and the baby has grown fully. Now, going into labor any day is good.

  • Baby Development: Your baby is as big as a canary melon. He is inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. His immune system is arming up and gets a boost with breastfeeding. He is sucking the thumb a lot these days.
  • Symptoms: You might not be feeling like sex now, but research has told that it is completely harmless to have sex at this time, you may see little spotting after the sex. Braxton hicks contractions are still there.

WEEK 38:

Just two more weeks now, your baby is as big as a mini watermelon.

  • Baby Development: Baby’s brain is developing very fastly. He now has a proper grasp of the hand. Eye color will keep changing until nine months after the baby is born. Her body parts are functioning properly now.
  • Symptoms: You may have swollen feet, you are super anxious thinking about delivery and also happy thinking about a baby. Don’t stress too much; your water can break any time now.

WEEK 39:

Just a week more of all the discomfort. The baby is now the size of a honeydew melon.

  • Baby Development: Her pink skin is turning white now; she has reached the maximum of her weight now.
  • Symptoms: Your baby keeps on moving, you may have contractions now make sure they last only a few seconds, or else it’s time to go to the doctor.

WEEK 40:

This week is your due date. Be ready for the surprise.

  • Baby Development: Baby has grown fully and is now ready to come outside. She has become the size of a small pumpkin. Talk as much as you can talk to her now, and she will remember your voices once she comes into the world.
  • Symptoms: Now, you just need to be ready for your contractions; they can come at any time and will remain active. Going through labor pain is not at all easy; you will have excruciating pain through your stomach, lower back, and upper thighs. But just remember that all this is because of the beautiful baby you are about to deliver. So try and push for the safety of your baby.

So, these are the Week by Week Pregnancy Symptoms Always remember every pregnancy is unique and different; the above symptoms and baby development are written with the research of the average population. Now, some women may feel these symptoms, and some may not. If you feel anything extreme, it is always advised to contact the doctor.

Happy Pregnancy!!


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