List Of 23 Things You Must Know About New Born Babies

Here we are talking about things to know about newborn babies. So, after nine months of being calm, struggle, and mood swings, your baby has arrived. And suddenly everything has changed. Whatever we have read during all these times, it is time to apply them, but seeing our newborn baby gives us all kinds of emotions, suddenly we are a mother and to take care of that smallest human being is our topmost priority, we want best for them.

But before doing anything or making a move, we get scared as the baby is very small and delicate, and we want no harm to them. So, during the first few weeks, it is going to be hard.

Following are the things you should know about the New Born baby-


1. He looks a bit funny:

Yes, don’t expect that as soon as your cute newborn baby arrives, he is going to look amazing, they look kind of funny. All the babies during the birth are flushed out, their skin is wrinkly and thin, and they are, red with puffy eyes and smooshed ears.

2. Give him a sponge bath until the umbilical cord dries:


The umbilical cord is the one through which your baby gets all the nutrition when they are in the womb. Now, after they are born, the umbilical dries and comes out itself. Do not worry about it, but do take care of it like- 

  • Do not tuck it in the diaper.
  • Don’t apply the cream on it.
  • If you are giving the baby bath, make sure the cord air dries itself.
  • You can also give the baby a sponge bath.

3. Make sure when and where you to go out:

Since now you have a baby, you just cannot go out anytime you want. Try avoiding to go out in the sun, and your baby is still weak and delicate to handle the UV rays. Avoid going to a crowded place. Avoid the toddler’s birthday party (your baby can catch infection).

4. The first poo will surprise you:

For a few days, the baby will be excreating all the things he swallowed in the womb. So, the poop color may be green or black, and this may surprise you. But don’t worry, your baby’s intestine is getting all cleaned up. Try cleaning your baby’s bottom with a cotton dipped in the water and apply some petroleum jelly on it. It will relieve the baby.

5. He will be hungry:


Your baby will be hungry and hungry, you may have to feed him 7-8 times a day. His tummy is small; it will fill up very soon and will also be empty in just one poop. But don’t give him solid food, it will be dangerous for the baby. Giving him just breast milk for at least six months is the best nutrition for the baby to grow.

6. He won’t sleep at night:

All the babies kind of get confused during day and night, they sleep in the day and stay awake at night. They figure out the pattern lately, but you too need to help them by keeping them awake in the day.

7. You don’t have to bath him every day:

It is not necessary to bath the baby daily. He won’t be doing much and will be staying in just one place. Also, a baby’s skin is very delicate and thin. Although you need to clean him every day, so just giving him the sponge bath will do. Try using different clothes for the body, arms area, and bum area.

8. Use fragrance-free soap:

Many moms want their newborns to smell amazing, but they come with their own smell. Avoid using any fragrance soap on them. Also, make sure that the baby products you apply to them are fragrance-free. It may irritate them.

9. He is noisy:

This is hard to imagine that such a tiny human being has such a loud voice. They will be grunting, groaning, snorting, and more. The nasal passage of newborn babies is quite narrow, so they make the noise. Try to clear the nose with a good nasal spray. Newborn babies also sneeze a lot.

10. His skin is dry:


The fat and fluid which was protecting the baby have disappeared now. Their skin is dry, and coming into contact with the outer world, it becomes drier. So apply a good baby lotion on them to make their skin moistured and nourished.

11. He will cry, a lot:


Obviously! They are babies, and they ought to cry. Babies have the tendency just to cry and cry and sometimes even for no reason.

12. He cannot focus:

Your newborn baby, as soon as he is born, is unable to focus. He will keep looking here and there, as he cannot focus on anything. It is possible he even cannot see you. You will have to wait for two months before he can make focus and look at you.

  1. 13. Don’t worry about the umbilical cord:

    Do not worry about the cord; it will dry up and fall off soon by itself. You just need to be cautious that you do not accidentally hurt the cord.

    14. His eye color will change:

    Up until nine months, baby’s eye color can change, especially if it’s of blue or green color, there is a high probability for it to change to brown color. Slowly slowly, the eye color will settle down on the amount of melanin in the iris. So, if your baby has got blue eyes, get yourself filled with it as it is soon going to change.

    15. He can identify you by smell:

    When the baby was in the womb, he developed all his senses, he can recognize your voice and can also sense you with the smell. As he is a week old, he will recognize you just by the smell. Also, there is a special bond between you two.

    16. He will sleep a lot:

    Besides eating, your newborn will also sleep a lot. Baby sleeps around 16 hours a day, so you too can have your rest at that time, the actual struggle starts a little late.

    17. Your partner might surprise you:

    When your baby arrived in the world, along with you, your partner also became a dad. And he will connect with the baby instantly, as he was waiting for the moment for so long. You may be surprised a little to know about this caring side of your partner. But, your partner will be full of energy and zeal and will provide you endless support.

    18. They will react a lot for the first six weeks:

    As a first-time parent, you will expect your newborn to smile at you, talk to you. But during the first six weeks, they are trying to adjust themselves in the new environment. They will sleep a lot, poop, cry, and be hungry all the time. For a few weeks, the baby is busy doing only these things. He does not even know you are there, but still just a few more weeks and he will be there for you.

    19. Newborn nails grow quite fast:

    Yes, in no time, your newborn baby will start scratching themselves. And you will have to protect their hands with the hand gloves. Your newborn babies‘ nails are fragile and thin, but they will also grow very rapidly.

    So, to avoid the scratching, trim the nails with nail clippers when your baby is sleeping.

    20. Newborn skin will peel off:

    Up until now, he was inside your womb secured and protected. Now, after giving him a bath daily or twice a week, his skin is exposed to the air outside the womb, and this will make his skin become flaky, and it will peel off.

    21. Enjoy the moment; it won’t be like this:

    Your newborn baby will grow up fast, he will start crawling, walking, and running soon. Your newborn baby won’t be the same as he is now, so try connecting with him more. Love him, adore him and care for him before the time goes by.

    22. Newborn sleep with Eyes open:

    Yes, you may find your little one sleeping with eyes open, not fully wide awake, but little open. And it gets confusing whether the baby is sleeping or awake.

    23. Baby will tell you when it is full:

    Feeding your newborn frequently, you may get confused about whether the baby is full or not. Don’t worry; baby helps you in this. When he is hungry, he will cry, and he is full, he will turn away the face from your breasts or the bottle.

    So, these are some small things to take care of for the newborn baby and the things newborns do. It is not very difficult, just give things some time you will understand the baby.

    Happy Parenting!


    • Are these the common habits of all newborn babies?

    No, every baby is different. You just cannot compare them, but yes, most of the above qualities are the same in almost all the babies.

    • What if there are hiccups, can I give baby water?

    Hiccups are very normal in babies, and they will go by themselves. You getting worried is pretty normal, but it is not recommended to give the baby water. Till six months, only the breast milk should be given to the baby

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