Benefits Of Walking During Pregnancy Tips, and Precautions

Pregnancy really takes a lot on a women’s body. Going through all those physical changes, adjusting to the pregnancy mood swings, morning sickness, etc. To make all these changes tolerable, we have got one amazing exercise for you during this pregnancy- Walking. Yes, Walking is one of the best exercises during pregnancy. It is low impact and has immense benefits of walking during pregnancy. Going on a walk, with calm music in your ears, wearing comfortable shoes and a water bottle is one of the best ways to relieve yourself during pregnancy.

A 30-45 minutes walk can help to reduce muscle cramps, reduce body weight, help in proper blood circulation, strengthens the bones, and also boost the immune system.

So, let’s see what all precautions we should keep while going for a walk during pregnancy and what are the benefits of it.

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Tips for walking during Pregnancy

  • Stay Hydrated- Whenever you go on a walk, keep a water bottle with you. And whenever you feel a little thirsty, have a sip of water. Don’t let yourself get overheated.

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  • Don’t Overdo- There is no fixed km. That you have to walk during pregnancy. Do how much your body allows. If you feel like taking a rest, rest for a bit and then start again.
  • Walk Slowly- As your pregnancy proceeds, it is necessary to walk slowly, so that you don’t feel dizzy.
  • Choose Comfortable Shoes- Always wear comfortable shoes when you are expecting. Already your legs are going through a lot of pressure, wearing comfortable shoes will help you in walking properly.

What are the Benefits of Walking During Pregnancy?

  • Pain and Discomfort- As pregnancy proceeds, it will put pressure on your legs and back which causes it pain. Walking regularly helps to ease the leg aches and discomfort you feel during pregnancy.
  • Weight Gain- Walking also helps to keep your weight in control. Though gaining weight is natural, but you can control it by walking daily.
  • Blood Pressure- Walking keeps the blood pressure and blood cholesterol level in control.
  • The health of the Baby- It is necessary that you walk in your pregnancy, walking also keeps your baby healthy and eases the delivery process.
  • Labour- When you walk, your hip muscles get toned, which helps in relaxed labor.
  • Emotion- Pregnancy calls for many mood swings. You may feel anxious, sad, happy, and also angry sometimes. When you go for a walk in the outside environment, it lifts up your mood and also acts as a mood buster.
  • Pregnancy-related Problems- Walking eases your pregnancy-related problems like morning sickness, constipation, and cramps. It makes you feel more calm and relaxed.
  • Gestational Diabetes—During pregnancy, women are more prone to gestational diabetes. Walking helps to control blood sugar levels and also decreases the risk.

Are there any Walking Tips for different Trimesters?

  • First Trimester- Walking in the first trimester, is a little difficult. As your body is adjusting to the pregnancy, you will have morning sickness and all types of changes. So, if you have been doing exercise before conception. You can walk for 10-15 minutes daily. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes and take care of yourself.
  • Second Trimester- In the second trimester, you are free from your morning sickness, and now you can focus on your exercise properly. If you are a beginner, start by walking for 20-30 minutes daily, if you already have been walking since the first trimester, then you can increase the walking pace and also time to 30-50 minutes per day.

Maintain good form, while walking.

Swing your arms out to keep a proper balance

  • Third Trimester- Entering in the third trimester, is a big achievement your body is adjusted in pregnancy but there have been many bodily changes. In this trimester, you need to be more relaxed and comfortable. You can walk as per your mood and time table. Walk slowly and also reduce the number of days of walking.

Support your belly while walking

Take breaks and walk

Always stay in contact with your nearest person, to contact

So, these are some benefits of walking during pregnancy. Walking is really a good exercise, but always be careful and don’t overdo anything. Walk peacefully, and slowly, and also enjoy it.


1. How long should I walk during Pregnancy?

There are no set rules for how much should you walk during pregnancy. But you can walk for 15-20 minutes minimum daily. In your third trimester, when your body is adjusted in pregnancy, you can walk for an hour too.

2. How will I come to know that I should slow down on walking?

Always listen to your body while walking during pregnancy. If you feel you are getting exhausted, unable to breathe, or sweating too much, it is time you stop walking, drink some water, and rest for a bit.

3. Are there any side effects of walking?

There ain’t side effects of walking, but walking too much can lead to tiredness and body aches in pregnancy. And since in pregnancy already you are dealing with so much of body changes, you wouldn’t want anything extra burdening you.

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