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A Third-Trimester To-Do List-(Checklist)

Congratulations! you have reached the last and final trimester of your pregnancy i.e. the Third Trimester. The third Trimester starts in the 7th month and ends after you have delivered your baby. Just like you need to be very careful in the first trimester, as it is the starting of pregnancy. You also, need to be very careful in your third trimester. There are some things which you should do in your Third Trimester. Yes, we have brought to you a Third-Trimester To-Do List.

Your baby is fully developed in the 7th month, the next two months will add to those growths and make your baby strong to face the world. Keep eating healthy, stay happy, talk to your baby, Have a Maternity shoot and Rest as much as you can. Because in just a few months your baby is going to come into the world and then you won’t have time to rest.

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Things to do in Third Trimester

1. Be aware of your Baby’s movements-

Till you reach the third trimester, you may understand your baby’s movements very properly. Also, the baby’s movements change as he/she grows. You will understand your baby’s sleeping and waking up the pattern. If you find, anything unusual in the movement, it is better to consult a doctor.

2. Massage your Bump-

This is like the bonding time for you, your partner and the baby. As your baby bump grows, your skin will stretch and you may feel uncomfortable. Massaging your bump, will moisturize the skin and also it helps you to connect with your baby. In response, to the massage, you baby may kick. A lovely way to feel close to your baby.

3. Pregnancy Symptoms not to Ignore

There are some pregnancy symptoms, which should never be ignored like severe headaches, blurred vision, vomiting or nausea, severe heartburn and swollen hands and feet. All these are the signs of Pre-eclampsia. This is the condition, which happens when the placenta is not working properly. Although, your doctor keeps a check on this condition in your routine check-ups.

4. Eat Healthy and Well-

You might not feel like eating anything at this stage, as very little space is left in your tummy now. But eating healthy and well is very necessary. Your baby is in its final stage of growth, and it needs nutrition. Try to eat iron-rich food which helps to make RBCs. Also, boost your intake of meat, green leafy vegetables and fortified cereal.

5. Exercise-

I know you must have been exercising since the start of your pregnancy. But it is very necessary to exercise in your third trimester, especially stretching. Doing stretching, will help you relieve from back pain and any leg cramps. There are many third trimester stretches, doing which will help the ease the pregnancy pains.

6. Pack your Hospital Bag-

It is necessary that you keep your hospital bag ready as soon as you reach the 8th month. Even if you are not planning a hospital birth, you do not know when you might have to go unexpectedly. Therefore, always keep your hospital bag ready. You can have two bags, one for labour, the other for after the baby is born.

7. Pre-Prepare Meals-

This will come in handy when you are in no position to make meals. Yes, before going to the hospital you can prepare some meals and freeze them, so that, when you come back you won’t have to worry about the meals. Like frozen lasagne etc.

8. Pre-Wash the Babies Clothes-

You may have already bought clothes for your little one. Now, is the time for you to pre-wash it beforehand. Yes, you can wash the baby clothes and keep them clean for your baby uses.

9. Understand about Labour-

Well, now is the time for you to understand labour. How long does it take for a baby to come out, how much dilution is necessary and how long the labour can last? Knowing about all these things may help you prepare beforehand about the labour. Also, your real experience will be very different from what you read.

10. Know about False Contractions-

Yes, also called Braxton Hicks Contractions. After you have reached halfway in your pregnancy, you may start to feel the muscles in your womb tightening up from time to time. These are the False Contractions known as Braxton Hicks. Not every pregnant woman has those, but slowly you will learn what they feel and you can distinguish between false and real contractions.

11. Get Plenty of Sleep-

Something, which you might be listening to since the start of your pregnancy. It is necessary that you give your body plenty of rest and sleep it needs. I know it gets difficult to sleep in this trimester, therefore invest in some good quality pillows which you can keep under your tummy. Sleep on your side, as it will help in the proper blood circulation of the baby.

12. Install Baby’s Car Seat-

Many couples do not think it as necessary, but once the baby arrives car seat becomes a priority. Therefore, try to install car seat beforehand, also check if it is installed properly. Check out the best car seat according to your baby’s weight and age.

13. Avoid Backache-

It is possible that you may suffer a backache in your third trimester. For that, do not lift anything heavy as it can put strain on your ligaments. If this is your second pregnancy, you may be having a toddler around, for that ask your partner to help with kids.

14. Book a Helper-

You will need a helper in your third trimester. It is better to have it book beforehand. Even if you have not booked anyone yet, and if any of your friends and family offer help. Do not say No to it. It is necessary, if someone can clean your house before the baby arrives.

15. Understand about Fourth Trimester-

Not many people know about this fourth trimester. This is the right time for you to learn about it. Fourth trimester means the time after your baby has arrived. Yes, the first three months of your baby’s arrival is termed as Fourth trimester. This is the time when baby and you both are adapting to each other.

16. Try to have Natural Labour-

Yes, after you have entered third trimester, you can consult your doctor that when can you try for natural labour. If you are over-due, doctor might recommend you for some tips for natural labour. There are lot of ways to initiate the natural labour like- Acupuncture, Eating Spicy, Walking Sex.

So, above are some 16 Checklist that you should prepare as soon as you enter your third trimester. Just remember one thing, every pregnancy is different, not everyone can understand what you are going through. So, just relax, and try to focus on yourself and your baby. This beautiful phase of pregnancy is about to end.

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