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Labour pain: Signs and Symptoms

Labour Pain

You are in your ninth month and just about to meet your little bundle of joy. No to say that you have completed your whole 8 months’ journey very amazingly. Now, when you look back you might understand, that how much you and your body has grown in these 8 months. Right now, you might be having all kinds of emotions happy, nervous, fatigue and whatnot. The last month is always the toughest as you are done being pregnant and now just wants to sleep properly. Understand the Labour Pain Signs and Symptoms.

Just like every pregnancy is different, the same goes for Labour. Every woman experiences a different kind of labour. You might face a totally different situation in the final hours of pregnancy. Labour slowly prepares your body for the delivery and it often starts slowly. Being a first-time mother, you might not know exactly the difference between real and false labour. So, let’s see the signs and symptoms which leads to labour pain.

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Signs that your labour is about to begin soon

These are some of the symptoms which you may not actually notice, but they tell you that your labour is about to begin to soon.

  • Whenever your baby’s head drops down into an engaged position, you may feel lightening. You will have frequent urination and also you may be able to breathe more deeply and eat more.
  • Heavier vaginal flow with clear mucus. During the last days of labour, you might see an increased or thickened vaginal discharge.
  • No sleep. The super-size belly and all the changes happening in your body makes it difficult for you to have a proper sleep.
  • You might suddenly feel like cleaning your home.
  • Mood swings.
  • Dull pain may come and go. You may feel some pain and cramps in your lower back and groin area.
  • Slight weight loss. Yes, now no more weight gain. Some moms even lose some weight at the end of the pregnancy.
  • Increase in Braxton Hicks Contractions. You will have more stronger and frequent contractions.
  • Dilation of Cervix. Your cervix is also preparing for the birth and it starts to open just some days before the delivery.

The above signs clearly state that your baby is on its way and the active labour is in progress.

How to know that Labour has actually started?

If you experience the following symptom, then you are about to go into labour. Again remember that every pregnancy and every labour is different.

  • Your Water Breaks- If you are thinking, that the way the show in movies and serials, your water will just break anywhere. You are wrong, only around 8% of woman feels sudden rush to go to hospital as soon as water breaks. Normal times, it’s just a small leak as baby’s head stops the water flow.
  • Bloody Show- Your whole pregnancy, your cervix is closed with a mucus plugged in, this is to protect your baby from outside infection. But as the labour proceeds, cervix starts to dilate as it is preparing for the birth. The mucus plug goes away as a mucus discharge. This mucus discharge may look brown or pink. Now, as your cervix continues to still open up, you may notice a bloody show labor for hours, days or weeks.
  • Your Back is Killing you- From the starting of your pregnancy, you must have faced the back ache. But the back ache which you face during this time is far more strong and extremely harsh. And this is the sign that labour has actually started. Excruciating back pain is the first sign of labor approaching.

Difference between Braxton Hicks and Real Contractions?

If this is your first pregnancy, then you might often confuse your false contraction with a real one. So, let’s understand some key differences between the two contractions-

Braxton Hicks Contractions

  • They are infrequent and happens once or twice in an hour.
  • These contractions are usually irregular.
  • Their intensity does not increase.
  • They tend to stop if you change your activity like stand after sitting for so long.
  • Continue to be unpredictable and non-rhythmic.    

Although Braxton Hicks contractions usually don’t hurt much they can make you really uncomfortable.

Real Contractions

  • They are more regular.
  • Their intensity is much stronger.
  • Are more painful.
  • They don’t go away even if you change your position.
  • Are noticeably and longer too.

When to call Doctor?

During the end, months’ doctor calls you every week for sonography. It is during that time that they make it clear, when should you rush to the hospital. They tell the nature of real contractions and also when you should call the doctor.

The instructions also depend on your pregnancy. If your pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy, or it is your first-time pregnancy, also the doctor sees to it that how far you live from your hospital.

So, above are the signs and symptoms to know about labour pain. Just remember it is a tough time, so do not panic and try to relax. Everything will be okay and be prepared for every situation. Doctors often take calls to see the pregnancy situation that whether or not it can be a normal delivery. Giving birth is not an easy task and that’s why women are called as Super Moms.

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