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Breastfeeding: How to Prevent your Breast from Sagging

Sagging Breast

Breastfeeding is one important part of motherhood. Women’s body changes dramatically during pregnancy and in breastfeeding. One of the important change, which no women like is Sagged Breast. Yes, many women face the problem of sagging breast after breastfeeding. So, how to prevent breast from sagging. The reason for sagging is the dramatic increase in size and stretching of breast skin.

Pregnancy do bring bodily changes, and the skin stretching is very common and one of them. Your sagged breasts do not cure suddenly, but there are some ways through which you can minimize the effect and preserve your younger self after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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What are the causes of Sagging Breast?

Some of the causes of Sagging breast apart from Breastfeeding are-

  • Gravity- Our body works against gravity every day. When the gravity pulls down our breasts, it strains and stretches the breast ligaments.
  • Smoking- Smoking is injurious to health. It causes the skin to lose elasticity. You may notice smokers having saggy breasts.
  • Genetics- Most of our body part look is through genes. Heredity and genes which we got from family plays an important role in the size and shape of the breasts.
  • Body mass index- Women with higher BMI, tend to have bigger breasts as compared to women with lower BMI.
  • Size and shape- If the breast is small and round, they are capable of holding the shape better than narrow and large breasts.
  • No. of pregnancies- With every pregnancy, our breast skin becomes loose and sagged.

9 Ways to Prevent Breast from Sagging

1. Wear a good, supportive Bra-

It is very necessary step during pregnancy and after that. Wearing a good, supportive bra helps to keep your breasts upright and prevents sagging. Choose a bra which is non-elastic and has wide strap to give you comfort. The bra should cover your breasts fully and the back strap should stay between the shoulder blades.

2. Eat healthy food-

There is no alternative to healthy food. It is a must that you include foods rich in carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein in your diet. Giving your body proper nutrition helps to keep your skin and connective tissue of breasts healthy.

3. Hydrate and Moisturize-

Keeping your breasts hydrated and moisturized is all you need. During pregnancy, due to rapid stretching, your breast has become dry. To tone and tighten them, you need to apply a moisturiser on them and keep them hydrated. Moisturization helps to restore skin elasticity.

4. Sleep on your Back-

Sleeping on your back also helps to prevent the sagginess of breast. Back sleeping helps to reduce the strain on ligaments, if you wish you can try sleeping on sides with bra for extra support.

5. Quit Smoking-

You must have quit smoking during pregnancy period. It will be a good habit to continue for a lifetime. Smoking accelerates your aging process and causes breast and skin to lose firmness.

6. Exercise-

It is very necessary to exercise and stay fit even after delivery. After delivery, your body becomes loose exercise is one way to tone them and get them back in shape. For saggy breasts, start with a simple and low-level strength exercise. Target your back muscles to make your breasts tighter and toned.

7. Drink Plenty of Water-

Keeping yourself well hydrated is always good. When your whole body is hydrated, it helps in the prevention of breast sagging. Also, drinking enough water after pregnancy and during breastfeeding helps to keep your skin remain youthful and nourished. Water prevents wrinkles and anti-ageing of skin.

8. Have a good Breastfeeding posture-

Most mothers do not understand how important it is. Having a good posture while you are breastfeeding helps to avoid aging breasts. Many mothers lean while breastfeeding their child, this has negative effect on your child. The best way to breastfeed is to sit in an upright position and have a nursing pillow, which helps to raise the baby.

The main thing is not to angle breast down towards the baby, this cause sagginess.

9. Massage with Hot and Cold water-

Water therapy is very effective. Hot water helps to enhance blood circulation, while cold water helps with the toning and tightening of muscles. So, when you shower in the morning, give your breasts a massage with hot and cold water.

Exercises to Prevent Breast Sagging

  • Push-ups- Push ups is a good exercise which helps to firm the breasts and chest muscle.

How to do:

  • Lie down on your tummy.
  • Place the palms on floor.
  • Now, raise yourself up by making your hand straight.
  • You can bend your elbow just slightly to avoid any injury.
  • Exhale and lower yourself to the initial position.
  • Repeat it at least 5 times.
  • Arm raises- Raising your arm above your head, helps to target the upper body especially shoulders and arms.

How to do:

  • You can do this exercise by sitting on the yoga mat, standing or sitting on a chair.
  • Inhale and extend your both hand above your head.
  • Stay in this position for some time.
  • Slowly bring your arms down.
  • Repeat this process as much as you can.
  • Chest fly- To perform this exercise, you need a chest fly machine. This exercise works on your chest, arm and back muscles and helps to tone them.

How to do:

  • Sit straight on the Chest fly machine, with your feet flat on the ground.
  • Grab the handles of the machine.
  • Press your arms towards your chest slowly.
  • Stay in the position for a second.
  • Get back to initial position and open your chest.

So, above are some ways through which you can prevent your breasts from sagging and can tone them. Pregnancy brings a lot of physical change in your body, so it is better to accept these bodily changes happily. You have become a mother and given birth, you should be proud of your body. Embrace your motherhood, and accept your body changes proudly.

How did you took care of saggy breasts?

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