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Do’s and Don’ts in the Third Trimester

Do's & Don'ts in 3rd Trimester

Welcome to the last trimester, just a few more months and your baby is going to be in your arms. You and your partner have waited long enough for this day. There are some Do’s and Don’ts in the Third Trimester which you really need to take care of. I completely understand that things get really uncomfortable during this trimester. It is the peak time of your pregnancy, and you need to be very very careful.

If you are a first-time mother, you probably won’t be knowing what is going to happen, so this blog is very helpful for you. Also, for the second or third-time mother, you might have forgotten about the following things. So, check out the blog and be safe and happy in this trimester.

Do’s and Don’ts of Third Trimester


  1. I know it will be difficult for you to exercise at this point now. But do not just stop doing exercise. Exercise even in this trimester will help you stay active and prepare your body for labour.
  2. Increase the number of Kegel exercise in this trimester. Kegel helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles and also stretches them. You should start doing your Kegel from the first trimester.
  3. Keep your hospital bag 80% ready, if your third trimester just started. Yes, you must know about the hospital bag, well, keep all your essential things in it. If you are in your seventh or eighth month you can avoid some things like your pillow and phone charger.
  4. Take as much rest as you want. Yes, have a proper uninterrupted sleep of 8 hours, this will keep you active and energetic for the final term. I know it will be difficult for you to sleep. Now, this will be the right time to order a pregnancy pillow.
  5. Best time to prepare your home for the new member. Order a cool bassinet for your baby. Double-check for the car seat also.
  6. Stuff up your fridge with all the necessary food items. So, you do not have to worry about the food when you return home with your baby.
  7. Take as much Vitamin D as possible, by sitting in sun for an hour. Also, many times doctors prescribe folic acid even in the third trimester. So, do not forget to take your medicines.
  8. Read good books, listen to soothing music and just pamper yourself. You must stay happy and stress-free.
  9. Sleep on your sideways. Yes, a proper sleeping position plays a great role in pregnancy. Sleeping sideways helps in the proper blood flow to the placenta.
  10. Prepare yourself for Breastfeeding, this may sound weird to first-time mothers. But you can massage your nipples, to avoid soreness and to make breasts ready for your little one.
  11. Now, is the time you and your partner chose a baby name. You might have been doing this since the start of pregnancy, but there must have been conflict with the baby name. So, sit down and chose one baby name which you both like.
  12. Talk to your baby, your baby can listen to you very well and also, he/she loves your voice. And when they are born, they get familiar with your voice.
  13. Have a great maternity shoot. Yes, you would love to celebrate your pregnancy and also the baby bump. So, get ready for those cute, memorable shoot.


  1. Do not sleep on your back. Your uterus has grown big, and the uterus’s weight creates pressure on your spine, intestine, and major blood vessels. Now, sleeping on your back may cause improper blood circulation and also backache.
  2. I know, how amazing it was, when you used to spend the whole day at a spa. Well, you need to wait a little more before you can do this. No extreme foot massages allowed as they can stimulate foetal activity and contractions.
  3. No heavy lifting allowed as it can cause pressure on your back and abdomen. If you have a toddler, it is best to ask your husband or any relative to pick them, as your picking can cause more damage.
  4. It is best if you switch your diet to light meals. Heavy meals can make digestion slower, and you will feel very uncomfortable. Your uterus has grown big, leaving very little space in your abdomen, which slows down the digestion process.
  5. You must have quit high heels a long time ago. Keep them aside for few more months. Due to a baby bump, your centre of gravity shifts, which can cause imbalance. Therefore, comfortable footwear is very important.
  6. I know you must be feeling like loving your partner and also it is encouraged. But if you find sex exhausting for you, it is better to avoid it.
  7. If you have a pet, you should not clear its litter box anymore. There are many heavy infection cases in the litter box, which can be dangerous for the unborn child.
  8. Best time to hire help, so that your work gets reduced. You should not be doing any cleaning or dusting, it can be harmful to you and the baby.
  9. Many people may suggest that you should eat for two. Well, this is not true. You should eat smartly not heavily. Instead, intake of a lot of calories may cause gestational diabetes. Therefore, maintain a healthy diet plan.
  10. Not to travel. Yes, many expecting mothers take a vacation during this trimester. Well, travelling can put you and your baby at great risk. So, avoid it.

So, above are some of the Do’s and Don’ts which you should take care of in your third trimester. This is your last trimester and you will probably miss being pregnant. Enjoy this trimester to the fullest, be happy, stay calm and talk to your baby as much as you can.

Dr. Ritu Agarwal

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