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What To Pack In Hospital Bag For Mom, Dad and Baby In 2024


Here we are talking about what should be in the Hospital Bag? So, your due date is coming close and you might be going through all types of emotions and thoughts.  Going to the hospital for delivery is like a short vacation with the family. You learn and experience many new things on the trip. So, just like we pack our essentials during the trip, we need to pack our bag even for the delivery. This bag is called a hospital bag for delivery or a Pregnancy bag.

Hospital Bag or Pregnancy Bag should be kept ready beforehand because labor pain does not give you time to pack your bag at that moment. And you can go into labor any time of the day, and it can be 2 in the morning or 8 in the night. So, to avoid any last-minute hassle, The Blessed Mom is here to guide you what all things you should pack in your bag.

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When To Pack Your Hospital Bag For Delivery?

The first question which comes into mind is when to pack the hospital bag? You should try to be fully ready with your bag by the time your pregnancy reaches 36 weeks. Because it may be possible that you go into labor before your due date.

Now, many hospitals restrict the items you bring to the hospital. So, if you wish, you can pack two bags:- the First bag will contain all the necessary items you need during labor and just after the baby is born. In the second bag, you can carry the items you will need in the postnatal ward.

So, now we know that our hospital bag should be ready before 36 weeks because once the full time approaches, you can go into labor anytime.

What to Pack for Mom In The Hospital Bag For Delivery?

Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom


After we have known the time to pack the bag, we should understand what all items do we need to pack in the bag.

  1. Any Documents- The first and foremost thing is to keep the documents you will need in the hospital like ID cards, insurance papers, doctor’s prescriptions, etc. Documents will be the first thing they will ask you at the hospital reception. 
  1. Pillow- Bringing your own pillow to the hospital is kind of a personal thing, and it will make you feel cozy and comfortable in the hospital bed.
  1. Comfortable clothing- Many women do not like hospital clothing; they are more comfortable in their own pair of clothes. So, bring the clothes you are most comfortable in, it will be helpful even after delivery when all you need is your comfort zone. Buy here
  1. Nursing bra- It can be a case that you would have to stay in the hospital for a few days after delivery, so it will be good if you bring the nursing bra with you. It will be helpful to you during feeding.  Buy here
  1. Adult Diapers- After delivery, there is heavy blood flow hospitals tend to give you sanitary pads. But moms have told us that sanitary pads aren’t that effective, so bring the adult diapers so that you do not feel messy down there. Buy here
  1. Charging cable- Every hospital has got one disadvantage; the charging station is always far away from the bed. So have a long charging cable so that you do not have to get up again and again to charge your phone. 
  1. Toiletries- You will need sanitizer, soap, and all other toiletries thing for you to keep clean and hygiene. Even bring your own towel; you cannot rely on hospital towels. Buy now
  1. Hair Ties, Hair Comb- If you have long hair, you know how difficult it gets to manage them. So keep extra Hair ties, because hair ties tend to get lost anywhere. Also, you need to untangle your hair, so have a wide-toothed comb with you.  Buy now
  1. Dry shampoo- Dry shampoo, a shampoo that can be used without water and cleanses your scalp and hair. You don’t know when you will be able to take the proper bath again, and you do not want an itchy scalp.  Buy now
  1. Socks and Slippers- Some women have told us that their feet did get cold during labor. So, put on a sock to keep them warm. Also, have your comfy slipper with you just in case you need to roam for the natural birthing process. Buy now
  1. Going home outfit- After your whole hospital vacation is over, you need to be presentable again while coming home. So, have going home a comfortable outfit. Buy now
  1. Lip Balm- Your lips may dry out quickly during the warm labor and also with all the gas and air you are using. So, lip balm is a must to keep in the bag. Buy now
  1. Songs playlist- Many hospitals allow you to play your fav. Music so that you are relaxed while giving birth. You can have a playlist of your fav — songs to avoid any distractions. However, according to research, many women just want silence at that time. 
  1. Snacks-Obviously, you also need to be energetic and full. You are waiting for your baby to come, maybe a little tiring. So, till then, you can munch on your fav. Snack. These snacks will also be helpful post-delivery. 
  1. Water Spray or Sponge- This is necessary when you are trying for the natural birthing process and you get all sweaty. Spraying a little water on you at that time may relieve you a bit. 
  1. Eye masks and Earplugs- A must-have product for all those who have just delivered the baby. Delivering a baby is a tiresome task, you need a proper rest after that but all your relatives will keep coming to meet the baby and you. So, you need eye masks and earplugs to cut off all the noise and light and get a night of proper sleep. Buy now
  1. Body lotion or massage oil- The air in the hospital dries our skin a lot. So, to keep them nourished and moistured Is necessary. Pack your fav — body lotion with you. Buy now
  1. Soothing products for the tummy and vagina- After delivery, your vagina and tummy may hurt as delivering a baby takes a lot on your body. So, bring a soothing product for your tummy which you can apply and has no side effects. 
  1. Relaxing Passtime- This may be necessary for you when your baby is asleep and you really need a Me time to get yourself energized again. So, bring with you something which makes you feel good either a movie or a book whatever you prefer. 
  1. Glasses- This one is for those who wear glasses. Taking care of your contact lenses in the hospital is difficult. So, make sure you have your glasses with you.


What To Pack For New Born In The Hospital Bag?

This is something tricky, as until the baby arrives, we do not know what things we would need for that little one. But we can try to keep some necessary things with us.

  1. Bodysuits- It is needed when you give birth to your little one and after the nurse bathed them, they will handover it to you. So, have a bodysuit ready for them. You can even bring two sizes as no one knows how big the baby will be. Buy now
  1. Socks and booties- Oh yes! You need to cover up those little feet; as they have just arrived, they are sure to feel cold. So, socks and booties are for their little feet. Buy Now
  1. Baby lotion- The hospital environment can be a little dry with all the AC is working, and since the baby has just arrived in the outer atmosphere. Their skin needs a little nourishment. So having baby lotion will be handy at the time. Buy now
  1. Blanket- A small and soft blanket for your loved ones in order to keep them warm and comfortable.  Buy now
  1. Wipes- Newborn baby goes through at least 12 times a day, cleaning them down there, again and again, is also necessary. So, have some baby wipes ready for those situations. Buy now
  1. Towel- You won’t be using hospital towels for that cute baby. Bring a small comfortable towel for you to wrap up the baby in it. Buy now
  1. Diapers- Although some hospitals give free diapers, but even if you wish, you can bring one-two packs of diapers for the baby. Buy Now
  1. Going-home outfit- After you are discharged, and coming home, your baby is going to be a star with lots of people waiting to meet. So, grab on a good set of clothes as a going home outfit. Buy Now
  1. Baby Bib- Your baby is new to the world and also new to feeding. They are sure to make themselves dirty during the feeding process, so you can put them around the bib to avoid the dress being dirty.  Buy now
  1. Mittens- This is very necessary as newborn babies have the habit of scratching themselves. So mittens will keep them secure and safe.  Buy now
  1. Rash cream- This will give their delicate skin relief from again and again cleaning. Buy Now


What To Pack for New Dad?

After taking care of yourself and your baby, you just cannot overlook your partner’s needs. Your birthing partner also needs to be relaxed and comfortable, so that he/she can help you and support you.

  1. Snacks- It is not necessary; as soon as you reach the hospital, you will go into labor. It may take some time, even hours and you do not want your partner to suffer because of you. So, pack some good snacks while for your partner while you all are waiting for the baby to come.

Make sure you keep everything- a protein bar, a salty cracker, and also something sweet so that the person staying with you does not have to go here and there for the snacks.

  1. Water Bottle- Yes, keep a reusable bottle with you; water can be filled even from the hospital but having a bottle with you is much handier and comfortable. 
  1. Pillow- Hospital pillows can be hard and not up to the mark. Since, it is possible your partner would have to stay with you in the hospital, and it will be really good if you bring even a pillow for them as they too need rest. 
  1. Blanket- Something very important, as hospital blankets, can be thin and short. So, bring your own blanket for a cozy sleep. 
  1. A Relaxing item- This can be either a book, a piece of soothing music in the playlist, crossword or a movie to watch. After all, what will they do apart from waiting for the baby? This can be a little way of passing the time and also relaxing. 
  1. Power bank- Obviously, you wouldn’t want them to take your charger to charge the phone. So, it is good they bring their own charger or power bank to stay updated. 
  1. Toiletries and Towel- A set of toiletries for your partner too, they also need to be clean and hygienic as they will be near the baby — also a towel for them to take a bath. Hospital towels are harsh and small too. 
  1. Clothes- A set of clothes, just in case they do not get time to take a shower for a while. It will help them be refreshed and clean. 
  1. Slippers- Comfy slippers, so that when they have to run here and there for the hospital thing, they do not hurt themselves.

So, these are some of the important items you must have in your hospital bag for delivery. When you are satisfied with your list of items, just collect everything and put it in the hospital bag. So, that when the baby comes, you just need to take the hospital bag with you (as it contains everything).

All the best for Delivery!


  1. Are all the above things necessary?

All the above things are just a checklist according to the common research. You can add or remove any things you feel is not necessary for you. For e.g., If you do not have a power eye, you won’t need any glasses. The list just helps in order to make your work easy.

  1. Can I also keep the bottle, if I decide not to Breastfeed?

Sure, keeping your own bottle for the kid will be helpful. If in case, you do not wish to breastfeed, you can also keep a nursing pump to fill the bottle with your own milk.


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