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21 Unique and Creative Maternity Shoot Ideas

Every pregnant woman enjoys her pregnancy journey. She enjoys her baby bump and all the attention and care she gets from everyone, including her partner. How amazing it would be to capture this beautiful journey to remember it later and cherish the moments. That’s when the idea of a Maternity shoot comes up. These days you must have seen that couples are really bringing out a lot of creativity in their Maternity Shoot. So, we decided to help you out with Unique and Creative Maternity Shoot Ideas.

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Things to Remember for a good Maternity Shoot

Before, we start seeing the different Maternity Shoot Ideas, Let’s have a look at following things-

  • The best time for a Maternity Shoot is to do between week 28 and week 32, at that time you can show off your baby bump easily, doing it before that may not give a proper look of the baby bump.
  • Always shoot in colour. You can always change the pic to Black n White.
  • Choose a Photographer which keeps you comfortable.
  • Location plays an important role. Chose a perfect location like at home, studio or in outdoor.
  • Have some poses of your own. Yes, few days before the Maternity Shoot chose some of your own poses.
  • Make sure to choose an outfit, which goes with your style and also accentuate the baby bump. Wear comfortable footwear and avoid too much of floral, colour or checks.

21 Unique and Creative Maternity Shoot

1. A flowery photoshoot-

Pregnancy is a blossoming journey, so why not take the pic of your baby bump with your fav. Flowers? You can incorporate this idea with different styles. Like: taking one flower in your first month, 2 flowers in your second month and so on. Or you can also have a bunch of different flowers for different month.

2. One with your Partner-

It is always great to have your partner with you in the picture. As you both are entering the world of parenthood, your maternity photoshoot is incomplete without your partner.

3. Matching outfit-

If this isn’t your first baby. It will be good to have a pic with your firstborn in a matching outfit. Matching outfit shoot is one amazing way to tell the world that you all are together.

4. Surrounded by Nature-

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey; it will be great to incorporate it with the nature. Get your perfect maternity shoot close to nature, surrounded by greenery and beautiful landscapes.

5. A Natural / Candid Shoot-

If you are one of those couples who like to keep it natural, then you can have a maternity shoot by eating something. Yes, can also be called as Foodie shoot. Have some of your fav. Snacks surrounding you.

6. Costume-Character Shoot-

Well, you can do whatever you want in your maternity shoot, after all it is your shoot and you want to embrace your pregnancy by every inch. You can dress up as a character you love the most. Pick any of your fav. Theme which you and your partner both can do. Get the costumes, and make the shoot memorable.

7. Sunrise/ Sunset Shoot-

This pic has to be taken at a perfect timing. Natural lighting can make your maternity shoot amazing. So, schedule your maternity shoot at either the sunrise or at sunset time. Photographers usually call it a “Golden Hour” as the lighting after sunset or sunrise is just perfect for the shoot.

8. Go to Countryside-

I know how difficult it is to get a perfect location to capture the best memory of your pregnancy. Well, have you ever thought of going countryside. Yes, beautiful fields, great landscapes and a perfect place for a great and unique maternity shoot.

9. Get a Chalkboard-

This will be something you have always wanted. You can write anything you want on the chalkboard like: – Baby Coming, Half way through sipping wine, Mom in progress. Whatever you think is cool for the shoot.

10. Street Maternity Shoot-

If you do not want to have a shoot at home, in a couch or even in the midst of nature. You can style up the shoot in the streets. Yes, get a street maternity shoot in your city. A perfect shoot style for an urban chic aesthetic look. Search for the perfect colour of the street and just got for it.

11. Shadow Photography-

This maternity idea is very different and unique. Shadow photography focuses on your baby bump shadow, a simple yet memorable shoot.

12. Dad Kissing the Baby Bump-

You can have your husband in the shoot as he can kiss your baby bump and show his love for the baby and you.

13. One with the Pet-

If you own a pet, you should not forget him in the shoot. Having a shoot with your pet shows how much he means to you and also it makes a beautiful and perfect family picture.

14. Maternity Shoot with the Nursery-

Yes, if you have already set up a nursery, then what better than having your maternity shoot around it. This will help your baby know how excited were you on his/her arrival.

15. A glittery Photo-

This is one of the new trend of 2021, to show off your baby bump and have glitters in the pic. Yes, just like your baby will fill your life with glitter, try this amazing new trend.

16. A rainbow Shoot-

Yeah, you might be thinking with real rainbow. But that is so difficult, not impossible to have. Your child will be the rainbow of your life. So, why not let the world know about it. You can either wear a rainbow gown or can have any rainbow prop for the shoot. The choice is yours.

17. The Beach-

We all love the beach and the memories related to it. How about you get your maternity shoot done on the beach. Go to your fav. Beach and take some amazing breath-taking pics.

18. Outstanding Backdrop-

You too will be mesmerized by the pic you get with this outstanding backdrop concept. Yes, you can have any kind of backdrop it can be either lush green jungle or clouds anything you want.

19. A whole 10- month Pregnancy picture-

This shoot you can do on your own and it will be simple yet amazing. Showcasing your whole 10-month pregnancy journey starting from first month till your baby becomes one month old. Create a collage of all the pictures and it will be one of the best memory for you.

20. Festive Shoot-

If around your maternity shoot, a festival comes up then it will be the best time to get some great pics of your baby bump as the whole place will be lightened up and you too will be in your best attire for the pic.

21. Work Mommy Shoot-

If you wish to showcase and cherish the memories as the work mommy, that will be one out of the box thinking. For this shoot, you do not have to be workaholic. Just choose a theme if you love to spend time at work. Get up a desk ready, and take a pic with you smiling while working.

So, above are some of the best maternity shoot ideas for you to have. Chose the one you will be most comfortable in and want to have some memories.

Which theme you liked the best?

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