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How To Get Rid Of Body Odor During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy brings many changes in our body, one of them is Body Odor. Yes, with you being sensitive to smell, your body also smells sometimes differently. Many pregnant women take care of their dietary and lifestyle changes, but some of them need special care. Body Odor does not always mean an unpleasant smell; it can be just a normal odor due to sweating. So, let’s understand the causes and how to deal with body odor during pregnancy.

Dealing with other countless changes during pregnancy is ok, but no one likes Body odor. It makes us conscious about how others would feel about us and also is a little embarrassing.

So, let’s understand more about the body odor during pregnancy. Check out the blog-

Is Body Odor Normal in Pregnancy

In Pregnancy, you can experience following changes and symptoms

  • Increase in Blood flow
  • Your Basal Metabolic rate increases
  • You Retain more fluid
  • In Pregnancy, sweat glands become more active.
  • Your body temperature increases
  • Fluctuating hormones affect our body’s pH.
  • Your body is getting bigger; means you need to take care of it more.
  • A heightened sense of smell.

Above are the changes which you will notice during pregnancy. Sweat glands getting active is one of the main reason for Body odor. Let’s understand about some more causes.

Causes of body odor during pregnancy

Hormonal Changes-

Increased levels of sex hormone during pregnancy may heighten your sense of smell. It is likely to cause stronger odor in genital and armpit region.

Increased Sweating-

Pregnancy makes you big. The increased body weight can insulate your body and keep you warm. You may feel warmer even in cold weather. Sweat is odorless, but it can promote bacterial growth which leads to a bad odor.

Vaginal Discharge-

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is one common problem. During pregnancy blood flow increases, which can change the pH level of vagina and give a distinct odour. But if you feel burning sensation during urine, it may be the sign of urine infection.

Dietary Changes-

Pregnancy changes the diet of a woman. You may like some food and totally dislike the other. Whatever you eat, has a great impact on your health. Like if you consume seafood, it can affect vaginal discharge and sweat. Red meat, can change your body odor and vegetables which are in Sulphur content like cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli can also give the foul smell.

8 Natural Ways to Deal with Bad Body Odor in Pregnancy

1. Take Bath twice a day-

Yes, the best way to deal with body odor is to bath twice a day. Relax yourself while taking bath, use an anti-bacterial soap, dry yourself and put on some clean clothes. This will keep you fresh and there will be no body odor.

2. Trim your hair-

Keep your private parts clean by trimming or shaving that area. Trimming the hair in genitals and armpits helps to prevent bacterial growth and also makes cleaning easy.

3. Keep your vaginas clean-

It is very necessary to maintain vaginal health. Wash it with unscented and plain cleanser, this will help to maintain the bacteria and pH level in the vaginal area.

4. Eat right food-

Avoid eating food which causes smell like onion, garlic and red meats in excessive amounts. Consume more of fresh fruits and vegetables which will reduce the body odour and will also be beneficial to foetus.

5. Deo’s-


Apply deodorants or talcum powder in the sweaty area to keep it fresh. But if you sweat heavily, then it is better to use an antiperspirant, it will be more effective.

6. Wear loose clothes-

Wearing tight clothes is another reason you may sweat. Therefore, try to wear loose-fitting clothes like linen, cotton which are more breathable. Also, do not wear the same clothes again, wash them and then use them.

To keep your clothes freshly smelling, you can try adding ¼ cup white vinegar to your laundry or you can use fabric conditioner to keep your clothes freshly smelling.

7. Keep yourself Hydrated-

Keeping yourself hydrated, helps to flush out the toxins from the body and keep our whole body clean. You can drink more juices and other fluids if you do not like drinking water.

8. Keep your skin fresh-

This is very necessary, as you will also feel very good when you smell nicely. You can try using home remedies like when you go for shower, keep a container with freshly squeezed lemon. After you have used this solution, rinse with water with a small quantity of honey in another container. You can also use some of the mint leaves, for a refreshing aroma.

So, above are some of the ways through which you can control the body odor during pregnancy. All you need to do is to maintain some hygiene, eat right and change your lifestyle. Remember that body odor will not harm you or your baby. But it feels good to smell good.

How do you take care of your body odor?


1. Does body odor predict the sex of baby?

There is no scientific backing to this, but you can try it. Eat a clove of garlic and if you smell immediately, that means you are having a boy and if not that means you are having a girl.

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