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How to Control the Weight during Pregnancy?

As soon as you get the good news of you being pregnant, your next thought will be how much weight you are going to gain. Yes, being pregnant means gaining weight, but you can maintain the amount of weight you gain. It is true, that in pregnancy many women crave carbohydrates, and your relatives encourage you to eat for two. All these things result in weight increase during pregnancy. So, how to maintain weight during pregnancy? Well, TheBlessedMom is here for you. We have brought to you some of the tips and tricks for minimal weight gain during pregnancy.

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Tips for Healthy Weight

  • Start Pregnancy at a Healthy Weight- The most important thing if you are planning a pregnancy, is that you start it off with a healthy weight. Start the workout before, and try to maintain a healthy weight. You can also take some prenatal vitamins so that you do not face any problem with weight and nutrition.
  • Eat Often and Moderately- Eating often and in small portions is the key to optimal weight during pregnancy. It is a myth that you should eat for two. Eating healthily is more important. Your baby can grow in the calories you already consume. Increase calorie intake slowly slowly. So, eat in small quantities, nutritious food and stay fit during pregnancy.

Choose snacks that are high in protein, fibers, fat and vitamins.

  • Drink Up- Staying hydrated is very important. Never make yourself dehydrated during the pregnancy term. Keep drinking between meals and snacks. You can also consume water-enriched fruits and vegetables. Water helps to avoid the constipation problem. As your pregnancy grows, your digestive system becomes slow. So, you need to make sure you get all types of nutrients in your food.

Also, keeping yourself full with fluids helps to reduce bloating.

  • Make your Cravings constructive- Pregnancy comes with lot of mood swings and food cravings. Try to be as much creative as you can with the food. No one will tell you to avoid French fries, ice cream and doughnuts as soon as you are pregnant. Just try to mix something healthy with it.
  • Keep Walking- Walking is very necessary. It helps to keep your weight in moderation. Many women are not comfortable doing a workout, so you can walk as much as your body allows. Try to start slow, walk for 10 minutes first and increase them slowly according to your body need. Walking not only keeps your weight balanced, but you also get relief from aches and pain.
  • Don’t Stop Workout- If you have been working from starting; it is good for your pregnancy. You do not need to stop working just because you are pregnant. Yes, you do need to change your workout regime like it will be better if you avoid any high straining exercises like kickboxing. Walking, Aerobics, Yoga are normal exercise which you can continue even in your pregnancy.
  • Keep checking your Weight- It is necessary to keep a track record of your weight. Some women are already overweight, while some gain weight during pregnancy. It is necessary to gain a healthy amount of weight. To be sure of, how much weight you can gain during pregnancy, it is good to consult your doctor. As they, can tell you exactly how much weight to put on by seeing your weight history.
  • Cut down on Calories- To maintain weight during pregnancy. It is necessary that you cut down on your calories. Try to maintain your calorie intake and your nutritious intake. A pregnant women should not consume more than 1700 calories, this helps to ensure that both you and your baby are healthy and getting enough nutrients on daily basis.

Risks of Gaining Too Much Weight during Pregnancy

So, now you know how to control the weight. But you also should know about the risk of gaining too much weight during pregnancy. Some of them are as follows-

1. Risks to Baby-

  • Possibility of Miscarriage
  • Your child may be born larger in size, which can lead to obesity.
  • The baby can be born with neural tube defects.
  • Baby can be at increased risk of having heart disease or diabetes as an adult.

2. Risks to Mother-

  • Higher chance of developing Gestational diabetes
  • Risk of preeclampsia, which can lower the blood flow to the baby.
  • Difficulty in monitoring baby development.
  • Blood clotting, this can complicate delivery.
  • Premature Labor
  • In C-section, a greater chance of excessive blood loss.
  • High risk of UTI’s during pregnancy and at the postpartum period.

Effects of Loosing too much of Weight during Pregnancy

  • The baby may be born underweight
  • Lower levels of amniotic fluid
  • The baby will have poor cognitive function
  • Increased chance of miscarriage.

Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy is very necessary. Your weight can affect your health and the growth of baby. If you feel you are overweight or underweight, it is good to consult a doctor. Pregnancy is one amazing phase; you need to take utmost care of yourself. Don’t focus on gaining or losing weight just eat healthy, stay active and be happy.

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