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How Can I increase My Chance of Normal Delivery?

Painless Normal Delivery Tips and Exercises

Congratulations you are pregnant! Thinking of the moment that there is a life growing inside you is nothing less than magic. But as the pregnancy proceeds, you get all anxious and the tension surrounds you with the thought that what it will be? Will you have a normal delivery? Or a C-section. Well, whatever it will be you just need to focus on your good health and understand how can you increase your chances of painless normal delivery. If this is your first baby, you must have researched until now about normal delivery and C-section and must be giving it a thought. Well, it is not for you to stress. Stress is the biggest enemy in childbirth. There is no surgical procedure involved in normal delivery. So, we have brought to you a well-researched blog on Normal delivery. Check It out-

What is Normal Delivery?

Just as it sounds, Normal delivery is a natural way of bringing the child into the world. It is not a rare or difficult case to have a normal delivery until and unless you have any medical condition. Moreover, in natural birth the recovery is speedy and both mom and baby are healthy.

  • Some of the factors which increase your chances of having normal delivery are-
  • You do not have any medical issues.
  • If you have an ideal weight; i.e you are neither overweight nor underweight
  • Your pregnancy is going smoothly without any complications.
  • You had a normal vaginal delivery in your previous pregnancy.

Healthy Food for Normal Delivery

pregnancy foods

Eat Right-

The day you get pregnant, you must have heard everyone suggesting you eat healthily and properly. Your diet should consist of the following things-

  • You should eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Have green vegetables on your menu
  • Foods which are rich in protein and iron, being pregnant you need a lot of iron
  • Reduce your sugar intake
  • Avoid street and unhygienic food
  • You should avoid eating raw meat
  • Avoid eating fish containing mercury

Include bromelain-rich food-

Bromelain is an enzyme that helps in labor and also softens the cervix. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to remove acne and eczema.

  • Bromelain enriched fruit is Mango and Pineapple
  • Consume these fruits in limited quantities.

Eat Spicy food-

You must have seen this in movies and it is actually true many women have sworn by this trick. Spicy food makes your body feel warm and stimulates normal delivery.

How to prepare yourself for Painless Normal Delivery Tips?

Painless Normal Delivery Tips It is very necessary to prepare yourself for normal delivery. There are many things which you can do and also we have got you some tricks and tips by which you can prepare yourself for the delivery.

1. Stay away from Stress-

Stress is your biggest enemy in pregnancy. It is advisable to stay away from stress, anxiety, and any negative thoughts. Many women keep thinking about childbirth and take stress, which affects their health.

  • When under stress, read books or listen to music
  • Stay in the company of good people
  • Stay away from the situation which makes you uncomfortable.

2. Stay positive and keep negativity away-

Now, is not the time to learn about the different birthing experiences. Every pregnancy is different; you do not need any story bothering you. Positive thoughts are very important in pregnancy.

  • If someone shares a horror birthing experience with you, just walk away from there.
  • Say no to any kind of gossips.

3. Have full knowledge of Birthing-

Although reading and facing things practically are two different things. But still, it is necessary to know every small detail regarding Birthing.

  • Get a book on child birthing
  • Have all your doubts cleared about delivery with your doctor
  • You can talk to your mother or any elder in your home to clear the doubts
  • Just gain enough knowledge to be prepared, do not be too involved in it.

4. Have a strong support system-

Just like you need immense support during these nine months, you need a strong support system during childbirth also. Keep your mother, your friends, and your partner with you, who will motivate you and will keep your fears away from you.

5. Choose your doctor very carefully-

There are many doctors who specialize in the normal birthing process. Always choose your doctor carefully and wisely. Choosing a good doctor makes the process of normal delivery halfway. A good doctor will not only help you to go through the normal delivery process, but it will also help you and guide you when you go into labour. 

6. Keep yourself hydrated-

Never ever skip the water. Water is very important for health. It gives us energy and also increases stamina.

  • If you keep yourself hydrated, you won’t need intravenous fluid.
  • Labour is very hard and it requires your body to have a lot of stamina and energy
  • If you do not like to drink water, again and again, stock up on some fresh juices to complete the daily quota.

See more- 10 Benefits of Drinking water during pregnancy

7. Use water-

You must have heard about it. These days water delivery is very much popular, many women are opting it. Similarly, there also is hydrotherapy which helps to reduce stress.

  • To avoid discomfort during pregnancy, you can fill the bathtub with water and soak yourself in it.
  • Also, birthing pools and hot compresses offer relief and relaxation
  • Make sure the water is not too cold nor too hot to avoid discomfort to your precious baby.

8. Try Ice game-

This is one of the ways to understand how long you can bear the pain of normal delivery and how easily can you cope up with the delivery process. The game will require your partner’s participation too.

  • Take a piece of ice in your hand and keep it for 60 seconds.
  • First, you can try to keep the ice while talking to your partner.
  • Next, you can try to hold it while walking around.
  • And then finally try to hold the ice in complete silence.
  • This way you can understand how long you can bear the pain.

9. Do not gain excess weight-

The biggest conception of being pregnant is that you have to eat for two. Eating healthy and a nutritious diet is necessary. You do not need to gain a lot of weight. Women who are not overweight, tend to have an easier and normal delivery. See more- How To Stay fit during pregnancy at home

10. Stay home during your early Labor stage-

Before you go into actual delivery pain, you will feel some contractions. It is advised not to rush to the hospital, as soon as you feel the first contraction. Staying at home will keep you calmer and relaxed. Head to the hospital when contractions get stronger and frequent.

11. Keep a watch on your Posture-

It is true, that when you are pregnant, you like to sit in a way that is most comfortable for you. But you also need to keep a watch on your posture. Keeping the right posture helps to glide the baby smoothly.

  • Sit with proper support to your back.
  • Do not stand or sit for long hours, sleep in a proper position.
  • Sitting with folded or stretched out legs can lead to swelling.

12. Regular Perineal Massage-

Body massages have always felt good. They take away the stress from our body and helps us to relax.

  • Perineal massage can start once you enter the seventh month.
  • It helps you to deal with lower back pain and also manages stress.
  • If you want to massage your perineum, hook your thumb inside the lower part of the vagina and pull it outward and forward.

 Best Exercise for Painless Normal Delivery

It is always good to do a little exercise, never exert yourself just some exercises to keep your weight in control and also to keep you fit.

1. Breathing exercise-

Breathing is a very important exercise. It helps you to focus on normal delivery and negates the chances of a C-section. Some of the Breathing exercises are-

  • Breathing from chest
  • Shallow breathing
  • Alternate deep and shallow breathing
  • Breathing from stomach

2. Walking and Swimming-

Walking and swimming are some of the best exercises you can do in pregnancy. Walking is a low-intensity excellent workout. You can walk in your garden, in your home and can also go for a morning and evening walk. Walking helps to keep your body weight normal, prevent problems like constipation and high blood pressure.

  • Swimming is considered good for expectant mothers. Use safe chlorinated water for swimming, you can swim till your due date. It helps to keep both you and your baby healthy. Swimming regulates heartbeat, keeps your body fit, and also strengthens your muscles.

3. Regular exercise-

Doing regular and daily exercise will not only help you to build stamina but will also keep you active throughout the pregnancy.

  • Kegels helps to make your thigh muscles strong and also beat the stress during labor pain.
  • Butterfly pose helps to open the pelvis and relaxes the lower back.
  • Squatting is the best exercise for normal delivery, you can perform it till your due date. It helps to open up the pelvis and get your baby into the best birthing position.
  • The Cat-Cow pose helps in increasing stamina and loosen the pelvic muscles.

4. Prenatal Yoga-

Yoga is the best way to keep yourself healthy, active and also to maintain your body weight.

  • Yoga helps you in your breathing exercise, which is a great supporter during labour and delivery.
  • Some of the best yoga poses helps you to ease back pain.
  • You can take antenatal yoga class, to keep you and your baby safe.
  • Yoga poses also helps to open up the shoulders, chest and hips.

Benefits of Normal Delivery

If you are thinking about why to go through such pain when you can opt for C-section always. Well, there are some really amazing benefits of Normal delivery. Giving birth to a child is inbuilt in a women’s body, your body is made in such a way to handle pain and give birth to your baby. Of course, you can always opt for C-section, to avoid pain. But Normal delivery has its own benefits such as-  

  • Healthier and beneficial for both Mom and Baby- In Normal delivery, women take a shorter time to recover and babies receive a protective covering of bacteria, which are present in the birth canal. These bacteria help to build the immune system of the baby and keeps him away from diseases.
  • Greater connection with the body- When you are into normal delivery, and no drugs are being used, you feel more connected to your body.
  • Shorter hospital stay- You have to stay just for a short period of time in normal delivery. Though labour can be very painful and exhausting, once you are done with the birthing, you won’t have to stay for long.
  • Makes you feel confident- After giving vaginal birth, you feel more confident and strong about your body. It makes you less fearful as you are ready to take any challenge that can come in life.
  • Quicker bonding- In a normal delivery, you can instantly touch your baby. Skin to skin exposure gives you a great opportunity to connect with your newborn.
  • Fewer chances of lung problems- Babies born through normal delivery have fewer chances of lung problems, as when you are in normal delivery pain the muscles which work to push the baby out also squeeze the fluid from the baby’s lungs.

So, above are some of the facts and tips which you should know about normal delivery. Normal delivery is a painful experience but with the right doctor and your support system, you can make the process easy. Just focus on that you are welcoming the love of your life into the world, so be happy and positive about it. Which delivery you had? Share your experience with us.


1. Is C-section delivery not good?

There is nothing like good and bad delivery. It is all about that moment when you and the doctor take up the decision. No delivery is bad, it is a beautiful phase as you are going to be a mother. However, if you compare both the deliveries, many people recommend normal delivery in the long run.

2. How long does the procedure of Normal delivery lasts?

If it is your first delivery, then normal delivery can last for about 12-14 hours. The process becomes shorter for subsequent deliveries.

3. How to know when you have to push?

Well, you will have experienced nurses and doctors for that. But when your cervix has dilated to 10 cm, you start pushing.

For effective pushing, take a deep breath, hold it, bend forward so that your chin and legs are towards your chest and then start pushing.

4. How painful is normal delivery?

Normal delivery is very painful. The contracting uterus helps to push the baby out and leads to muscle tightening. The pushing puts great pressure on the vaginal area, back, rectal area, bladder, abdomen, and pelvic bolt. You will feel discomfort and intense pain, but all this will last only till you deliver your baby.

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