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13 Survival Tips for New Mom-To-Be

new mom survival tips

Congratulations! on getting successfully pregnant and delivering your little bundle of joy. Before delivery, you used to have your own precious time, in which you either read a book, did laundry or talk to your loved ones. After delivery, you hardly get time to comb your hair forget about having your Me time. Yes, having a baby and taking care of a baby are two very different things. Therefore, we have brought to you some Survival Tips for New Mom-To-Be.

When you were pregnant, everyone must have told you about what to do and what not to do. After delivery, also the suggestions keep coming. But it is you who knows that raising a child is not a cakewalk. That little bundle of joy will take up most of your day. But it is necessary that you work smartly and take charge of the day. It is not always possible that when your baby sleeps, you should sleep. Or to do Kegels every day.

Follow these steps, and may be you can pull out some time for yourself.

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Survival Tips for New Mom-to-Be

1. Get a help scheduled-

Now, first things first agree to the fact that you will need some help. Your body needs time to recover from the delivery process. You cannot do all things by yourself like cooking, cleaning, laundry folding etc. there are lots of work in the house which needs to be taken care of. Now, you with your baby, cannot have a look at all those things.

So, when you are in your last trimester, search for a maid that will be with you for the whole day doing the usual chores of the work. As, you also will have tons of visitors visiting you and the baby.

2. Start off your day early to finish off early-

In the starting weeks, you won’t even come to know where your day started and when it ended. Give yourself a few weeks of time, to understand how you want to proceed with your day and what all things you need to finish off before the day ends.

If you feel, you are not getting enough time, it is better to start off your day early so that you can finish it on time and get time for yourself.

3. Do not hesitate to get help-

If someone offers a help or a hand that they will cook today’s food, or they can look after your baby for one hour, do not hesitate to take that help. Your body needs rest to refuel itself. If anytime in your life, you have to become selfish and swallow your pride, the newborn phase time it is.

4. Keep meals stocked up-

Many times you won’t get time to cook food, that’s the time when the stocked up meals will come in handy. The freezer is not just to make ice, ready cook food is one great option. Also, if your child is asleep soon, and you and your partner needs time of your own. Then, having a freezer meal will be a good option.

5. Have a routine set for baby-

It is necessary for you to set a routine for your baby. You should set the lunchtime routine, bathing routine and sleeping routine of the baby so that it makes your work easy and you don’t have to do the hard work. Make sure that the baby’s sleep time is consistent, it will help the baby sleep peacefully at the night also.

6. Eat and drink well for energy-

It is very necessary for you to eat and drink properly. Many times moms do not take care of themselves while taking care of the baby, this makes them weak. Your body needs proper and enough nutrients to come back in its previous shape and also to handle the baby. You can keep some dry fruits near you so that whenever you are hungry, you can eat them. Also, have coconut water daily it gives instant energy.

7. You are allowed caffeine-

If you are caffeine-addicted, you must be knowing that how hard it is to quit coffee. During pregnancy, you are allowed coffee in moderation. Similarly, if you are a breastfeeding mom, you can have coffee but in moderation that is 1-2 cups of coffee in a day is fine.

8. Do what you think will work-

It is truly said that a mother’s instinct is best. You know your child better than anyone else. You must be flooded with tons of information about how to take of a baby, but at last mother’s instinct works the best. If you feel that this thing will work better, try it out, it must be helpful and a smart thing to do.

9. Relax a bit, before your body gives up-

Do not think to finish of every household work at one go, your body needs rest and you need to accept that. There may be time when you feel really tired to do anything. Take a day off that day, just spend time with your baby and partner and rejuvenate yourself.

10. Take help from your partner-

A baby is both you and your partner’s responsibility. It is best if you both share the load of the house. Soothing baby during midnight can be done by you and your partner both, you also need a proper sleep. So, divide the days and the work between you and your partner, this will help you grow a deeper bond as parents.

11. Go outside-

You are not restricted to go outside. In fact, it is good that you go outside once or twice a month, this will help you rejuvenate and refuel yourself. Going outside make you stress-free and happy. Also, it will be good for your baby, to look out for the different surrounding.

12. Never compromise on nutrition-

If you are a breastfeeding mom, you are not at all allowed to compromise on your nutrition. Since half of your nutrition is going to the baby via breast milk. So, you need to be fully sufficient on nutrition so that you don’t go deficient in it even after breastfeeding.

13. Dress up yourself and your baby-

If you have ever noticed, we feel good when we dress up and go for a party. Now, at this new stage it is not possible for you to go to party, but you still can dress up nicely. This boosts your confidence and you will feel good about yourself. So, always dress up yourself and your baby.

So, above are some of the simple yet helpful survival tips for new mom-to-be. Just remember that you are lucky to be blessed with a baby. Cherish these moments, because it won’t be long when your baby will grow up and do all things on their own.

Take some time out for yourself too.

Do you have any other tips which will be helpful for new mom to be? Please share it with us.

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