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141 Unique Indian Baby Boy Names With Meaning (A-Z) Of 2021

Indian Baby Boy Names

We all want our child’s name to be different and trendy. Keeping a child’s name is the most difficult task for any parent. They get many options from their relatives and friends, but only parents should keep the name of their child, after all, it is special to them. Today’s parents want their child’s name to reflect their tradition and also with a great meaning. So, we have shortlisted 141 Indian baby boy names for you, which you can keep for your son and you will never regret it.

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A to Z Indian Baby Boy Names With Meaning

  1. Aarav- This is the most beautiful name I came across, it means Peaceful
  2. Aarush- This name will reflect your son’s nature. It means ‘Calm, Brilliant’.
  3. Aakav- Shape
  4. Aarnav- Ocean, Air
  5. Aayush- All parents want their son to have a long life, so bless him with the name which means Long-Lived
  6. Abhimanyu- Self-respect, Passionate
  7. Advik- Your child is one in million, so give him this name, it means Unique
  8. Aditya- The Sun
  9. Advaith- Unique, Another name for Brahma and Vishnu
  10. Advay- Unique, One
  11. Agastya- As per the Hindu mythology, the name means ‘Name of a Saint’.
  12. Ayaan- Boundless
  13. Anish- Sun God
  14. Anay- Sacred wood apple tree, The jasmine creeper
  15. Ansh- Short names are in trend these days. They are easy to remember and spell. It means ‘Portion, Day’.
  16. Arin- Let your son bring joy to everyone’s life, with this unique name which means ‘Full of Joy, Peace’
  17. Arni- Eagle, Power
  18. Atharv- Another name of Lord Ganesh
  19. Avi- A name inspired by nature. It means ‘The Sun and Air’
  20. Abhik- Brave or Fearless
  21. Ahnay- As bright as Sun/Speed
  22. Bhuvi- Earth, Heaven
  23. Chirag- Lamp
  24. Chinmay- Lord Ganesh
  25. Charan- Feet
  26. Daksh- Capable, Fire
  27. Darshit- Pay Respect
  28. Devansh- Demigod
  29. Dhir- This is a unique and different name, which means Perseverance. It will surely rock the 2020 calendar.
  30. Divit- Someone who has conquered death
  31. Ehan- Expectation
  32. Eeshan- This is a very traditional and powerful name. It is another name for ‘Lord Shiva’.
  33. Ehit- Give your son the power of smiling, the name means Ever Smiling
  34. Ekansh- Complete
  35. Ekaraj- Emperor
  36. Garv- It is one of the old names, which will have a comeback in 2020. It means Pride.
  37. Girik- One of the names of Lord Shiva
  38. Grahish- Lord of Planets
  39. Guneet- Virtuous
  40. Harsh- Arrival of a baby brings immense pleasure in the life of parents. Giving your son this name will prove it. It means ‘Joy, Excitement’.
  41. Hredhaan- This new name will be popular in no time. It means One with Great Heart
  42. Hardik- From the Heart
  43. Harshit- Filled with Happiness
  44. Ishaan- Lord Sun
  45. Irish- Lord of Earth
  46. Ishir- Many people might not have heard about this name. It means Fire, Powerful. For all those strong kids, who are going to make a name in the future.
  47. Inesh- Strong King
  48. Ivaan- This name is very apt for any of the parent’s feelings. As their son is god’s gift. The name means ‘God’s gracious gift’
  49. Jaiden- God has heard
  50. Jai- It comes from the Sanskrit language meaning ‘Victory’
  51. Jatin- Just the way your son is auspicious. Give him this name, it means The Auspicious One.
  52. Jyran- Lost Love
  53. Kabir- This Indian name is becoming very popular. It meansNoble’
  54. Karan- Talented, Intelligent
  55. Kartik- Kartik is the name of a month in the Hindu Calendar. It means Inspiring with courage and joy.
  56. Kiaan- Grace of God
  57. Krish- Lord Krishna
  58. Laksh- Aim, Target
  59. Liyan- Cute
  60. Lucky- Fortunate
  61. Madhavan- Name of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna
  62. Mahin- Earth
  63. Mayur- Peacock
  64. Milan- Get together
  65. Murali- Flute
  66. Mayan- God of Love
  67. Manoj- The God of Love
  68. Maanav- Youth
  69. Naksh- Naksh is a great choice if you are looking for a simple name. It means ‘Moon’.
  70. Neel- Blue
  71. Nakul- Nakul was the name of one of the five Pandavas. Nakul was the twin brother of Sahdev. It also means ‘Most handsome in lineage’.
  72. Nihal- Joyous
  73. Nikhil- Completeness
  74. Nachiket- Fire
  75. Ohas- Praise
  76. Om- Om is a traditional name, which lost its charm in the past but now is again back. It is a sacred syllable in Hinduism.
  77. Onveer- If you want your child to be fearless and brave. Give him the name which means ‘Brave,
  78. Oviyan- Artist
  79. Ojas- Body Strength
  80. Paawan- Pure, Sacred
  81. Param- If you don’t wish to experiment with your child’s name much. You can always go for this name. It means ‘Ultimate’.
  82. Praneel- A name of Lord Shiva
  83. Pranay- Romance
  84. Parth- Son of Mother Earth
  85. Pranav- Praise
  86. Pinank- Lord Shiva Name
  87. Prateek- Symbol
  88. Pushkar- Lotus
  89. Rathik- Rider of the Chariot
  90. Ridhaan- In search of something
  91. Raahithya- The name spells prosperity, as it means a wealthy man. Every parent wants their son to have all comforts in life.
  92. Rayaan- Atmosphere
  93. Reyansh- This name means ‘Ray of Light’ and it is climbing the popularity chart very fast. It is also the name of Lord Vishnu.
  94. Rishi- Sage
  95. Rohan- Rising
  96. Romik- Someone who is interesting and pleasant
  97. Ronith- Embellishment
  98. Rushil- Charming
  99. Ryan- Descendent of King
  100. Sahil- Beach or shore
  101. Saket- Classic name never goes out of style. Like Saket, it means ‘Place close to heaven.’
  102. Sanyam- Patience, Effort
  103. Sarin- Helpful
  104. Sanket- Signal
  105. Sayujya- Intimate union
  106. Sharvil- A unique and different name. It is one of the names for Lord Krishna
  107. Siddh- Means fact or something which is proven
  108. Siddharth- One who has accomplished a goal
  109. Tejas- Do you want your child to have a sharp mind? Then you should name him Tejas, which means ‘Sharp, Luster’
  110. Tuhin- Snow
  111. Trijal- Lord Shiva
  112. Tanuj- Son
  113. Tavish- Strong and Energetic
  114. Tarun- Young or Tender
  115. Udarsh- Brimming
  116. Udit- Rise
  117. Uday- Blue Lotus, To rising
  118. Uchit- Correct
  119. Udar- Generous
  120. Uttam- Best
  121. Utpal- Blossoming Water lily
  122. Varenya- Someone who is best
  123. Vaydish- Lord of Vedas
  124. Viaan- The name means ‘Full of Life and Energy.’ Viaan has a musical touch.
  125. Vijay- Victorious
  126. Vijna- Someone who is wiser or intelligent
  127. Viraj- Resplendent
  128. Vaidik- Spiritual
  129. Vedant- Ultimate wisdom
  130. Vidhaan- Creator
  131. Vihaan- Dawn, Morning
  132. Veer- Heroic
  133. Wridesh- This nameBlessed
  134. Yug- Era
  135. Yakshith- Permanent
  136. Yuvan- Healthy and Young
  137. Yajvan- Calm and Peaceful
  138. Yash- Success, Fame or Glory
  139. Yuvraj- Prince
  140. Zev- Deer or Wolf
  141. Zian- Self Peace

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So, these are some unique Indian baby boy names with great meaning. Which one did you like the best?

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