110 Best Twin Boys Names for 2023

Well, Congratulations you are going to be the parents of your Twin child. Believe me, giving birth to twin babies is the same as giving birth to one, though the responsibilities after that do doubles up. Many couples also wish to have twin babies, but only a few of them get blessed for that. Obviously, your whole family is completed in your one pregnancy. Now, the next thing to do is to choose the name for your twin babies. We have brought to you some famous and best twin boys name for 2021.

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Twin Boy Names

Alexander, Benjamin

Alexander, William

Caleb, Joshua

Daniel, Samuel

Ethan, Nathan

Jacob, Lucas

Matthew, Ryan

Adler, Efron

Baker, Mason

Christopher, Nicholas

Rhyming Twin Boys Name

Ian, Ryan

John, Shaun

Brett, Rhett

Jake, Blake

Marcus, Darius

Dorian, Torian

Harrison, Hutchinson

Daniel, Nathaniel

Miles, Niall

Jayden, Jordan

Name Starting with Same Letter

Alexander, Anthony

Aiden, Austin

Aaron, Abel

Brandon, Bryan

Braxton, Benjamin

Calvin, Carl

Cale, Curtis

Dominic, Dylan

Daniel, David

Eli, Emmett

Ethan, Evan

Finn, Fisher

Franklin, Frederick

Gavin, Grant

Garrett, Gregory

Hayden, Hunter

Hank, Harvey

Isaac, Ian

Ian, Ivan

Jacob, Joseph

Kenton, Kyle

Liam, Lucas

Marcus, Mason

Nathan, Noah

Nolan, Nathan

Neil, Nocholas

Peter, Philip

Paul, Peter     

Samuel, Steven

Simon, Samuel

Santiago, Sebastian

Thomas, Turner

Umberto, Uri

Walter, Willard

Zayne, Zeke

Zaire, Zeke

Indian Baby Twin Boys Name with Meaning

In this section, names are written on one side and their meanings on the other side respectively.

Aadesh, Sandesh – Instruction, Order, Message

Aakash, Avan – Sky, Ruler of the earth

Arun, Varun- Dawn, Lord of water

Amrit, Arpit- Nectar, To donate

Aahan, Anant – Sunrise, Infinite

Advik, Advait- Unique, Unique

Amit, Sumit- Boundless, Well Measured

Anish, Tanish- Supreme, Ambition

Anuroop, Anuraag – Handsome, Devotion

Arohan, Aradhan- To rise, Prayer

Arth, Samarth- Meaning, Lord Krishna

Atharv, Ayansh – Lord Ganesha, Part of Parents

Avik, Avin- Brave, Beauty

Arnav, Pranav- Ocean, Hindu Trinity

Archit, Lakshit- Worshipped, Distinguished

Devraj, Yuvraj- Ruler of Gods, A prince

Ekant, Vishant- Solitary, Another name of Lord Vishnu

Hrithik, Kartik- Truthful, A name of Hindu Indian Calendar

Himir, Mihir- Calm and Cold, The Sun

Ishaan, Jihan- Lord Vishnu, The Universe

Kabir, Ranbir- The great, The brave warrior

Lakshay, Akshay- Target, Forever

Lava, Kush- Piece, Talented

Manav, Abhinav- Man, Novel

Mohit, Rohit- One who is attracted, Red

Madhur, Milan- Sweet, Union

Mridul, Vidul- Water, The Moon

Naman, Kanan- Bow to God, A Forest

Nayan, Naval- Eye, Wonder

Nilay, Vinay- Lord Vishnu’s Name, Politeness

Nitn, Kritin- Master of right path, Wise

Pinank, Piyush- Lord Shiva, Moon

Punit, Priyam- Pure, Love

Ronav, Ronak- Charming, Radiance

Rutvij, Ritvik- Guru, Priest

Saurabh, Rishabh- Fragrance, A Musical note

Siraj, Dhiraj- Light, Patience

Saransh, Devansh- Summary, Devine

Shiven, Devan- Name of Lord Shiva, Food offered to God

Siddhant, Vedant- Moral, Ultimate Wisdom

Suchet, Sumedh- Alert, Wise

Shishir, Mihir- A season, Sun

Suchet, Sumedh- Alert, Wise

Sushant, Shashank- Quiet, The Moon

Tanvir, Ranvir- Bodily Brave, Hero of Battle

Uday, Ubhay- Blue Lotus, Blessing

Vidyut, Vibhut- Brilliant, Strong

Veer, Daiwik- A brave prson, By God’s grace

Vinith, Vijith- Modest, Winner

Vir, Viren- Warrior, The lord of warrior

Vel, Vetrivel- Lord Murugan, Son of Parvati

Wedant, Sedant- Someone with Knowledge, A variant of Siddhant

Yash, Tejas- Victory, Light

Zayant, Zeehan- Star, Brightness

So, above are some of the the best 110 twin names of boys. You can select the name in rhyming or with same letter also.

Which names did you like the most?

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