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100+ Indian Baby Names Starting With A (Meaning) 2021

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Keeping your baby’s name is one of the most difficult tasks. You want the name to be modern, meaningful, and perfect sounding with the surname. We all dream of some baby names starting with a. Though you and your partner must have thought of a perfect and unique name for your baby, we would like to help you if in case you have some doubts about your baby’s name.

Letter A, the first of the alphabet is very commonly used in the baby’s name. So, we have shortlisted some different and unique boy and girl names starting from the letter “A”.

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Indian Baby Boy Name from Letter “A”


Indian baby boy names start with a
Indian baby boy names start with a


Aarush- It has such a beautiful meaning “The first ray of winter sun”

  • Ahuk- It means “Inevitable”
  • Advik- It means “Unique”
  • Aak- It means “Nature, Sky”
  • Abel– It means “Breathing, Breath”
  • Aabeer– It means “Warrior”
  • Aadhik– “The person greater than all others”
  • Abhinay– “Expression”
  • Aastik– “Believer of God”
  • Aranab- Meaning “Ocean”
  • Ambar- It means “Sky”
  • Avi- A special name for your special baby. It means “Sun and Air”
  • Adwait– It means “Unique” “No one like him”
  • Adhiraj– It means “King of all”
  • Ajit– It means “Unconquerable”
  • Akshat– This means “One that cannot be harmed”
  • Anish– It means “Supreme”
  • Aahan- It means “Morning glory, Dawn, Sunrise”
  • Abhirath- It means “Great charioteer”
  • Anvay- Meaning “Joined, Integration”
  • Aadesh- It means “Instruction”
  • Aagney- Meaning “Born of Fire”
  • Aashray- This means “Shelter”
  • Abhijat- It means “Noble”
  • Abhik- This means “Beloved”, just like your precious baby
  • Abhyas- Meaning “Study”
  • Achal- It means “Stable”
  • Akhil- Meaning “Entire”
  • Akshan- This means “Eyes”
  • Amil- It means “Rich”
  • Amish- This means to be “Honest”
  • Amolik- It means “Priceless”
  • Amul- Just like your baby, it means “Priceless”
  • Aniruddh– It means “Boundless”
  • Atiksh– Means “Wise”
  • Avanindra– “King of Earth”
  • Avatar- “Holy Incarnation”
  • Avichal- This amazing name means “Unmovable”
  • Avirat- “Continuous”
  • Ayudh- “Weapon”
  • Ayush- “Long-Lived”

Baby Girl Name Start from Letter “A”

Indian baby girl names start with a
Indian baby girl names start with a
  • Arsheeya- It means “Girl”
  • Aarushi- First ray of the sun
  • Aana- This means “Young and most precious”
  • Aaeza- This means “Beautiful”
  • Aamya- It means “ Soft, night rain”
  • Aarin- The strength you will like your baby to have “Mountain Strength”
  • Ahanna- “First rays of the sun”
  • Aadriti- Very different and unique name meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”
  • Anaya- “God Answers”
  • Aashirya- “From the land of god”
  • Aakruthi- It means “Structure”
  • Apeksha- This means “Expectations”
  • Adina- “God’s gift”
  • Adhishree- It means “Exalted”
  • Adya- “First, The Earth”
  • Aiyai- A princess
  • Ardika- This means “Beautiful Mountain”
  • Arya- “Parvathi Devi”
  • Aslesha- “Group of stars”
  • Akrithi- It means “Beautiful form”
  • Akila- Worldly, Knowledgeable
  • Anjana- This means “Very Gracious gift by god”
  • Aaheli- It means “Pure”
  • Aastha- This means “Faith”
  • Abhiniti- It means “Friendship”
  • Acira- “Belief”
  • Adrisa- “Lord of the mountain”
  • Akshita- It means “Immortal”
  • Anaga- Meaning “Sinless”
  • Anavi- “Humane, Kind to People”
  • Anathi- “Modest and Respectful”
  • Aanandita- “Purveyor of joy”
  • Aarashi- “First Ray of Sun”
  • Aarchi- “Ray of light”
  • Aaru- “Love, Sun, Soul”
  • Anokhi- It means “Unique”
  • Anshula- This means “Sunny”
  • Anurathi- It means “Consent”
  • Alisha- “Protected by God”
  • Akuti- “Intention”
  • Amirthine- Such a sweet name for your sweet baby “Sweet Spoken”

These are different Indian baby names starting with a. Which one did you like the most?

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