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7 Things you don’t know your baby can do

7 Things Your Baby Can Do (1)

Congratulations! on becoming a mother. You might be very busy now with your little bundle of joy. Slowly, you will become a supermom who is able to manage everything. But hey, supermom, do you know even your baby is a super baby? Yes, we get so involved in keeping our baby safe and in managing things, that we forget that your sweet precious baby sleeping in the crib can do things that may surprise you. We have brought to you some things you don’t know your baby can do?

Apart from crying, drinking milk and sleeping, your baby is a genius and possesses a great set of skills. Even before, your baby came into the world, he/she has started recognizing your voice and also many emotions. So, let’s see what all things your cute bunny is capable off.

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7 Things Your New Born Can Do

1. Babies can notice and feel Emotions-

Yes, babies are very good in understanding and feeling emotions. This is the reason; it is always said that be happy during pregnancy. Happy mothers make happy babies and sad mothers equals to sad baby. Infants or New-born are very good observer. They can sense emotions around people and understand them.

Within weeks of their birth they understand the emotion happy and sad just be seeing the faces of people. Just like you care about your baby, your baby also cares about you. It was seen in a study, that whenever a mother dropped a cloth, her baby used to pick it up for her. This shows babies empathetic nature.

2. They are good in Maths-

Yes, the subject many of us hate. New born babies are pro in maths. They have a good grasp in the concept subtraction. In a research study performed at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev a 6-9 months old baby were made to watch a puppet show, first with two puppets and then later one puppet was taken back. Then again, this same incident was repeated, which made the babies to realise the difference between 2 puppets and 1 puppet.

3. Babies can swim-

Yes, Babies are great swimmers. Before they are born, they swim inside their mother’s body. It is when they are born, they slowly forget to swim.

4. They Communicate with their hands-

Your babies communicate with you via their hands. If you are thinking, that you have to wait till your baby starts speaking to communicate, you are wrong. Your baby has already started the communicating with their hands. Babies learn sign languages way before they learn to speak. With the help of sign language, your baby can communicate to you what they see and what they hear. Your little encouragement can help to boost their IQ, and self-confidence.

5. Babies can speak two languages-

Yes, this is one of the most amazing talent of new born that they can speak two languages. We often see that in India many infant, learn two languages first their regional lang. and other either Hindi or English. That is because, both these languages are spoken in their home which makes them to grasp both of them properly.

If you want your child to learn a new language, make sure 30% of time that language is spoken in your house. Infant possesses great ability to learn a second language. Being multi lingual helps in flexible thinking, enhancing memory and also boosting child’s concentration.

6. They can recognize your face-

Within weeks of time, your baby can recognize your face. And she/he gets happy to see you. There’s no one better than baby in face-recognition. A 6-months old baby, is more gifted to differentiate between faces than the adults. You might be surprised how much your little one is dependent on you for small things. But I feel, this ability of babies starts when they reach 9 months in their mother’s womb.

7. Babies react to Music-

Yes, just as much as you love music your baby also loves them. This is the reason they calm down when you sing a lullaby to them. A 3- month old can differentiate between different rhythms. This skill can become handy to you, you can set some specific music for sleeping, eating and bathing. So, that your baby catches it and understands it what time it is.

So, now you know that your baby is capable of doing the above awesome things. You must be amazed, as for you your baby is so small to understand these things. But believe me, we often underestimate our baby, they are way smarter than we can imagine.

Did you know about the above thing which a new born can do?


1. How to use listening to music quality of baby?

Well, since babies react to music. You can have particular music for bathing, eating and sleeping. So that, your baby instantly understands what time it is just by listening to music.

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