What is a Receiving Blanket? Uses and Tips

Well, now as your due date is close you must have started searching for things which your new born would need. One such thing is Receiving Blanket. Now, if you are wondering What is a Receiving Blanket? Well, Receiving Blanket as the name tells, is the soft blanket in which baby is received as soon as he is born. You must have seen the tiny babies getting wrapped around in a cloth before they are brought to you. That wrapped cloth is called as Receiving Blanket.

Let’s see what are the different uses of Receiving Blanket and How it is different from Swaddle Blanket. Check out the blog-

What is a Receiving Blanket?

A Receiving Blanket is a square size 30*30 inches’ baby blanket made up of cotton, muslin, flannel or fleece material. They are made up with different adorable prints and are available in a pack of 3 or 4. Apart from protecting the baby from cold, it serves many other purposes. This machine washed Receiving Blanket is different from Swaddle Blanket.

Difference between A Swaddle Blanket and Receiving Blanket

  • Size- A Swaddle blanket is larger than Receiving blanket. Swaddle blanket is the size of 47*47 inches, and Receiving blanket is smaller than Swaddle blanket and is the size of 30*30 inches.
  • Purpose- Swaddle blanket is mainly used for swaddling babies. The main purpose of Swaddling is to calm the baby and to have him sleep peacefully. Swaddling also prevents the scratching of baby. You can use Receiving Blanket for Swaddling but only for infants as the size of Receiving blanket is small.
  • Shape- Swaddle blanket has wings on its side, which is used to wrap the baby. The wings generally have Velcro fastener and is stretchable to secure the baby properly. Receiving blanket is square in shape.

Receiving blanket has got many other purposes also.

9 Various Uses of a Receiving Blanket for Babies

1. Play area for baby-

Receiving blanket is a perfect companion for baby. It helps him to protect during the cold nights also the softness and lightweight nature of the blanket minimizes the risk of overheating.

2. Burp cloth-

Well, you all know that babies burp and it is one of the most important work after your baby has eaten. Now, many times infants may spit up some food while burping. If you do not find the burp cloth available near you, you can always use the Receiving blanket, as it is soft and smooth.

3. Diaper changing mat-

If you are outside and forgot to bring the playmat of the baby, you can always use the Receiving blanket to lay down your baby, so that the table surface of public restrooms does not make the baby uncomfortable. Receiving blanket is soft, acts as a cushion and also protects the baby from getting any germs on it.

4. Breastfeeding cover up-

Baby can anytime call up for Breastfeeding. It is not possible to carry everything with you when you go out. At that time, you can use, Receiving blanket as your cover-up. It won’t cause suffocation to the baby and you too will feel perfectly fine.

5. As a Stroller shade-

It’s a good idea to use your baby’s first blanket as a stroller shade when you go to nearest park for a walk. Keep the blanket in the stroller basket to block the sunrays from hurting your little one’s eyes.

6. Play PeekaBoo-

It is very necessary to play with your little one. One of the best game which always makes baby giggle is the PeekaBoo. This game helps to bond with baby, since the Receiving blanket is not very big and heavy, your baby can easily hold it for playing PeekaBoo.

7. Large bib-

Babies are a messy eater, no matter how much you try them to eat properly, their self-feeding habit won’t go away and that’s when the large bib will come to help you. By putting the receiving blanket around the neck of your baby, you can try to save your baby’s cloth from getting dirty.

8. Apron-

Babies love color, and it is good for them to play with crayons this enhances their creativity. You can try using Receiving blanket as an apron to protect your baby’s clothing from getting dirty.

9. Cleaning cloth-

Receiving blanket is made up of an amazing absorbent material. So, when your baby grows up you can use the cloth to clean its mess.

Safety Tips of Receiving Blanket

  • Never keep the receiving blanket loose in baby’s crib.
  • Do not completely cover your baby with the blanket in his first year.
  • When your baby starts rolling, do not swaddle your baby.
  • Never wrap the blanket around your baby’s head and neck.
  • Whenever you swaddle the baby, always put him to sleep on his back.
  • Do not straighten up your baby’s legs while swaddling, and never wrap them up tightly when swaddling with the blanket, as it may cause hip dislocation.

How to choose a Receiving Blanket?

After you have understood, how multipurpose and great this receiving blanket is. Let’s understand the points to keep in mind while purchasing one.

  • Make sure the blanket is made up of soft cotton.
  • The size of the blanket should be 30*30 inches.
  • You can choose the colour and texture you like.
  • Blankets should be made up of pure cotton, so that it is breathable.
  • Should have excellent thermal properties.

Other Ways to Use Receiving Blanket

  • If you are too attached to the Receiving blanket, you can make a pillow cover from it for your baby.
  • Receiving Blanket can be used as a picnic mat, as it is made up of soft fabric and can be used in heavy washing machine.
  • It will make an excellent furniture cover.
  • If you are creative you can use the blanket as a room decoration. Cut the blanket in different shapes and hang it around in the room.

So, this amazing receiving blanket can be used in many ways after your baby has grown up. This inexpensive blanket is your child’s companion for the first 12 months. Make sure you buy an adorable and amazing Receiving blanket as it is multipurpose.

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