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What Teas Are Safe To Drink While Pregnant? (Benefits)

What Teas Are Safe To Drink While Pregnant

Are you a tea lover? And you have just known that you are also pregnant. The first thing which will come into your mind is – Is tea safe during pregnancy? Women get extremely conscious as soon as they get to know that they are pregnant. They would not like to do anything, which could harm them or their child.

Indeed, drinking caffeine during pregnancy is not good. But consuming it in a limited quantity won’t hurt you or your baby. Tea contains 48% of caffeine and coffee contains 39%. The higher the caffeine consumption, the higher are the chances of preterm labor and miscarriage.

Do not worry more, TheBlessedMom has brought to you the answers to all your questions regarding the Is tea safe during pregnancy, types of tea, and benefits of drinking while pregnant. Check out the blog-

What Type Of Tea Drinking during pregnancy?

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Do we all know how tea is made? It is made by pouring different dried tea leaves into boiling water. Letting it boil for some time, to increase its flavor, and then straining the liquid.

There are many types of tea- black tea, green tea, herbal tea. You just have to combine different spices and you will get a different tea every time.

But tea falls into two main categories. Let’s check out-

1. Real Tea-

If you are a tea lover, then you know that Real tea comes from only one plant Camellia_sinensis. And then with its leaves, it gets converted into different teas like- Green tea, black tea, and oolong tea. Real teas are naturally caffeinated, but you can decaf them through additional processing.

2. Herbal Tea-

These are made from different parts of the plant. Herbal tea can be made from leaves, flowers, bark, stems, or any other part. It is made by boiling the herbs directly. Herbal teas for pregnancy are good as they are naturally decaffeinated.

Best Herbal Tea For Pregnancy

Best Herbal Tea For Pregnancy
Best Herbal Tea For Pregnancy

After understanding the two forms of teas. Let us understand, what are some teas safe for pregnancy. Herbal teas are considered the best for pregnant women. They keep them hydrated and also increases the immune system. Following are the herbal teas, which you can consume when pregnant-

  • Teas made from fruits and spices Eating fruits during pregnancy is very safe. Herbal tea made from dried fruits like apples, berries, and citrus fruit and spices is super safe and healthy to be consumed during pregnancy. 
  • Lemon balm tea for pregnant womenLemon scent during pregnancy helps to uplift the mood quickly. Lemon balm tea helps to treat insomnia, reduces stress, helps in proper digestion, and also eases anxiety. This is like the best tea during pregnancy.
  • Peppermint leaf tea during pregnancyPeppermint tea in pregnancy helps to fight nausea, morning sickness, and also gas. To some women, it may cause heartburn.
  • Red raspberry leaf tea Red raspberry tea is rich and high in iron content, it also increases uterine tone. Drinking this tea during the second and third trimester is totally safe.

Teas to Avoid during Pregnancy

You have read above about the teas which are safe for drinking. Now, let us have a look at the teas which you should totally avoid-

  • Chamomile TeaChamomile herb helps to relieve the stress and it also promotes sleep. Drinking just a cup of this tea won’t be a problem. But if you drink it in a large quantity, it can lead to miscarriage or preterm labor.
  • Dandelion Leaf TeaDandelion herb is rich in vitamin A and calcium, it also helps in relieving the swelling during pregnancy. But Dandelion leaf is also diuretic which may increase urine volume. So, if you prefer drinking it, you will have to be very careful.
  • Pennyroyal TeaPennyroyal tea may trigger uterine contraction and menstruation. So it is not at all safe to drink this tea at any time during pregnancy.
  • Licorice Root TeaConsumption of Licorice Root Tea may cause preterm labor. So, it is necessary to avoid this tea during pregnancy.
  • Laxative Herbal TeaMany people use Laxative Herbal tea to treat constipation and pregnancy discomfort. But drinking this tea can also cause you dehydration, and disrupt your electrolyte balance. 

In order to treat constipation, it is better to increase your fiber intake, try moving more, and also increase your fluid intake.

Benefits of Drinking Safe Teas during Pregnancy

Benefits Of Drinking Tea During Pregnnacy
Benefits of Drinking Safe Teas during Pregnancy

It is very necessary to understand what are the benefits of drinking safe tea during pregnancy. Tea also plays an important role during pregnancy.

1. It can help you Relax-

All the tea drinkers will agree with me on this. Tea gives you the best soothing feeling. It helps you relax your muscles and also the aroma makes you feel fresh.

Pregnancy is already a stressful time. So sipping a cup of tea can help you relax and give energy.

2. Tea helps you prepare for Labor-

Some of the teas like raspberry leaf tea and cinnamon-flavored tea help to strengthen the uterine muscles, which makes your body ready for the labor by making contractions more efficient.

3. Tea is rich in Antioxidants and Nutrients-

When you are pregnant, Antioxidants are really important for your body. They help remove the waste products from your body and also keep the skin cells free from radicals.

When you are pregnant, Placenta produces natural waste in your body and you need enough antioxidants to remove them from your body.

For antioxidants, you can eat many fruits and vegetables. Tea is also one of the sources of antioxidants. Tea is also rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron and it helps to boost your immune system. All these are necessary during pregnancy.

4. It can help Combat Morning Sickness-

One of the gifts almost every woman gets while being Pregnant is the Morning Sickness, which makes it difficult to enjoy the first few months of pregnancy.

So if you have a habit of getting up and drinking coffee, the first thing in the morning. You need to find a substitute. Ginger tea can help you calm down your nausea feeling.

If you do not like drinking anything hot in the morning, you can add ice in the tea and add honey or sugar to have a new version of ginger tea.

5. Tea keeps you Hydrated-

Drinking safe tea keeps you hydrated. When it gets difficult for you to always drink water and then run to the washroom, you can end up having dehydration.

Dehydration can cause other problems like- 

  • Constipation
  • Water Retention
  • Headache
  • Sleep difficulties

So drinking normal amount caffeine safe tea will help you to combat with the dehydration

Is Nettle Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Nettle tea is a type of Herbal Tea made from stinging nettle plants. This ingredient is often included in tea blends for pregnant women. The main difference is the recommended or actual use of the ingredient.

In Pregnancy, using leaves from nettle plant renders is safe, but using its roots for the tea is off-limits. So, Nettle Tea (using roots) is not considered safe during pregnancy. But Nettle Tea (using dried leaves) are good for pregnant women.

Is Chicory Tea Good for Pregnancy?

Chicory is a native herb to Europe and a cousin to dandelion. It is cultivated in every parts of the world and offers a great medicinal benefits. Leaves, flowers, roots and buds of Chicory all are high in Nutritional value and also offers medicinal benefits. Chicory is a strong uterine stimulant which can cause contractions and menstruation during pregnancy.

Even after its side effects, Chicory tea offers a great nutritional value during pregnancy. Consuming this herbal tea in limited quantity will give you following health benefits-

  • Relieves in Digestive Problems-

Chicory is rich in insulin, which is a strong probiotic. It helps to solve many digestive and intestinal problems.

  • Helps to Prevent Cancer-

There has been a great research on this benefit, Chicory extract helps to minimize the tumor growth and prevents the chances of cancer. The herb is loaded with antioxidant and anti-tumor properties. 

  • Promotes Kidney Health-

Chicory root extract is very effective as it offers diuretic property during pregnancy. This amazing herb promotes urination and helps to remove all toxins and waste from kidney. It prevents water accumulation in your body.

  • Boosts Immunity-

Chicory tea helps to boosts immunity during pregnancy. It is rich in antibacterial properties, which helps to protect you from any bacterial infection during pregnancy.

Excess consumption of Chicory tea is harmful; it can have following side-effects-

  • Skin Inflammation
  • Itching
  • Fatigue
  • Abortion or Miscarriage
  • Drowsiness
  • Appettite Suppression
  • Difficulty in breathing

So, try to avoid the high consumption of Chicory tea during Pregnancy.

So, above are all the answers to drinking tea while pregnant related questions. Remember, herbal teas are safe, but only when consumed in a proper limited quantity. Before buying any herbal tea, do check for all the ingredients. Drinking safe herbal tea in small quantities is beneficial for pregnant women. 

Every pregnancy is different, so it is even possible that some women may not like some of the safe herbal teas also. Always be aware of your mood swings and also which food makes you nauseous.

Which tea do you drink in pregnancy?

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