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16 Things Unborn Babies Can Do In Mom’s Stomach

Things unborn babies in mom stomach

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful things in the world. You face so many new experiences and the idea of carrying your whole world inside you is just priceless. Since the day you came to know that you are pregnant, you become super conscious and protective about your baby. But unknowingly you do many such things which might not be good for the baby. There are some things unborn babies hate in mom’s stomach. Therefore, it is necessary to take extra precautions so that your baby does not feel any discomfort and stay safe.

So, all soon to be mom, check out the blog to understand what your little one does not like.

16 Things Babies Hate when they are in Mom’s Stomach

1. When Mom Laughs-

It is good that moms are happy during pregnancy. But when you laugh your heart out, it makes the baby uncomfortable. As when you laugh your belly goes in and out, which makes the baby uncomfortable and he feels like he is on a trampoline ride.

Doctors have even researched the baby’s facial expression when mom was laughing. Some baby enjoys the mom’s hearty laughter while some get sad and also start crying.

2. Going on a Bumpy Ride-

Even the normal person does not like bumpy rides, when you are pregnant and go on a bumpy ride your baby feels he is on a roller-coaster ride. Even the mom feels uncomfortable when they go on a bumpy ride. Many women, intentionally go on the bumpy ride, to ask the baby to come out when they are overdue.

3. Poking the Belly-

How the little one will react to poking the belly totally depends on his mood. Sometimes, when the baby kicks a lot moms poke their belly to stop it from happening. Some moms poke their belly when they are bored, to see the reaction of the baby. The reaction to poking totally depends on the little one’s mood. Sometimes they kick more, sometimes they are in a playful mood so turn here and there, and sometimes baby walks away as they feel poking disturbs them.

4. Loud Noise-

If you are a party freak mom, you need to limit your partying if it involves loud music. Research has proven that your child does not really enjoy loud music as it startles them. Just a minute before everything is normal and then such loud music with people screaming. Unborn babies are not fond of it. It’s better to relax yourself and your baby with soothing and calm music.

5. Stressed Mom-

It is truly said that a stressed mom equals a stressed baby. When you are emotionally stressed, it is not good for your baby, as he also feels the same. When you are stressed due to work or even emotionally your body secrets that type of hormones, which goes to your baby. When you are stressed, your baby feels bad and cries silently in the womb.

6. When Mom does not stretch her body-

When the baby is small in the womb, he has plenty of space to move around. He can move here and there, change positions, and can also stretch to get comfortable. As the baby grows it gets difficult for him to move around freely, he gets restricted in the movement, which they do not like. So, when the mom’s body does not stretch more the baby tends to not like it.

7. Peek-A-Boo Light-

If ever you feel like playing Peek-A-Boo Light with your baby, remember he does not like it in fact he tends to hate it. Just like when we are out in sunlight, we close our eyes. If your baby is in good mood, he will move here and there to chase the light but if he wants to rest and does not want interference, he will just slowly drift away from the light.

8. When you Toss and Turn in your Sleep-

It is true that finding a perfect sleeping position during pregnancy is one tuff task. But in finding the sleeping position when we toss and turn in our sleep, our baby keeps getting thrown away from one place to another. The baby really does not like any disturbance in their position, their sleep, or even in their space. When you keep switching the sides the baby has to adjust again and again.

9. Mommy in a Hot Bathtub-

Yes, you might be dying to have your relaxing time in the hot bathtub, but your little one is not really fond of it. Your baby just like the usual environment and temperature. The extremely hot temperature may make him uncomfortable. Especially during the first trimester, when your baby’s organs are developing.

10. Moms Eating Spicy Food-

Pregnancy changes many things, and you also had to give up many things one such as spicy food. Whatever you eat, your baby can have a taste of it. Babies develop taste buds very early in the pregnancy. So, when you eat spicy food babies do not like it. They also feel spicy. Eating normal spicy food is ok, so that, babies have a taste of everything.

11. When Mom does not eat on Time-

It is very necessary to eat on time during pregnancy. What you eat, your baby eats, and how much nutritious food you are eating directly affects the growth of the baby. So, when you are hungry, it is the same as your baby is feeling hungry, and missing the meals directly affects the growth of the baby.

12. Putting Ice Pack on Belly-

We moms are over caring for our baby. When the temperature is hot outside, we feel our baby might be feeling hot and that is why we think of cooling him down by putting an ice pack on the belly. Babies do not like the idea of sudden temperature change, be it a hot bathtub or cool ice pack. Moreover, your idea of cooling the baby is not possible as your precious is protected with many layers.

13. When Mom is Sad-

Just like a stressed mom equals to stressed baby, similarly, a sad mom equals a sad baby. If you are very anxious and depressed, this will have a negative impact on your baby. Whatever hormones a mom’s body is secreting all goes to the baby and affects him.

14. Bad Tasting Food-

Just like we do not like bad-tasting food, similarly, babies too do not like it if the food is not prepared properly. We already know that babies can taste food in the stomach. Just the way they do not like spicy food, they also do not like bad tasting food. In the research it is seen, babies making weird faces when given bad tasting food.

15. Startling the Baby-

Unborn babies do not like surprises. They are very easy to startle, they can get startled by someone poking mom’s belly, loud noises, a quick movement, a bumpy ride, and also if mom shouts in excitement. Babies are very soft and tender, they do not open their eyes till 28 weeks, as their retina takes time to develop. So, make sure you do not startle your baby.

16. Getting Intimate after Third Trimester-

When the crucial time of pregnancy i.e. third month or first trimester is over, you and your partner can get intimate. Baby does not like mom getting intimate with someone while they are in the belly. The reason because during the process, the moms tighten their abdominal muscles which leaves very little space for the baby to move around. The precious little one feels as if the walls are coming to him.

So, above are some of the things which the unborn baby hate while they are still in mom’s womb. Remember, they can react differently to above things depending on their mood. So, always notice their activity and enjoy this amazing phase.

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