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141 Top Indian Baby Girl Names with Meanings (A-Z)- 2021

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Oh! This is the most difficult task parents have to do, once they know they are pregnant and the pressure keeps on increasing as the due date comes closer. We understand your concern that you want to give your princess the most amazing Indian baby girl names, which are unique, modern, and have a special meaning. In India, there are thousands of names that come from different sources and have a very deep meaning.

These days even foreigners are getting inclined towards the Indian names. They find them more attractive and stylish. So, we have shortlisted some beautiful Indian baby girl names who are going to rock this 2021.

Check them out-

Indian Baby Girl Names with Meaning


  • Aakhya- This name will give her a lot of Fame, as it means ‘Fame’
  • Aarushi- It has a very unique meaning ‘First ray of sun.’
  • Aahana- It means ‘Morning beauty,’ for your cute little princess.
  • Aashna- ‘Beautiful, Smart and Intelligent’just like your daughter
  • Adia- This means a special ‘Gift from God’
  • Adira- Make your daughter ‘Strong,’ by giving her this name (a special and quite a common name)
  • Adra- It means ‘Beauty,’ and this a very unique and different name, which is going to be popular soon.
  • Adya- If your first baby is a daughter, you can definitely name her this. As it means ‘First’ in Sanskrit.
  • Advika- World, Earth, Unique
  • Adweta- This name is very nice as it means ‘Inspirational,’ ’Idealistic.’
  • Afsa- This is an Urdu word, which means ‘Pretty.’
  • Alekhya- Nice, Intelligent, Great Warrior
  • Amvi- Goddess Amba, Mother, Affectionate
  • Anaisha- Just as your daughter is special, give her this name, which means special.’
  • Arya- Noble Goddess (inspired from Game of Thrones Arya Stark)

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  • Banhi- It means ‘Fire.’
  • Bavishni- ‘ One who has a future.’
  • Bhrithi- Searching for a meaningful name with uniqueness? Go for this- it means ‘strengthened, nourished or cherished.’
  • Bhavini- ‘Emotional or Beautiful lady.’
  • Bodhi- We all know about this name, as it embraces Buddhism. It means ‘enlightenment.’
  • Chakra– As daughter is considered as the Lakshmi of the house, why not give her this name which means ‘Lakshmi’
  • Chavvi- ‘Reflection or Radiance’
  • Chinmayi- This name is taking a U-turn by coming back in trend. It means ‘supreme consciousness.’
  • Danika- A different name, meaning ‘morning star.’
  • Darshita- Sight
  • Devika- This traditional  name which means ‘Goddess.’
  • Dhanvi- Wealthy, money
  • Dhrivika- Give her this name, which makes her firm in her decision; the name means  ‘Firmly fixed.’
  • Dhuni- It means ‘River,’ you can see the name in the sacred books.
  • Eeshana- This is a Sanskrit word, which means ‘Ishwar.’
  • Erisha- This is a very elegant name, which means ‘Speech.’
  • Elakshi- A woman with bright eyes
  • Falguni- Just the way your daughter is ‘Beautiful.’
  • Feeza- Bring her close to nature with this name. The name means ‘Nature.’
  • Ganika- This is a very new name meaning  ‘like a flower’
  • Geetanjali- Collection of poems and songs
  • Gina- A simple and short name, meaning ‘silvery.’
  • Gautami- A classic name, referring to ‘ river Godavari’
  • Harini- A name from south India, which means ‘like a deer.’
  • Harleen- This will suit to a spiritual family, as it means ‘One with God’
  • Ila- With this name, you won’t need a nickname. It means ‘earth.’
  • Ihina- Enthusiasm
  • Iniya- The short meaningful name means ‘sweet.’
  • Ishya- Spring
  •  Jahnavi- Ganga the River
  • Jagvi- Worldly
  • Janya- Life
  • Jayna- Victory, Good Character
  • Jiya- Always keep our close to her heart with this name, which means ‘Heart.’
  • Juhi- A flower
  • Kaira- This name is bliss in this chaotic world. It means ‘peaceful.’
  • Kajri- Cloud-like
  • Kalpana- Idea, Imagination, fancy
  • Kanika- Small, An atom
  • Kavya- Poetry in motion, Worth, Learning
  • Kiara- Dusky, Dark Haired
  • Kritika- Name of a star
  • Kyra- The Sun
  • Kashika- Inherent in the very nature of things
  • Laavanya- The name itself feels great. It means ‘beauty.’
  • Lasya- This one beautiful and a different name meaning ‘Goddess Parvati’
  • Leya- Musical rhythm
  • Liya- Beautiful
  • Maira- Beloved
  • Mahi-  A rare name meaning ‘The Earth.’
  • Mangalya- ‘Something auspicious.’
  • Manvi- A powerful name, which means ‘humanity.’
  • Mihika- Mist
  • Mukta- Pearl
  • Naina- A beautiful name for your beautiful daughter, meaning ‘The eye.’
  • Namya- A respectful name meaning ‘Worthy of honor.’
  • Navya- Your daughter will love you for keeping this name, which means ‘young.’
  • Niru- ‘Strength’
  • Nithya- ‘Eternal, Constant’
  • Niyati- A name which will bring ‘fortune’ for your daughter
  • Nyra- Rose
  • Omisha- This is something different and unique, made for the year 2020. It means ‘Goddess of Life and Death.’
  • Oni- Lord of Goodness
  • Oeshi- Gods Precious Gift
  • Parinita- Expert, Complete
  • Paromita- Name of a flower
  • Pihu- Chattering of bird
  • Pratyusha- Bright
  • Pratibha- Light, Keen Intellect
  • Preet- Love
  • Preksha- Beholding
  • Priyanshi- Lovable, Dear
  • Promita- Idol
  • Prina- Content
  • Queeny- This is the royal name for your ‘Royal Lady.’
  • Ragini- Old names have still got the appeal. It means ‘like a melody or music.’
  • Ramya- A different and unique name, which will make everyone delighted as the name means ‘Delight.’
  • Rhea- Good Heart
  • Riddhi- It means ‘Good Fortune.’ This name is often used in twins, with the other name being Siddhi.
  • Rishika- A sober name meaning ‘Saintly.’
  • Ritika- A name apt for a traditional family, as it means ‘One who keeps the tradition.’
  • Ruhi- The name means ‘Soul.’
  • Saachi- Short, Sweet, and ‘One who is full of grace.’
  • Sandhya- A popular name meaning ‘evening, twilight or dusk.’
  • Sarah- A perfect name for a baby who is so pure. As it means ‘pure.’
  • Sagarika- ‘The waves in the ocean.’
  • Saira- Your loving daughter will be either a free bird or a princess. Let her decide with this name, which means ‘A bird, princess’
  • Shanaya- ‘Ray of the sun,’ ‘Distinguished.’
  • Shea- ‘Fairy palace.’
  • Suhasini- Your baby girl’s smile will mean a world to you. Give her this name as it means ‘one with beautiful laughter.’
  • Swasti- ‘Source of all auspiciousness,’’ Fortune.’
  • Sneha- Love
  • Suhana- This is the melodious name for your daughter it means’ Beautiful.’
  • Taahira- ‘Modesty’
  • Tanika- This is one stylish name, which means ‘Rope.’
  • Talika- For the girl with a beautiful voice, meaning ‘ Nightingale.’
  • Tanvi- Beautiful, Delicate
  • Tara- ‘Daytime’
  • Tania- A perfect name for your angel daughter, which means Fairy Princess.’
  • Tishya- It is an ancient name, meaning ‘auspicious.’
  • Tiya- A sweet and simple name meaning ‘parrot.’
  • Trisha- Thirst
  • Udyati- Elevated
  • Unaisa- Sweetheart
  • Urvi- We come from the earth and goes back to the earth. Give your daughter the name which makes her understand this, Urvi means ‘Earth.’
  • Urishilla- Excellent
  • Vaani- Indeed, some names are always evergreen like this, which means ‘speech.’
  • Vanani- Forest
  • Vanya- Your daughter, is a gift for you, why not name her this, which means ‘The gracious gift of god.’
  • Vansha- A girl is the backbone of a family. This new and unique name will be popular very soon. It means ‘Backbone.’
  • Vamakshi- Beautiful eyed
  • Vedhika- Full of knowledge
  • Vinaya- Modest, Decent
  • Vritika- An unusual yet modern name, which means ‘thought or nature.’
  • Yana- ‘Gift from God’
  • Yamini- A traditional name meaning ‘ night.’
  • Yahvi- Heaven, Earth
  • Yakshini- ‘ Mysterious or Supernatural’
  • Yashika- Success
  • Yochana- Thought
  • Zara- Brilliance
  • Zoya- Life
  • Zuri-This is something trendy, classy, and has a great meaning. It means ‘Beautiful.’
  • Zenia- Noble
  • Zivah- Radiance, Brilliance. This is also the name of M.S.Dhoni (Indian Cricketer) daughter’s name.


So, these are some of the amazing modern, classy, and meaningful Indian baby girl names which are going to top the 2021 chart. Which one do you like?

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