How to Prepare yourself and your family for your Second Child

So you are all prepared for your second pregnancy. You must be a little relieved this time as you know what your body will go through and you have everything planned. But the excitement level must be the same as it was at the time of the first child. You also must be a little worried, as you are aware of the fact that most of the time will be occupied with your second child so who will look after your first baby. Therefore, to remove all your anxiety we have brought to you the blog How to prepare yourself and your family for your second child.

You won’t believe but having a second child is a great feeling. You have become more mature and experienced from your first pregnancy. You very well know, how to deal with everything now. Keep reading to know about some amazing tips and tricks.

How to Prepare yourself?

1. Go for a Check-Up-

First things first, before you plan on your second child, it will be a good option to get up your health check-up first. Getting pregnant is a big change in your body and you know that. During your first pregnancy, your body was new and also you were young, now things have changed. So, it is best if you consult your doctor before planning for a second child.

2. Monitor your Ovulation-

Monitor your period. If you are not using any birth control, then a missed period not always mean that you are pregnant. After your first child, your period can be out of sync. Therefore, always keep track of your period, this will help to monitor your ovulation. It may take little time to get it right, but be calm and patient.

3. Get back in Shape-

You must have heard about Belly-only pregnancy. During your first pregnancy, you don’t really understand what is going on with your body. For second pregnancy, you can be more prepared as you have gain experience. It is better to be in proper shape before you plan for your second baby.

Weight gain can cause infertility and also hormonal imbalance, and this can be difficult for you to trace your ovulation.

4. Figure out the Best Time-

With this point, we need to tell you that, you should plan your second pregnancy before it’s too late. You need to keep in mind the age of everyone your, your partner’s and even your firstborn baby. There should be an optimal gap between your two-child so that they can bond properly. Also, as age proceeds infertility can hit both you and your partner.

5. Secure your Finances-

You already know the expense you need to go through in your pregnancy. But in this case, your expense will be more, as you have one more child with you. Therefore, it is better that you start securing your finances so that you do not have to face the shortage of it.

How to Prepare your First baby?

After you have prepared yourself, now let’s see how you can prepare your first baby for your second pregnancy. This is very necessary, as in many cases the first baby gets neglected and he/she brings out their frustration on the second child, which is not good. Check out the following points, through which you can make sure that even your first baby is prepared to greet his/her younger sister/brother.

1. Go on a Vacation-

Yes, now is the best time to go on a vacation with your whole family. You must be thinking that you should wait for your second child, and then go. But it is necessary to make your first child feel special, also it will be cheaper for you. So, embrace the moment of just three of you.

2. Shift your Baby to Bed-

If your first baby has grown up to the age of 3 years, now is the time you can make up his own bed. Yes, make him feel that he/she has grown and can now sleep independently. Make him chose his fav. Design bedsheet and bedcover, so that your child will be excited.

3. Put up a Toy Area-

The toys which came on your first born, can be used for your second child. So, it is a good idea to sort the toys which are no longer in use of your first born child. Also, buy some good, interesting toys for your child, so that he/she feels they are grown up and also happy about toys.

4. Sign up for a Class-

If you wanted your baby to sign up for a particular class like swimming, karate, dancing or any other class. Now, is the time to do it. After your second child, it will be difficult for you to spend time with your first child and also you won’t feel like leaving him/her alone. So, you have nine months right now, spend this time with your baby and cherish the moments.

5. Read to your Baby-

There are many books which you can read to your child as a bedtime stories. Include stories of siblings, so that he/she knows what it’s like to be big brother/sister.

6. Listen to your Baby-

Make up a code for you and your baby, and he/she will use that code when he/she needs you the most. Also, try to take out 30 minutes from your routine to listen to your baby, so that the baby can share his/her feelings with you.

7. Make your Baby feel Special-

It is a very common feeling that the first child feels dejected or unloved, on the arrival of the second child. Therefore, it is necessary that you treat your baby special and also make him feel that way. You can buy some toys for your baby beforehand, and whenever he/she feels upset, you can give that toy, so the baby feels excited and special.

Some other points to remember by

  • If your firstborn is small, it will be good if you arrange for a babysitter. So, that your baby gets full attention and is not overlooked.
  • Start building habit in your baby, to do some work on his own. Like getting ready, eating food by own, so that your work gets reduced little.
  • When you go to hospital, you will have to leave your firstborn somewhere, so pack his/her bag with al fav. Books, toys and dresses.
  • When you breastfeed your child, search for a place where your first born can sit with you and talk to you.
  • Set up a diaper station with all necessary requirements like wipes, creams and diapers.

So, above are some points which you can take care off during your second pregnancy. Just remember that, in second pregnancy, you will have a baby to look after and you also will be pregnant. That means, it will be twice the effort but it also will be twice the happiness. Enjoy this blessing of second child and share the moment with your family.

How did you prepare yourself with second pregnancy?

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