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22 Life-Changing Pregnancy Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a women’s life. However, it comes with a lot of changes both mentally and physically. You need to deal with morning sickness, changes in your body, mood swings etc. Well, there are many Life-changing pregnancy hacks which can make your pregnancy go smoothly. It is necessary for you to stay healthy, happy and enjoy your moments.

As your body changes during pregnancy, you feel the need to order many things, which can make your pregnancy expensive. And once the baby is born you would no longer need those items. So, to make your pregnancy experience memorable we have brought to you some amazing pregnancy hacks.

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Clothing Hacks

1. Spending Vs. Extending-

Do not just start buying maternity clothes in the starting month of your pregnancy. Delay them a bit, as it is possible that only your belly grows and not the other parts. So, if belly only pregnancy is your case, you can wear your old fav. Jeans and tie it with a rubber band, if you need extra stretch.

2. Get Bra Extenders-

When you become pregnant, there is 100% chance that your breasts are going to grow, and you would have to spend a lot on your bra purchasing. So, why not just buy bra extender, they are cheap, very useful and also comfort your growing breasts.

3. Make your own Belly Band-

If you do not wish to spend more on your belly band, then you can just make one for you. You can make your own belly band with the loose tank tops you no longer wear.

Morning Sickness Hacks

4. Keep Solid and Fluid Separate-

We always eat and drink together, which may overload our stomach and gives us morning sickness. Try to keep them separately, first eat food and then drink something so that it does not trigger your gag reflex.

5. Eat something before getting out of Bed-

Many times morning sickness occurs as soon as you get out of bed. So, before you start your routine it is good to eat something as morning sickness hits differently empty stomach

6. Have a Puke Kit-

It is not necessary, that morning sickness will happen to you only in morning. It can attack you randomly and anywhere. So, wherever you go, have your puke kit with you, just in case of emergency.

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Extra pair of underwear
  • Mints
  • Wet Wipes
  • Towel
  • Puke bag
  • Extra Top

7. Prenatal Yoga-

There are many yoga poses like- Supta Virasana, Baddha Konasana, Viparita Karani, and Deep breathing which helps to fight off the nausea and relief from morning sickness.

Everyday Comfort Hacks

8. Pillow Talk-

Maternity pillows or pregnancy pillows are very comfortable and powerful when it comes to relaxation during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your body becomes twice as big. Maternity pillow supports your belly, back, hands and legs. It gives you utmost comfort and helps you sleep better.

9. Pee before Brushing Teeth-

When you are pregnant, gag reflex is not your friend anymore. So, it is better to go to toilet first and then brush your teeth.

10. Pregnancy Tea-

Who doesn’t love tea? You would be happy to know that there comes a Pregnancy tea. Sipping on this pregnancy tea will give you outstanding health benefits and will also relax and soothe you.

11. Turn on to your Tennis Shoes-

Wearing comfortable tennis shoes during these nine months is something that you should opt for. Tennis cushioned shoes are very comfortable and also helps you in workout.

12. Do not argue-

We have often heard that pregnant woman goes through lot of mood swings. There will be time when you will feel like boiling volcano inside and would just like to burst. So, it will be good if you let the people around you know beforehand that you are getting irritated.

13. Belly Tape-

Belly tape or Kinesio tape is not just for athletes. You can comfortably use them in pregnancy too. It helps to provide support to your belly band, and it is cheaper. If using it for first time, consult your physical therapist.

14. Cooking Oil for Itchy Skin-

If somehow, your baby belly oil is finished. And you no longer want to purchase it, you can try making it at home. Just mix Olive oil, Grape seed oil and Coconut oil together and this will help you to get rid of the itchy skin. Massage the oil on your skin after shower, and you will get rid of itchy skin.

15. Sleep on Silk Pillowcases-

As soon as you reach third trimester, you won’t feel like getting up from bed and it will be a real task. Buy a silk pillowcase and sleep on it, this will help you to move freely and getting up in the middle of the night will also be easy.

16. Fix Swollen Feet with Salt-

Swollen feet are the gift from pregnancy. Eating more of salty food may cause you to retain more water and your swelling may get worse. Instead, try soaking your feet in the Epsom or sea salt this will help to tame the bloating and also reduce the swelling.

Other Pregnancy Hacks

17. Enjoy your heightened senses-

Pregnancy brings lot of changes in our body one of them is the heightened sense of smell. You can smell the fragrance of rose, or fish or your fav. food from very distant so enjoy this new awareness.

18. Spice up your sex life-

Pregnancy means a whole roller-coaster of your hormones. And these hormones can make you feel sexy some times. As the traditional sex method is not possible in pregnancy. You can try new positions, new lingerie, different lighting to spice up your mood.

19. Lean on your partner-

Gone are the days when it was just a woman who used to be pregnant. These days the concept of “We are Pregnant” is evolving, meaning that along with mom, dad also gets involved in the pregnancy. So, try to rely on your partner and ask him whatever you need be it the back massage, attend childbirth classes or OB appointments. One of the great Pregnancy hack you should know about.

20. Reconnect with your parents-

If somehow you have lost connection with your parents, reconnect with them again. You and your parents have something in common and they will be very happy listening to your pregnancy news. You can talk to your mother and learn more about the motherly experience.

21. Share the joy-

It is good to connect with different women during this time. Share your happy moments with your doctor, midwife or your friend. Do not listen to any of the horror story. Just keep yourself happy.

22. Give yourself a special treatment-

Pregnancy is a phase which demands a special treatment. So, don’t be guilt to keep yourself in priority. Nap as much as you want, sleep till late morning (but do get up and dressed, so you feel good), go to the spa, take long showers, and buy a pregnancy pillow for the last month. Hire a house help for the third trimester. A must know pregnancy hack.

So, these are some of the pregnancy hacks which can make your pregnancy journey easy, happy and memorable.

Do you know of any life changing hacks?

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