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Child Development- 0-3 Months Old

Child development 0-3 months

That precious moment has arrived when you see your newborn for the first time. You are all teary-eyed, happy and very protective of your baby. You have an array of emotions. After a beautiful and struggling phase of pregnancy, you have given birth to the cutest angel. For the first few days, you will be gathered around with your friends and relatives who will come to congratulate you. Suddenly everything is changed now, your and your partner’s world revolve around your baby now. So, let’s understand about the Child Development- 0-3 Months Old.

It is true, that when your baby arrives you get double responsibility first to look after the need of your baby and second to take care of yourself. As you will breastfeed your child, it is important that you take care of your diet and nutrition too. Therefore, we have brought to you the blog which will make it easier for you to understand your baby.

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Social and Emotional Understanding of Baby

Remember in the starting days of your pregnancy, when you didn’t know what to do and how to do it. The same goes for a baby, in the starting days, your baby does not know even know that he/she is a human. You can expect the following things from them-

  • They don’t know what comes out when they cry.
  • They don’t know that feeding makes them happy.
  • Half of their time is gone in eating, sleeping, crying and pooping.

You may feel that your baby is crying a lot, well, it happens with everyone. Your baby is adjusting itself to the new world. They don’t understand the feeling and just keep on crying.

Now, shaking or jiggling your newborn baby to stop the crying is not a good idea. Your baby is not crying “for attention” or to punish you. Many things are changing for them inside and outside. They don’t really understand the feeling.

When you feed your baby after they cry, they feel happy as they are full. They love it when you soothe them and cuddle them.

They don’t like feeling hungry or frightened, and therefore they cry.

Your Baby Can Understand Empathy

Yes, your baby is a super baby. Slowly, babies get to know about feelings and know when you are calm, happy, sad, and angry. If you are upset, they too feel upset. Though they do not understand this feeling, they feel it. Therefore, when you are tired, your baby cries more making things difficult for you.

What Babies Learn?

  • Baby can easily recognize your voice since you are talking to your baby when he/she was in your womb.
  • The human face is the first shape which a baby learn.
  • Your baby loves you- your eyes, your face and even your voice.
  • Sometimes, the baby may not respond to your talking, being a mother you may feel bad but don’t, your baby also gets tired.
  • Babies need to know that you are there for her/him. They start smiling at a familiar face in just 4-6 weeks.

Physical Development of 3 Month Old Baby

It is true that when babies are fully developed, then only they come out of your womb. But still your baby is immature for the outside world. Your baby was safe and secured in a sac for 9 months, seeing and coming to the outside world is a different experience for them.

In 3 months you can see following physical changes in your baby-

  • Your baby can lift up their head.
  • The Baby’s digestive system starts to function smoothly.
  • They will start smiling at similar faces.
  • They can even let you know what they like and what not in food.
  • You can see your baby kicking, stretching their legs and moving.
  • They will try to hold things firmly.
  • When on their back, they get very excited about any toy or person.
  • Your baby’s blurry vision has become clear now.
  • Colourful toys will attract them.

Till about 8 weeks, your baby has no control on their movements. All the movements and actions they do are an involuntary reflex.

Activities for 3 Month Old

You can have following activities for your 3-month old baby-

  • Play music. Babies love music and also react to them.
  • You can have their swimming class. Babies are born swimmers.
  • Talk to them gently and call them by their names.
  • Sing to your baby.
  • Talk to them and look them in the eye when you do it.
  • Stroke different parts of their body and see how they react.
  • Talk to them in the language you want them to learn.

Diet and Sleep of a 3 Month Old

Your baby’s digestion system is not good and proper right now. They will eat and poop very soon, which will make them hungry again. So, your baby will need continuous feeding throughout the night for the first few months. Many babies wake every 2-3 hour for a feed, some get settled down by just your touch, while some need feeding.

Massage for Newborn

Massaging your baby is the best time for both you and your baby. Newborn massage is a part of daily routine. You should try to massage your baby 4 times a day. This helps in strengthening your bond with your baby and also makes your baby strong. The power of touch is extremely amazing. Massaging your baby also helps in proper digestion and relieves gas.

Clothes for Newborn

Make sure the clothes you buy for your baby are made of eco-friendly material. Keep in mind the comfort and safety of your baby first.

Attend to Babies Need

When your baby starts crying, you should look out for his needs immediately. Check whether your baby is hungry, or is wet. Figure out the reason for crying and soothe your baby. By doing so, your baby will feel protective around you.

So, above are some of the basic development of a 3-month old baby. Just remember, the way starting 3 months of your pregnancy was tough similarly, the starting 3 months of your baby is tuff as your baby is trying to adjust in this new world. Keep a regular check on your baby’s health and reactions.

How do you take care of your new born baby?

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