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Baby Wakes Up Frequently- 8 Reasons and Tips

Baby does not sleep in night

Motherhood is one exciting and difficult phase until your baby has grown up little. As soon as you deliver the baby, you can say goodbye to your good night’s sleep. Yes, it is true that children wake up every hour and do not sleep long at a stretch. If you too have a problem that your baby wakes up frequently, well we have shortlisted 8 reasons and tips that may be helpful to you.

To think, that every child wakes up in the middle of the night and doing nothing about it, can hamper your health. Not getting a good uninterrupted sleep at night, can stress you out and make you irritated. So, do not compromise with your health, and check out the possible ways you can make your baby sleep at night.

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8 Reasons for Waking Up

1. Nutrition and Diet-

If your baby is not getting proper nutrition or diet, chances are that he will wake up in night because of hunger. The most prominent factor, due to which your baby wakes up in night is hunger. Try to add small amount of food slowly in your baby’s diet.

2. Stomach Ache-

Stomach ache is very common in babies. Since they cannot move around, air or gas develops in their stomach causing stomach ache. Therefore, always make your child burp after they have eaten, this releases the air from the stomach and gives them relief.

3. Discomfort-

You need to check that your baby is fully comfortable when he goes to sleep. Since your baby cannot talk, he can only express the discomfort by crying. His discomfort may be any bruises or bump which he might have received any time. Therefore, take care of these small things and check your baby’s body properly before he goes to sleep.

4. Noisy Environment-

Not every baby can sleep peacefully in a noisy room. Sleeping in a noisy room, disturbs their sleep again and again and this leads to unhappiness in them. So, give your baby a peaceful sleep in a pleasant environment.

5. Teething-

If your baby’s teeth are coming, chances are he will be very much at discomfort. Teething is one natural process, which occurs around 6 months in babies. During this time, there is frequent crying and also change in sleep schedule.

6. Infection or illness-

Infection or illness is one another reason due to which your baby does not sleep properly. Crawling babies have the habit of putting everything in their mouth, which causes infection, leading them to frequent wake-ups at night. Also, if your baby has cough or cold, they may feel irritated.

7. Bedtime Routine-

If you have made a proper bedtime routine of your little one like- changing clothes, dimming the lights, singing lullaby, playing a soothing music. So, now if you do not do all of this, it gets difficult for your baby to sleep properly.

8. Habit-

Sometimes babies are used to sleeping in irregular patterns, and it becomes a habit. To change this habit, you need to re-wire the baby’s brain function, this may take time. But eventually, you will be at peace.

8 Useful Tips to Help Baby Sleep Better

1. Feed them Well-

Most of the times baby wakes up in the middle of the night, because of hunger. Therefore, feed your baby properly. You can either breastfeed or use formula milk. But make sure, your baby is having full nutrition. When the baby’s tummy is full, they wake up less.

Feed your baby small portions of food, to check for the appetite. Also, make it a habit to burp your baby, it prevents discomfort and stomach pain.

2. Set a Proper Schedule-

It is very necessary that you make a proper schedule of your baby’s sleeping. And whatever schedule you have set, take your baby to the room one hour before. So, that till he reaches his time, he can sleep peacefully.

3. Help him Sleep and Wake Up-

Help your baby by making him sleep and also letting him learn how to soothe himself. Whenever your baby wakes up in night, do not rush to him let him soothe himself. And whenever you want him to wake up, do it slowly and softly. Talk to him softly when he is waking up, never wake the baby suddenly.

4. Avoid eye contact-

When trying to make your baby sleep, avoid eye contact with him. Eye contact or animated movements can stimulate baby’s brain and he becomes active, instead of sleeping. So, just sing him a lullaby and then gradually leave the room.

5. Change the Environment-

If you feel you have tried everything, but still your baby does not sleep, try changing the environment. Yes, may be due to fan’s noise or light in the room your baby does not sleep. Changing the sleeping environment of baby may help fall him to sleep quickly.

6. Change your Baby’s Diaper-

Many time babies wake up because of the dirty diaper. It is necessary that you keep changing your baby’s diaper from time to time, this will keep them cosy and comfortable. Make sure that you change your baby’s diapers before midnight. Feed him, change is diaper and dim the lights this will create a good ambience for him to sleep properly.

7. Be boring during nighttime-

It is very necessary for the baby to know and understand that night is for sleeping. Never give idea to your baby that they can play at night. Dim the lights, do not talk to them and don’t keep singing lullabies. Change their clothes before, or else a slight activity can make them active.

8. Monitor their Naps-

It is necessary to keep a track of your baby’s sleep. As baby grows, their sleeping time gets reduced. So, a long daytime naps can affect the child’s night sleep. Therefore, keep a track of their daytime naps and gradually reduce it.

So, above are some reasons and tips you can use, if your baby wakes up frequently. Not sleeping in night, irregular sleep cycles and staying up till late all these are very common factors in infants. It is your responsibility to change your baby’s time table. Try the above mentioned tips, to have your child sleep peacefully at night.

How do you make your child sleep at night?

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