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6th Month Of Pregnancy Symptoms, Baby Development & Care

6th Month Of Pregnancy

Yoohoo!! It’s time to celebrate your pregnancy now, as you have successfully completed both the first and second trimesters. You must be feeling very good about it, and now you and your partner would have started planning about your babymoon and also about your baby. Well, enjoy this phase it is the most beautiful phase and you will surely miss it. Now, you might be wondering about what are the new symptoms, and new body changes you will face in this 6th of month pregnancy.

With the long end of your morning sickness, now you might be feeling heartburn, headaches, and dizziness but your baby is having a roller coaster ride in your tummy. So, let’s see what will be new in this amazing 6th month of pregnancy.

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Symptoms of 6th of Month Pregnancy

  • Heartburn- You might be facing this symptom since the 4th Well, it will be continued till delivery. To get relief from it, try walking after eating meals.
  • Backaches- With all that cute baby bump and growing uterus, the pressure on your back increases causing backache.
  • Dizziness- As your baby is growing, he needs more blood. During the 6th month the blood circulation changes, this will cause less blood flow to your head causing dizziness.
  • Leg Cramps- This is a very common problem during pregnancy. Many women face leg cramps, especially at the night. To get relief from it, it is good to stay hydrated and do regular exercise, you can also massage your calf muscles daily before going to bed.
  • Fast Heartbeat- The reason for your fast heartbeat is you are excited to meet your little one, which makes you excited. But during pregnancy time, your heart pumps 50% more blood around your body, which makes your heart beat fast.
  • Hunger cravings and Increased Appetite- Now, you might have started eating for two. Well, it’s just a phrase but as you advance in pregnancy, and as your baby grows you feel hungrier, and also your appetite increases.

Bodily changes in 6th of Month Pregnancy

  • Itchiness around the Abdomen- Around the middle of the 6th month, you may feel itchiness around your abdomen and pelvic area, this is because your skin is stretching to accommodate your baby. As your skin is stretching it loses its elasticity, making your skin dry and itchy. To keep your skin hydrated, make sure you apply a lot of moisturizer around your abdomen area.
  • Backache and Body Ache- As you can feel your baby bump increasing day by day. You will feel more of the backache and body ache now. Your uterus is growing day by day, it puts pressure on your pelvic area and also your tummy is stretched. All these things lead to backache and body ache.
  • Varicose Veins- Most of the time varicose veins are caused due to heredity. This is caused because veins have to provide extra blood to the uterus to meet the baby’s nutritional requirements. You may see the color of the veins changing to purple and looking swollen. To get relief from it, try to rest as much as possible by keeping your legs up.
  • Sleepless Nights- You will remember your pregnancy very properly after 6th As now, you will find it difficult to sleep properly at night. Many women face insomnia during pregnancy time. The change in hormones, frequent urine visits, constipation, heartburn, and the growing baby bump. All these things add to the sleepless nights. To avoid this, you can listen to soothing music, do yoga, and take a bath in warm water.

Medical Tests during 6th of Month Pregnancy

As you reach the 6th month, your doctor visits will become more common and frequent. You will have to go to the doctor every 3 weeks. Because as you are nearing your delivery, it is necessary to check the baby’s heartbeat, body weight, growth of your uterus, swelling caused in your limbs, etc.

Some of the tests which you can expect during 6th-month pregnancy are-

  • Blood pressure check-up
  • Weight measurement
  • Examining the position of the fetus and size of the uterus
  • Urine test to measure sugar and protein
  • Examination of feet and limbs to check for varicose veins or swelling
  • Measuring the fundal height of the uterus

Baby development in 6th of Month Pregnancy

Excited to know how your baby is doing inside there. Well, the following are the new development in your baby on the 6th of the month pregnancy-

  • Your baby’s lungs are completely formed.
  • His sucking reflex is improving and he has started sucking his thumb.
  • Your baby has got his own fingerprints and toe prints
  • He weighs around 1-2 pounds
  • And he has grown to 8-9 inches
  • He can sense light and darkness now
  • His eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair have been formed.

So, these are some of the new symptoms, new bodily changes, and new baby development in the 6th of month pregnancy. You might have started feeling a little uncomfortable, but you are very near to meeting your little one in person. Just 3 more months. So talk to your baby as much as you can now. And spend your quality time with him.

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