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10 Immediate Constipation Relief During Pregnancy Home Remedies

Constipation Relief During Pregnancy

Constipation is one of the common symptoms many women experience during pregnancy. On one side, you deal with the craving of eating something delicious and at another end you get constipated.  Though it is a common symptom during pregnancy, it really makes you uncomfortable.

The hard bowel movement, irregular pain, and the pregnancy mood swing all get combined to annoy you. Therefore, we have brought to you some home remedies which will help in constipation relief during pregnancy.

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What Causes Pregnancy Constipations?

Pregnancy brings many changes in the body and one of them is constipation. But what is the cause of constipation? Well, some of the reasons constipation occurs are-

  • Reduces food and water consumption- When during pregnancy, our food and water intake reduces, it causes constipation. In the starting months, morning sickness does not allow us to eat or drink something, and this results in constipation.

  • Change in hormones- Changes in hormones are the main cause of physical changes in the body during pregnancy. The intestine works slow, our body takes time to absorb the water, which helps in the passing of the stool.

  • Iron supplements- Iron supplements are very necessary for pregnant women. But many times these iron supplements cause constipation and make us feel uneasy.

Natural Home Remedies For Constipation During Pregnancy

10 Immediate Constipation Relief During Pregnancy Home Remedies

1. Eat more fibers –

Fibrous food is one of the best ways to fight constipation and soften the stool. They help to eliminate the waste and flush out the toxins from the body. You should eat more whole-grain cereals, bread, legumes, green vegetables, fresh fruits, and dried fruits. They help to keep your bowel movement alright and relieve you from constipation.

2. Drinking Enough water-

Keeping your body hydrated is very much needed during pregnancy. Water helps to flush out the toxins from the body and keeps you easy on constipation. Drinking around 8-10 glasses of water every day helps to keep moving your solid properly through the digestive tract and makes stool easier to pass.

3. Keep moving-

It is very necessary to keep moving. Moving your body helps in the relief of constipation. Pregnant women should walk for at least 20-30 minutes daily; this will help in the bowel movement and will relieve constipation.

4. Stool Softeners-

If after doing everything, you do not feel relieved from the constipation problem, you can ask your doctor to suggest some stool softeners. Stool softeners help to soften and moist your bowel movement, which makes it stool easy to pass.

5. Kegel exercise-

Constipation can cause your pelvic floor muscles to weaken, which can cause problems during delivery. Doing Kegel exercise regularly will help to keep those muscles strong and healthy.

6. Probiotics-

Probiotics like yogurt are very helpful and healthy for the body. They contain active cultures and also stimulate the bacterium which helps to break down the food and keeps it moving. You can also consume some medicines which are probiotic-rich; also there are some probiotic powders that can be added to the smoothies to consume.

7. Lemon-

Lemon is a good ingredient when it comes to keeping the body healthy. It is great for digestion and helps to flush out the toxins from the body. Drinking lemon juice in warm water helps to make the bowel movement proper, the taste and smell of lemon helps in the passing of the stool easily.

8. Citrus fruits-

Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. They are also loaded with fiber content which is good for the body and also helps in the proper bowel movement. You can drink orange juice and can also consume raw grapefruits.

9. Flaxseed Use During Pregnancy- 

Flaxseed is loaded with dietary fiber, roughage, and omega-3 all these nutrients are necessary to keep the proper bowel movement and to avoid constipation. You can consume flaxseed by soaking them in water overnight; you can also sprinkle some of it on a salad or add it in smoothies.

10. Acupressure-

This is one of the ancient ways to treat anybody’s problem. It is also effective in treating constipation. The reason the constipation is caused because of the blockage of energy, acupressure helps to remove this blockage.

There is a point for every body part in acupressure. As for the abdomen, the point is located around 5 cm below the navel. Gently pressing the point helps you with the constipation problem.

So, these are some of the natural remedies and ways through which you can get relief from the uncomfortable effects of constipation. If after following the above Constipation Relief during Pregnancy home remedies you do not find any relief, please consult your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions For Constipation While Pregnant

1. When does constipation generally start during pregnancy?

Constipation is a problem you will have to deal with early in pregnancy. As the progesterone level rises, which happens around the second or third month of pregnancy, the constipation problem also rises. Well, if you are thinking you get relief from constipation in a later stage, the problem worsens as the pregnancy proceeds with uterus and baby growing.

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