7 Main Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Pregnant

 You and your partner are trying every month hoping to get pregnant, but as soon as your period cycle starts, all your planning goes into vain. What are you doing wrong? Well, this is the problem many couples go through before they get the news of the pregnancy to cherish forever. You might be thinking about the reasons why you are not getting pregnant.

Well, to plan for a baby or getting pregnant is not just about having sex. Your pregnancy depends on a lot of factors, which you don’t even know. We have shortlisted 13 reasons why you are not getting pregnant.

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What Are the Most Common Reasons for Not Getting Pregnant?

1. Too much or too little sex-

So, you might be thinking how does too much sex affect my pregnancy. Sex is probably the basic human need for reproduction and for pleasure. But sometimes couples take it to the extreme, which gets worse.

Too much: It is truly said that excess of anything is bad. Many couples indulge in a lot of sex, this does not decrease the quality of sperm but it leads to fatigue, weakness and frequent urination. When the ovulation day comes, either you are tired or are not interested in sex.

Too little: If you are thinking that it is better to save the sperm for ovulation days, and avoid having sex on normal days you are decreasing your chance of conception. The days of fertile are not always correct, it is better to have frequent sex as you may not be always true about your ovulation days.

2. Over-stress-

Stress is the biggest enemy, it can take a toll on you both physically and mentally. Other factors like depression and anxiety can also lower your pregnancy chances. Try to be calm and relaxed when trying to conceive. Stress can lead to irregular period and also affect your ovulation.

3. Going to bathroom after sex-

It is a good habit to clean yourself after having sex. But when you are trying to conceive, it is essential you stay in bed for some time after sex so that the sperm can reach the egg. If you get up and rush to clean yourself, gravity pulls down the sperm and other gets washed away with your cleaning.

4. Undergarments too tight-

We agree that it is important to wear good-fitting undergarments for the proper shape of the body. But in the case of women, when the air circulation gets cut off it can lead to discomfort and vaginal infection. And in the case of men, it cuts down sperm production.

Therefore, wear good fitting but cotton undergarments to avoid infection.

5. Not getting enough sleep-

Many of us do not understand the importance of sleep. Being sleep deprived can cause strain in your body and exhaust you. It reduces your immune system and affects the reproductive system. Therefore, it is very necessary to get an uninterrupted sleep of 8 hours.

6. Under or over weight-

Just like too much and too little sex, there are also couples who are either overweight or underweight. And both being too thin or too fat causes a problem in conceiving. If you are underweight or undernourished, you will face problem in ovulation and if you are overweight, then it will affect your fertility. Therefore, if you are planning then maintaining a perfect body balance is necessary.

7. Not a good lifestyle-

If your lifestyle involves a lot of sitting, partying, alcohol, smoking, fast food, sleeping late then this will adversely affect your fertility. In men, this type of lifestyle decreases the sperm count and in female, it causes irregular ovulation.

It is better to switch to healthy lifestyle, if you are planning a baby.

Medical Reasons for Not Getting Pregnant

In many cases, eggs get naturally aborted without even women knowing. There are couples going through medical problems and these medical problems are also one of the reason for not getting pregnant.

Some of the reasons which are common are as follows: –

8. Irregular Periods-

This is one of the serious yet common problems, there are women who do not menstruate regularly. And these women have serious problem in conceiving. Irregular periods have irregular ovulation days. The less you ovulate, the less are the chances of getting pregnant.

9. Ovulation Problem-

Around 20-40% of women face the problem of irregular ovulation, which means that mature eggs are not released from the ovaries. Due to this problem, some women do not ovulate while some ovulate once in a few months. The reason for Ovulation problem is excess weight gain, hormonal fluctuation, excessive exercise and severe stress.

10. PCOS-

You must have heard that these days PCOS is a very common problem and most of the women suffer from this. It is a complex condition which is caused due to hormonal imbalance, it interrupts the ovulation cycle. In PCOS, a small cyst is found in the ovary which disrupts the ovarian follicle and also maturation.

11. Tubal Disease-

Tubal disease means to have a damaged or blocked fallopian tube which prevents the egg from reaching the uterus and also sperm reaching the egg. One of the serious reason, which prevents conception. This condition arises due to pelvic inflammatory disease or sexually transmitted disease.

12. Egg Factor-

Many times the quality and quantity of egg decrease as you move forward in your age. Women are born with the lifetime of eggs, and in each menstrual cycle, they get lost. Women are said to have 1-2 million eggs in the starting, till they hit the puberty eggs get lessen by 3 lakhs. During ovulation around 300 eggs are released. And slowly slowly, the quantity of eggs gets decreased.

13. Sperm problem-

It is not necessary, that if you are unable to conceive, you are at defect even men can also be the culprit in this. Poor sperm mobility or low sperm count is said to decrease the men’s fertility.

So, above are some of the problems which you can face while getting pregnant. The above problems are normal, and can be cured just by being more cautious and prepared. Make sure to switch to healthy living, if you are serious about baby planning.

Have you faced any of the above problem?

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