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17 Natural Tips on How To Get Pregnant (Fast & Easy)

how to Get Pregnant Fast

Looking for Natural Tips on how to Get Pregnant Fast? Here we have listed fertility boost ways and tricks according to Gynecologist

Many people after reading the heading, might think that there is only one thing that can get us pregnant- Sex. Yes, this is one obvious tip, but apart from sex you also need to take care of many other things, in order to get pregnant fast like changes in eating habits, sleeping time, exercise time, etc.

For some couples, it gets easy to get pregnant. They try a few times and they get happy news, but for some other couples, it is a little bit difficult. After a lot of research, experienced professionals have brought some effective tips on how to get pregnant fast.

The tips are not very difficult to follow, rather it is just about making our body healthy and having a proper lifestyle. So, we have shortlisted and summed up for you 17 tips on how to get pregnant fast.

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Natural Tips On How To Get Pregnant Fast


1. Record menstrual cycle frequency-

Tips on how to Get Pregnant

This is the first and basic step to record when you are thinking of family planning. Do you know, when you are most fertile or when is your menstrual cycle about to start? You should check whether your periods are regular or irregular. 

Because getting pregnant with an irregular period is something different. As you need to be aware and mark it in the calendar your days when the eggs will be released, a woman’s egg is fertile for only 12-24 hours. However, a man’s sperm can stay in a woman’s body for up to five days.

2. Drop your birth control-

Tips on how to Get Pregnant

If you are having any pills or if you have inserted any birth control device, now is the time to take it out. Because once you have dropped your birth control, it takes time for your body to come back into pregnancy mode.

If you are just on pills, you can wait till your next cycle to get pregnant. But if you were wearing any hormonal birth control, it may take around 3-6 months to start regularly ovulating.

3. Monitor ovulation-

Tips on how to Get Pregnant

If you have a regular menstrual cycle, you will ovulate about two weeks before the arrival of your period. But if your cycle is irregular, though the ovulation will be hard to predict, it usually occurs 12-16 days before your next period starts. So, you need to keep a proper record of your ovulation days.

There are many ways to track your ovulating days like- you can set an alarm for it, you can use an app for it, there are also ovulation-prediction kits which can tell whether you are ovulating or not just with the urine test. 

            Another method to predict ovulation is to track the cervical mucus. This means to check the amount and appearance of mucus regularly in the vagina. Before ovulation, when women are most fertile the mucus becomes thinner, clearer and more slippery.

4. Have sex every other day during the fertile days-

 Get Pregnant

A women’s fertile window is open for 6 days. 5 days before ovulation and 1 day is the day of ovulation. Try having as much sex as you can in these six days. As it increases the chances of your getting pregnant.

5. Have a proper healthy body weight-

Healthy weight

You should neither be underweight nor overweight. Have a perfectly healthy body weight to get pregnant. Your weight is considered healthy if your body mass index is between 20-25.

6. Take a prenatal vitamin-

prenatal vitamin

Prenatal vitamins are nothing but the nutrients packed medicines, which are necessary for a healthy body and for you to get pregnant. If you are healthy from the inside and do not have any deficiency, then only you will be able to bear the child properly without any complications. 

A multivitamin contains at least 400 mcg of folic acid and vitamin B which are very necessary to avoid any kind of birth defects in the baby’s brain or spine.

So, you should try and never skip on the multivitamins, if you wish to get pregnant fast.

7. Eat healthy foods-

Healthy Food

This is very necessary if you wish to get pregnant fast. There are many fertility foods, which increase the chance of getting pregnant. Eating healthy fertility boost food is like the fertility tip for getting pregnant fast. Have more iron intake and antioxidants, eat less refined carbs, cut on caffeine, eat almonds, pineapple, and orange juices, etc. Eat more fresh foods that are high in vitamin D, B12, and folate.

8. Quit smoking and drinking-

Quit smoking and drinking

This is another important tip to take care of if you want to get pregnant. Smoking and drinking both are injurious to health and affect the fertility cycle in both men and women. Smoking causes fertility problems in both men and women. It depletes the supply of eggs prematurely. Also, passive smoking is bad for women, who are thinking to get pregnant.

Apart from drinking and smoking, Marijuana and other recreational drugs should also be avoided. If you have stopped using birth control, it is good if you also stop drinking and smoking as it badly affects your chances of getting pregnant.

9. Don’t worry about the best positions-

Researchers have still not got the answer for this tip, they don’t agree that to get pregnant a particular position is necessary. They believe that all you need to do is have good sex and by the good it means, the one without tension, stress, and any motive. It should be just enjoyable and relaxing.

No matter whether your position is missionary or women is on top, the sex should be satisfying. But some well-researched doctors also advised that certain gravity-defying positions like standing or sitting while having sex may hinder the sperm to reach that level.

10. Stay in bed right after intercourse-

Yes, this tip is very essential and important for you to get pregnant. After intercourse, do not get up suddenly it may distract the sperm to reach the cervix. Lie down for 10-15 minutes after intercourse, but you do not need to put your legs up in the air, this does not move your pelvis at all. If you wait for 10-15 minutes, the sperm reaches the cervix and it stays there.

11. Don’t overdo it-

Having sex during the fertile window is good, but don’t overdo it. In other words, having sex every other night around the time of ovulation may increase your chances of getting pregnant. As the sperm lives in women’s body for 5 days.

Also, it is the responsibility of men to take care of their sperm quality. If they wear tight-fitting cloth, it affects sperm. Other things which adversely affect the quality of sperm are- Spending a lot of time in hot water or jacuzzi, If your man, uses the handsfree and mobile is kept near the testicles and if he eats a lot of soy foods. All these things affect sperm quality.

12. Do not take in stress-

The most important tip to keep in mind while thinking about family planning. You cannot start a family if you keep stressing about it. Stress deeply affects the ovulation cycle. The more relaxed you are, the better are the chances of conceiving. Try acupuncture, it is very helpful in removing the stress.

13. Exercise and Meditate-

Exercise and Meditate-

No better way than exercise to keep your body fit and healthy. And meditation to keep your mind calm and relaxed. There are many good exercises and yoga poses that enhance fertility.

Do not overdo the exercises, as it can hamper with the ovulation. Now, it is difficult to understand what is too much exercise. To understand this, you should notice your menstrual cycle. You should have a period 14 days after you ovulate, if this cycle is shortened, that means you are doing too much exercise.

The best way to get pregnant and get healthy by exercising is brisk walking for 30 minutes every 5 days.

14. Be prepared for it being negative on first-

Not many people will tell you this, or even talk about the anxiety which you will have while testing the first time for pregnancy. Agreed that you are doing your best to get pregnant if you have quit smoking and drinking and also dropped the birth control. But, these things take time. Even after you have done everything for your body to be super healthy, it takes at least around 3 months on average to get pregnant.

15. Don’t google, talk to your Mom-

This is one suggestion, which you should genuinely take into account. Google knows everything, but still, your mom knows better than google when it comes to pregnancy stuff. They have been through this, they are the most experienced and genuine person to give you a suggestion.

Have you got any queries? Just call your mom and ask her, she knows about the family tree more than anyone else. And she is the one who will be able to comfort you in the best possible way.

16. Follow up with Doctor-


Never forget to follow up with the doctor. This does not mean to have a gyno appointment every time you have sex. But if its been more than 3 months, of your trying and getting no result, then it would be good to have a doctor’s appointment.

17. Stay away from technology-

Technology is both good and bad for us. Good as it connects us with other people and makes our life easy. And bad as the light coming from the device affects our health. Yes, if you use too much of mobile in the bed, it spoils your mood, and also the artificial light coming from the device affects your fertility. So, it is better to avoid using mobile in bed if you are thinking of a baby.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog “Tips on how to Get Pregnant Fast”. Please share your experience with us.

FAQ On Tips on how to get pregnant 

  • Following the above steps, how much percent is it sure I will get pregnant?

Following the above steps are a must for getting pregnant. If you do not have any medical history, the above steps will help you to get pregnant.

  • When can I get pregnant following the aforementioned steps?

Getting pregnant is different for different women. Some women get easily pregnant and some take time. If you are dedicated to getting pregnant, you should follow the above steps until you get pregnant. No timeline can let you know when you will get pregnant.

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