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How To Get Pregnant With PCOS Naturally Fast?

How to get Pregnant with PCOS

PCOS or Polycystic Syndrome is one of the common problem these days. Around 60-80% women deals with PCOS symptoms. It is a hormonal condition, which not only tampers with your fertility but also affects your health. PCOS is not something to worry about most until and unless your case becomes severe. There is a cure to it, and also you can get pregnant with PCOS. If you are wondering how to get pregnant with PCOS? And how to cure it. Do not worry we have brought to you some amazing home remedies which can help you treat PCOS.

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PCOS Symptoms and Complications

Before we head on to how to pregnant with PCOS, let’s understand the symptoms and complications of PCOS-

  • Too few menstrual periods
  • Not getting a period for months
  • Your period cycle to be longer than usual
  • Acne Breakout
  • Getting facial hair and extra hair in other places
  • Small cysts or bundles of fluids in ovaries
  • Fewer eggs to be released from ovaries

If the PCOS does not get treated, you can face some of the health risks such as-

  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes

How to get Pregnant with PCOS

Before you plan your family, check for PCOS symptoms and if you feel you are suffering from PCOS start with the following steps-

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight- The first thing linked to PCOS is being overweight. If you are overweight, it will affect your fertility. To improve fertility and stay healthy, it is necessary to maintain a healthy weight. Just by reducing 5 percent of your weight, you can get rid of PCOS.
  • Eat Healthily- Try to eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet. If you are thinking to get pregnant, it is necessary to have the right levels of nutrients. Start eating-
  • Lentils and Beans
  • Freshly cooked food
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Whole grains like oats, brown rice, and barley.
  • Balance Blood Sugar Level- If you are having problems getting pregnant, chances are your blood sugar level is high. PCOS sometimes leads to Type 2 Diabetes or High Blood sugar level and both these problems can lead to infertility.

Can you conceive naturally with PCOS?

If you are suffering from PCOS, it may be difficult for you to conceive naturally. Doctors will examine you and provide you with certain medications, which will increase the ovulation and hence your chances of getting pregnant.

If somehow, the medicines didn’t work for you, the other best option to get pregnant with PCOS is IVF. IVF has a 60% of the increased chance of you getting pregnant.

Home Remedies For Cure PCOS

Some of the ways to cure PCOS are-

1. Vitamins

It is very necessary to have an optimal level of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is very essential for the reproductive system. About 60-80% of women suffering from PCOS, have Vitamin D deficiency.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV does wonders in our body when drank regularly. It helps to regulate the insulin level of the body and also control the symptoms of PCOS.

How to take:

  • Take 2 tbsp. of ACV
  • Add a glass of water in it
  • Mix it, to get a solution
  • Drink this mixture first thing in the morning.

3. Coconut oil-

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, it helps to regulate the blood sugar level and keep our heart healthy by reducing bad cholesterol.

How to take:

  • Take 1tbsp. of virgin coconut oil
  • Consume it directly or add it in milk or smoothies

4. Turmeric-

Turmeric is an active compound that is rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps to improve the insulin level and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Daily consumption of turmeric helps to manage the symptoms of PCOS.

How to take:

  • Take 1 ½ cup of warm milk
  • Add 1tsp. of turmeric powder in it
  • Stir it well
  • Drink the turmeric milk.

5. Aloe Vera Juice-

Aloe vera juice is very beneficial for our health, it helps to reduce the cholesterol level and also in reducing the symptoms of PCOS. The gel of Aloe vera is very hydrating, which avoids any chemical build-up in our body. It helps to keep the digestive tract free from any toxins.

How to take:

  • You can cut an aloe vera leaf and extract fresh aloe vera gel
  • Grind the aloe vera with the help of water
  • You will get a smooth liquid solution
  • Drink it daily empty stomach.

Measures to Prevent PCOS

  • Avoid Processed Foods- It is very important to stop eating processed foods and snacks if you want to prevent PCOS. The chemicals used in making processed foods can worsen the case of PCOS.
  • Physical Activity- It is very necessary to keep your body moving. Exercises like walking, swimming, and cycling are simple calorie-burning activities, which help you to shed extra weight and also improve insulin insensitivity.
  • Give up Smoking- It is truly said that Smoking is injurious to health. It enhances the androgen level in the body which can affect cardiovascular and respiratory health.
  • Relax with Yoga- Yoga is the best way to relax oneself. It has a healing effect on the mind and body. Yoga helps to improve body posture and any hormone-related disorder like PCOS. It helps you to stay stress-free and relaxed.
  • Take good care of your Liver- It is very necessary to make sure that your liver is working properly. The liver helps o excrete the toxins from the body. Consume more liver-friendly foods such as as- garlic, turmeric, sweet potatoes, lemons, apple, and onions.
  • Get Enough Sleep- Many of us do not understand the importance of uninterrupted 8-hour sleep. Getting proper sleep helps to get rid of stress. Not getting enough sleep can disturb the hormonal balance of the body, resulting in PCOS.
  • Increase the intake of anti-inflammatory foods- Anti-inflammatory food like tomatoes, olive oil, green leafy vegetable, strawberry, and blueberries helps to ease the symptoms of PCOS.

So, these are some of the ways in which you can take care of PCOS. Genetics plays a huge role in PCOS, but there are many other factors that we cannot control. Therefore, taking good care of your health and having a good lifestyle is very important to avoid the chances of PCOS.

Do you have PCOS? How do you deal with it?

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