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21 Best Fertility Increasing Foods For Getting Pregnant Fast

Best Fertility Foods For Getting Pregnant Fast

Some people find it strange when doctors advise them to change their diet as they are thinking about family planning. But it is true. Infertility in women and men is very common these days. They affect around 15% of couples. Due to changing lifestyles, stressed work, and unhealthy eating habits. All these things together contribute to infertility.  Best Fertility foods for getting pregnant.

Some of the reasons, we can’t control but we can control and change some of it like our eating habits. Yes, Eating habits contribute a lot to your fertility cycle. Your lifestyle and diet and yoga poses change can help boost fertility by 69%.

Now, the main question is what are the fertility foods and how to incorporate them into our diet? So, we have written a well-researched blog for you and brought to you 21 fertility increasing food faster.

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21 Best  Fertility Foods For Getting Pregnant

fertility foods for getting pregnant

1. Sunflower seeds for Fertility- 

Sunflower seeds are filled with vitamin E, folate, and zinc. They help to increase fertility both in men and women.

How to Add in your diet:

  • You can sprinkle some sunflower seeds on salads.
  • You can switch your peanut butter with sunflower seeds butter.

2. Fresh Grapefruit and Orange Juice for Fertility-

Orange and Grapefruit juice both are filled with polyamine putrescine, this improves the semen and egg health. Orange juice is loaded with vitamin C, which negatively affects the hormonal balance of the female.

How to Add in your diet:

  • Make smoothies of Grapefruit and Orange juice.
  • Add grapefruit or orange slices to salads.

3. Cheese for Fertility-

Who doesn’t like cheese? Eating mature cheese like parmesan, cheddar is very good for health and Fertility Foods For Getting Pregnant. They are high in polyamines, which plays an important role in the reproductive system. It helps in improving the health of both sperm and egg.

How to Add in your diet:

  • Try adding just a little amount of cheese. A small amount of cheese is packed with lots of calories and saturated fat.

4. Yogurt and Ice Cream for Fertility-

Eating full-fat products like yogurt, ice cream, cream cheese, and cheese helps women to have fewer ovulation problems.  Yogurt and Ice Cream are good fertility power foods.

How to Add in your diet:

  • Adding full-fat products in your diet is easy. You can change to whole milk instead of low-fat milk. Go for full-fat yogurt, full-fat ice cream. Just remember to have all of them in little quantity, so that, you do not increase in weight.

5. Cow Liver for Fertility-

Liver from Cow is filled with many high nutrients, which are good for health like- vitamin A, vitamin B12, folate, selenium, zinc, riboflavin, and coenzyme Q10. All these help to boost the egg quality and sperm motility. Cow liver is one good fertility improving food.

6. Tomatoes for Fertility-

Tomatoes are packed with nutrients called lycopene, this helps to boost the sperm count by 70% and also increases their swimming speed. Consuming 4 to 8 mg of lycopene per day for at least 8-12 months will lead to improved quality of semen and also chances of pregnancy increase.

How to Add in your diet:

You can eat both raw and cooked tomatoes, the both contain lycopene. 

  • You can eat tomatoes in the salad
  • Have tomato soup
  • Tomato sauce.

7. Lentils and Beans for Fertility-

All kinds of lentils and beans are good for health. Lentils are filled with polyamine spermidine which helps sperm fertilize the egg. Lentils and Beans are also a good source of folate and fiber, which are very important to increase fertility.

How to Add in your diet:

  • Consider replacing your meat meals with lentils and beans.

8. Asparagus for Fertility-

Asparagus is packed with folic acid, vitamin K, zinc, selenium, and other nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B. All these nutrients are necessary to boost fertility in both men and women.

How to Add in your diet:

  • Try to eat fresh and frozen Asparagus. Canned Asparagus is full of salt.

9. Oysters for Fertility-

No fertility food list can be complete without the mention of Oysters in it. They are packed with fertility boosting nutrients like iron, vitamin B12, selenium, and zinc.

How to Add in your diet:

  • You can eat it raw or can prepare and serve the dish at home also.

10. Pomegranate for Fertility-

Pomegranate seeds and juice are filled with antioxidants. According to research, it is proven that Pomegranate helps to improve sperm concentration and motility. Many males took pomegranate medicine for three months, and this improved the sperm motility by 60%.

11. Walnuts for Fertility-

Walnuts are a very healthy fat, they improve the overall health of the body. Walnuts are rich in omega-3s and omega-6s which help in improving the semen health i.e. sperm vitality, motility, and morphology.

How to Add in your diet:

  • Consume 75 grams of whole shelled walnuts, to increase the fertility rate.

12. Eggs for Fertility-

Eggs contain vitamin D, vitamin B, and omega-3 fats. All these nutrients give a boost and are important for fertility. Eggs also contain choline, which reduces the risk of birth defects. Best fertility foods when trying to get pregnant.

How to Add in your diet:

  • Don’t throw yellow part of egg i.e. egg yolk. When it comes to fertility, egg yolk contains the most nutrients. 
  • Try having an egg in breakfast.

13. Pineapple for Fertility-

As delicious as Pineapple taste, It is one good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to boost male infertility. It is a belief that easting pineapple for 5 days following ovulation, helps greatly with implantation. Pineapple also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

How to Add in your diet:

  • You can either eat raw pineapple or you can drink its juice.

14. Salmon for Fertility-

Salmon is a healthy fertility food, but wild-caught salmon is more beneficial than a farmed one. Salmons are rich in essential fatty acids and omega-3s, both of which are important to boost fertility in men and women. Salmons are also rich in Vitamin D.

How to Add in your Diet:

  • You can cook Salmon in many different and unique ways. Try to have it weekly.

15. Almonds for Fertility-

Almonds are very nutritious and very beneficial for the human body. It is said that eating 4 almonds a day will make your memory good, skin glow, and will also reduce hair fall. Well, guess what! Just a handful of almonds can increase fertility in males. It helps to boost the health of the sperm and protects the DNA in both sperm and egg.

          How to Add in your diet-

  • You can either eat Almonds raw or you can soak them up in the night and consume it the next morning.

16. Bananas for Fertility-

Another fertility-enhancing food is Bananas. They are packed with vitamin B6, which helps to regulate the hormones and is very necessary for good egg and sperm development.

How to Add in your diet:

  • You can have a banana as your mid-morning snack.

17. Carrots for Fertility-

Carrots are rich in carotenoids, which give the color to the carrots. Carrots are an ideal vegetable for increasing conception chances. It helps the sperm swim towards the eggs and improve sperm performance. This is one good fertility food to get pregnant.

How to Add in your diet:

  • You can eat raw carrots in the salad
  • You can cook the carrots are vegetables.

18. Dark Chocolate for Fertility-

Dark chocolate is one great mood booster. It helps you relax and is filled with amazing benefits. Dark chocolate with high cocoa level contains amino acid which doubles the sperm and semen volume. It removes the free radicals and toxins which are related to male infertility. It’s the best fertility foods for getting pregnant.

19. Garlic for Fertility-

Garlic is one great source of nutrients when it comes to being healthy. It is beneficial for both skin, hair, and health. Garlic is a great conception booster for men. Rich in allicin, it improves the blood flow and protects the sperm from getting damaged.

How to Add in your diet:

  • You can daily consume 1 clove of garlic empty stomach
  • You can add the garlic paste to your dishes.

20. Chicken for Fertility-

Protein is an important part of your egg production. And chicken is rich in protein supplements.

How to Add in your diet:

  • You can cook different dishes of chicken and eat it for lunch.

Don’t overconsume it, you also need to look out for your weight.

21. Avocados for Fertility-

Avocados are high in potassium and vitamin K. Potassium helps to regulate the blood pressure. Vitamin K helps to process the nutrients from other food.

How to Add in your diet:

  • You can eat the raw Avocado
  • You can make a smoothie of it.

Bonus things to take care off

Apart from the above foods to take, the other things you should take care off are as follows-

  • Avoid Excess Alcohol- The first thing to quit if thinking of a baby is Alcohol. Alcohol consumption can adversely affect fertility ratio.
  • Increase the Iron Intake- Consuming Iron supplements, from plant-based foods, decreases the chances of miscarriage and also infertility.
  • Have a Healthy Weight- Overweight or underweight, both will not help you to get pregnant. You should have a properly balanced weight if you are thinking to conceive.
  • Cut on Caffeine- As good as caffeine makes us feel, it negatively impacts our fertility. Taking a high caffeine intake can link to high chances of miscarriage.
  • Relax from Stressful life- Trying to think of a baby, in a stressful environment is very difficult.  Having a stressful life and long work hours can directly affect your fertility. Try exercises and yoga to calm and relax.
  • Try Multivitamin- Taking multivitamin tablets helps you to overcome all types of deficiency. Having a dietary supplement like green tea, vitamin E and vitamin B6 improves the chances of conception.
  • Increase Fiber Intake- Fibers are very good for our stomach. They get rid of the excess of hormones and keeps the blood sugar balanced. High fiber foods are- fruits, vegetables, and beans.
  • Decrease the intake of Less Refined Carbs- It is very necessary to cut down on carbs. Low carbs help you maintain proper weight and also maintain the insulin level.
  • Avoid Trans Fats- Trans fats are associated with an increased risk of ovulatory infertility. Eating healthy fat every day helps to increase fertility.
  • Never Skip Breakfast- Eating a properly balanced breakfast helps you a lot. It helps to improve the hormonal effect of PCOS, which causes infertility.
  • Eat Food Rich in Anti-oxidants- Antioxidants like folate and zinc have been proven to increase fertility in both men and women. They remove free radicals, which are harmful to both men and women.

So, these are the best fertility foods for getting pregnant in both men and women’s bodies. The whole point is to keep your body healthy and has a balanced diet. Take Care and Happy Trying!


  • How much time will it take to increase fertility?

This is not a one-time shot. Increasing fertility is an ongoing process, you should try to involve the above foods in your diet, this makes your body healthy and prepared for the pregnancy.

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