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How To Do Massage a Newborn Baby Step By Step?

Newborn Baby Massage Step by step

Welcome to the Parenthood phase. This phase is going to be more difficult than your pregnancy phase. Handling, and understanding your newborn baby is just another level that every parent learns day by day. Baby massage newborn- something which is very important for your baby’s growth and development. It also helps to build a great bond with your little one. I understand that you are scared to massage your delicate, precious baby. But massaging helps to soothe your baby and also helps you to deal with any anxiety or depression.

You might be thinking about how to massage a newborn baby? Well, do not worry, every new parent is concerned about this. Therefore, TheBlessedMom has brought to you step by step method to massage for a newborn baby. Check out the blog-

Why Baby Massage is Important?

baby massage

If you are thinking is massage necessary for a newborn baby. Then, let me tell you Massaging your new-born is very important as it comes with the following benefits of newborn baby massage-

1. Relieves Stress-

When you massage your baby it stimulates the feel-good hormone in the baby, which helps to decrease the stress and relaxes them. The release of a hormone called oxytocin helps to decrease the level of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

2. Stimulates nervous system-

Regular massaging helps to stimulate the nervous system thereby improving the baby’s motor skill development.

3. Helps baby to sleep better-

Massaging helps your baby to get rid of gas and any other discomfort. It helps in faster muscle gain, which increases the immune system. Baby massage at night produces a sleep hormone called melatonin which helps them sleep better.

4. Improve the quality of life-

Massage has such amazing power, that it could soothe the baby with Down’s syndrome or cerebral palsy. Premature babies when they are massaged regularly show greater and faster development than babies who ain’t massaged.

5. Helps in Blood circulation-

Massaging helps to increases the baby’s blood circulation. It relieves them from any congestion and teething discomfort also. While massaging, you also massage the digestive tract which helps in the proper development of the digestive system.

6. Deals with postnatal depression-

Mother’s having postnatal depression is very common, massaging your baby regularly can help you deal with the postnatal situation very properly.

Also, if fathers massage babies regularly, it helps to improve their self-esteem.

7. Good for psychological and social development-

The stimulation of touch while massaging has a positive effect on your baby’s growth. Massaging is very good for psychological and social development.

How to Massage a Newborn Baby Indian Style?

How to do baby massage

There are some newborn baby massage tips, which you should know-

  • The place where you massage your baby should be quiet and warm, as your baby will be naked, so, he should not catch a chill while getting massaged.
  • Always start slow. Put your baby on the back and then slowly start massaging the baby. Make sure to use a gentle touch. Also, never massage around genital area.
  • While massaging talk and smile to baby. This helps baby to stay interested in the massage and also baby enjoys it.
  • After you are done with massage, you can wipe off the extra oil or cream from baby’s body. This step helps to avoid the mess and also your baby can’t eat the excess oil or cream.
  • Try to maintain a fixed time for massage, this way a proper routine is set for the baby and they look forward to massage.
  • You can massage your little one, wherever you like, on the table or even on the bed.
  • If you feel, your baby is enjoying your touch at a particular place. Repeat it all over again to make your baby feel good.
  • Always use an edible oil for a massage. So, you won’t have to worry even if your baby swallows the oil.

6 Steps for Oil Massage for New Born Baby

1. Legs and Feet-

new born baby feet massage

Start your baby’s massage with legs and feet. Take your baby’s leg in your one hand.

  • Pour some oil on the legs.
  • Gently with one hand squeeze the leg from thigh to ankle.
  • Reverse the motion and go up from ankle to thigh.
  • With your palm, strike the bottom and top of your baby’s foot.
  • Do not pull any toes, like it is done in adult massage.
  • Just gently massage each toe right to the tip.
  • You can either massage both legs together or one by one.

2. Arms-

After you have properly massaged your baby’s legs. It’s time for arms.

  • The massage technique is the same as it is for legs.
  • Hold baby’s hand in your hand, and gently massage from shoulder to hand.
  • Make little circular strokes on hands and palms, to relieve baby from any stress.
  • Now make small strokes on the baby’s fingers.
  • Turn the hand around and massage gently.
  • Give a very gentle and soothing massage around the wrist.
  • Complete it by massaging the entire arm in a circular motion gently.

3. Chest and Shoulder-

  • Make very gentle massage strokes from left and right shoulder towards your chest.
  • Place your both hands on your child’s chest and swipe it outwards from the body.
  • Give the final, gentle stroke on chest bone and across chest.

4. Baby Massage For Gas-

baby massage for gas

The best massage which your baby will surely enjoy. A tummy massage helps to get relief from any gas trapped in the stomach. But remember, the tummy is a very delicate area, therefore no extra pressure. Be super gentle here-

  • Start the tummy massage from just below the chest bone.
  • Make circular strokes on the baby’s tummy.
  • Massage around belly button and cover the whole tummy gently.
  • Be very gentle around the belly button, as it is a very delicate area.

5. Massaging head and face-

baby face massage

Massaging this area can be a little tricky as babies tend to move their faces a lot. But massaging the head and face are also very important.

  • Place your index finger on baby’s forehead and start with circular strokes there.
  • Now from outside of forehead, bring your finger towards chin.
  • From chin move your finger to cheeks. Massage cheeks in a circular motion.
  • For head, start by massaging the scalp like you do when shampooing baby’s hair.
  • Massage forehead by gently moving fingers outwards.

 6. Back massage-

The last and final round of massage is by massaging the back.

  • Turn your baby around and make him lie down on tummy.
  • Starting with upper back, start rotating your hands in clockwise direction.
  • Move slowly towards your buttocks.
  • Now, place your fingers on either side of spine and gently move fingers from up to down.
  • Do not exert pressure on the spine.

End your baby’s massage, by gently and quickly massaging all the areas again in a circular motion.

When to start Baby Massage?

Massaging of a baby can begin few weeks after the baby is born. There is no best time to massage your baby, whenever you are totally free and can give your 100% to baby’s massage. You should massage at that time. Also, wait till the umbilical cord is totally dried off and sheds on its own. So, basically, you can start massaging your baby after your baby is one month old.

Before massaging, make sure of the following things-

  • Your baby is not hungry, hungry baby’s do not enjoy massage.
  • Do it 45 minutes after you have fed your baby, so that your baby does not throw up.
  • Your baby should be calm, alert, and quiet.

When to stop Baby Massage?          

For massaging your little one, always use firm but soothing hands. Massage should not tickle your baby. If you feel your baby is uncomfortable with the massage, it is better to stop the massage and look for the issue.


So, above are steps on how to baby massage newborns. You can start the massage after one month of delivery and can continue it for as long as you want. Massage is a great way to connect and bond with your little one. Have a proper schedule and enjoy the massaging time with your baby.

Do you enjoy massaging your baby?


1. When should I massage my baby?

Well, there is no fixed time to massage your baby. You can massage before bath, after bath, in the morning or even at night. Just make sure to follow the above steps when you massage your baby.

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