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How to Get Rid of Baby Gas Fast?

Get Rid of Baby Gas Fast

Hey mommy, how’s it going with you and your little one? Both of you trying to adjust to the new role. You must have read for whole nine months on how to raise a kid. But still, there are certain things which you do not know. Do you know that your newborn baby also gets gas? Yes, your little one passes gas 13-21 times per day normally. But sometimes it gets trapped and has to be relieved. So, how to get rid of baby gas fast?

Being a mother and raising a kid is the toughest job that a woman has to do. This is why we moms are given the tag of being super moms and I think we deserve it. Babies are a miracle of nature, there are many things that they can do and you are unaware of it. But, first, let’s understand what makes your baby gassy and how to relieve it?

Why is my Baby Gassy?

The reason your little one has so much gas in their stomach is there are a lot of chances for the baby to swallow air, also, their digestive system is not yet developed. Let’s see what are the other reason for babies being gassy-

  • If you are breastfeeding your baby, chances are baby is not latching properly which causes them to swallow air.
  • During bottle feed, the nipple size may be incorrect causing them to swallow a lot of air.
  • Bubbles trapped in formula milk can also cause excess gas build-up.
  • Immature digestive tract is still developing to process food.
  • Excessive crying also fills baby’s stomach with air.

Gassy Baby Signs and Symptoms

Your baby does some actions to let you know that they are suffering from Gas problems. Following are the signs and symptoms, you must check for-

  • Your baby is crying and is fussy all the time, this can be a sign that something is bothering your baby.
  • Even after trying a lot, your baby seems unhappy most of the time, because of their underdeveloped digestive system they get the problem of gas many times.
  • Your baby is not eating or even sleeping well. This should raise a concern for you, as new born babies do only two things they either eat or sleep.
  • If it seems that your baby is uncomfortable, and keeps pulling his legs towards his chest.

Causes of Gas in Baby

There are many reasons why a baby can be gassy or how does the gas gets trapped in your little one-

  • Swallowing air during feeding or crying, this is very common and it causes a lot of problem in baby.
  • Hypersensitive, if you are feeding your baby formula milk, chances are they are very sensitive to it and it does not suit your baby.
  • Not fully developed digestive system, which takes time for the food to break down completely.
  • Constipation

New-born Baby Gas Problem Home Remedy

1. Keep a Food log-

This is something that every mom should do. Your baby is still adapting to the outside world, whatever you eat may affect your milk and then can affect your baby’s health. So, if you feel that there are certain foods which when you eat, creates a gas problem in your baby avoid it.

It is also true that babies adapt very quickly to the world and your diet, but it is possible that they do not like a certain food or certain food does not suit them. So, always keep a food log to make your life easy.

2. Cycling their Legs-

Just like for adults, cycling is a very good exercise for babies too. It is one of the fastest newborn gas relief techniques. Bicycling your baby’s legs in a circular motion helps to move their intestine and release trapped gas.

Put your baby on their back and start cycling their legs slowly, take a break once in a while and bring their knees towards the stomach gently pressing.

3. Burp. Burp-

This is a very basic step that you might always do, after feeding your baby. Burping helps to relieve the trapped air from the baby’s abdominal. While burping the baby, you can also gently pat their back to faster the process. If you are bottle-feeding your baby, you can burp after every 2-3 ounces and if you are breastfeeding do it every 5-10 minutes.

4. Elevate their Head-

Many moms make this mistake while breastfeeding their babies. Whenever you are nursing your baby, make sure their head is above their stomach. As the head and neck are at a certain angle, this way milk directly goes into their stomach, making the chance of gas very less.

5. Tummy Massage

Whenever you do this, your baby will feel amazing. Nurse and doctor might have taught you this in hospital. Rubbing your baby’s tummy in a circular motion or writing I, L, U with your fingers helps to make the tummy soft and smooth and releases trapped gas.

6. Feed your baby before they are too hungry-

One of the most important steps to remember, to decrease the gassiness in the baby. When your baby is very hungry, he/she tends to drink the milk very fastly creating the gas problem. Therefore, make a proper schedule of the baby’s feeding time and stick to it to drink the milk peacefully.

7. Go for a walk or ride-

Every evening take your baby for a walk or a ride. When they move the gentle rocking motion of being in a car or during a walk helps to release gas and soothes the abdomen.

8. Strengthen their muscles-

Yes, this is the baby’s tummy strengthening time. Let your baby play on their tummy for a while when they are awake and supervised. This helps to strengthen the tummy muscle and also encourage them to lift their heads.

So, above are some ways to treat your infant’s gas problem. Infant gas is normal and treatable, there is nothing to worry about. But if you feel, that your baby is not pooping, is being very fussy and also has a little fever. Then, it is best to consult the doctor before the situation becomes serious.

How do you help your baby with a gas problem?


1. How to help gassy baby sleep?

The best way to make your baby sleep is to relieve the trapped gas in their stomach. An effective way to do it is to help them do bicycle exercise.

2. How to understand if baby has gas pains?

There are some symptoms through which you can understand whether your baby has painful gas or not-

  • Lifting the legs
  • Crying while passing stool
  • Swollen stomach
  • Arching the back

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