13 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

Your due date is nearing and you probably might be having all types of thoughts. Let me be honest with you, childbirth is not an easy task. It is one immense amount of pain combined with happiness and love for your baby. In these nine months, everyone would have asked you how are you? About your mood swings too. But no one would have told you the following things. Yes, we have brought to you around 13 things no one tells you about giving birth.

Now, if you are thinking about why to hide, it’s just that no one wants you to be scared about childbirth. Pregnancy already is a very sensitive phase, all want the mom to be happy and stress-free. So, they leave something for you to experience on your own. Also, giving birth is different for everyone. It is possible that you may not experience these things but there’s nothing wrong with getting prepared.

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1. The urge to go to Toilet-

Do not stop reading further, after seeing this point. You need to know about these things, it’s time now.    While you are giving birth, everyone keeps on shouting “push” “push”, that’s the time when you suddenly might feel to go to the washroom for number 2. Also, you are giving birth to an 8-pound baby via your uterus. It is coming out, pressing every possible organ in its way, butt included. So, there are chances you might feel to go to the toilet, but no one will allow you.

2. More maxi pads-

Yes, your period free days are over. Right after you give birth bleeding starts and it will require more than one person to clean up the mess. The blood won’t stop suddenly as your period was on hold for nine months. Therefore, you may need more maxi pads.

3. Water does not break suddenly-

Your water bubble won’t just break as it is shown in movies. The water that is the amniotic fluid which protects your baby, can tickle down all day long. The continuous tricking of the water may require a giant maxi pad. So, from here your journey of maxi pads start.

4. Lots of Pain-

Well, you might be prepared for this. What’s birth giving without pain. There will be false contractions with lot of pain. In the starting you may feel it like menstrual cramps, but this is the way how the pain starts and then it becomes unbearable on the lower back.

5. Swollen feet-

Swollen feet are one of the common side effect of pregnancy. After delivery, you might be expecting a decrease in your swollen feet, but instead it rises up and your foot size becomes larger than what it was.

6. Hair fall-

Yes, before delivery you might be loving your hair. Your hair becomes thick and beautiful during pregnancy as you are taking up all the medicines and your oestrogen level rises up. But after giving birth, the oestrogen level decreases resulting in hair fall.

7. You may need “Mommy Diaper”-

You might be wondering what exactly mommy diaper is? Maxi pads are helpful when you water breaks. After delivery with the heavy flow, you will need Mommy Diapers. Its name suggests that it is made for new moms. This mommy diaper has ice in it, which gives you relief from post-birth.

8. The doctor may vacuum your baby out-

Ok, this is something strange and I agree with it. If while giving birth any complications occur, like mother gets unconscious or if she gets high blood pressure. Then the doctor might have to vacuum the baby out. (you might know about it if you have seen the movie “3 Idiots”).

9. Forget about privacy-

Privacy? Well, what’s that. After you become pregnant. You probably should forget about having privacy again until you deliver the baby. While you are giving birth, there are chances that around 3-4 interns might be watching the process. But who cares? You are giving birth to your bundle of joy.

10. People will give you lot of instructions-

This you might be known as you are listening to people’s instructions since the start of your pregnancy. During delivery time also, you will be getting instructions like do not push too hard, you are breathing wrong. Well, all these instructions are for your own safety. Although you may feel like shouting at them.

11. Have a Squirt bottle in place of Tissue Paper-


Squirt bottle, if you have not heard of them, they are actually called as perineum irrigation. This bottle is known for squirting warm water after you uses loo. The bottle ensures that you do not harm any of your stitches and are also not rough with them.

12. You won’t even remember Music-

Yes, doctors and many relatives may tell you to prepare a list of music which you would like to play during delivery. But you are in so much pain, that you don’t even listen to it and when things start to get serious, the music gets out of the window.

13. You can stay in shower for as long as you want-

When you reach the hospital, you may feel sweaty or really uncomfortable. That is the time you can ask to take a shower, and you can stay in there for as long as you want. Being in a shower or sitting on the birth ball, both of them helps at this point.

So, these are some of the hidden secrets of having a baby. You do not need to be scared of them, we have written down these points so that you are well prepared in advance and are not taken by any surprise at that moment. Just pack your hospital bag and get ready for the hospital.

Did you know about these points of birth giving?

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