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Natural Postpartum Skin Care Routine For Glowing Skin

postpartum skin care routine

Being pregnant and bringing a new life to the world takes a lot from your body. You (women) go through many emotional and physical changes during and after pregnancy. All these changes lead to skin and hair care problems. Having a Postpartum skincare routine is very difficult, as you are occupied with your little one.

But trying to have good skin is one way to get back to normal and feel good about yourself. Therefore, we have brought to you some of the easiest skincare routines which you can easily follow in your post-pregnancy life.

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What are the Skin changes you will see after Pregnancy?

Some of the skin changes that you may see after pregnancy are:

  • Acne-

During pregnancy, Progesterone hormone gets increased which can make your skin oily, thus resulting in acne breakout. After delivery, hormone changes again and this may lead to acne breakout. Even if you had a glow skin during pregnancy, after delivery it gets changed.

  • Pigmentation-

Another skin problem which you may get is Pigmentation or Melasma. You may see some dark patches around your skin, this is caused due to change in the progesterone level. Slowly, and with time these dark patches get fade away.

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  • Loose Skin-

Well, this is obvious. During pregnancy, your skin stretches to accommodate a baby. After delivery, that skin gets loosened. You can take care of it by tying up your stomach or doing exercise.

  • Dark Circles-

Your whole life gets changed after having a baby. You are sleep deprived and exhausted most of the time. Your eyes show the tiredness of your body and result in dark circles and puffy eyes.

  • Stretch Marks-

Stretch marks are different from loose skin. You can get stretch marks anywhere in the body, while the loose skin is mostly around the tummy area. Stretch marks are stubborn and take years to fade away.

What are the Causes of Skin Changes?

postpartum skin care

If you had amazing skin during pregnancy, then it may become difficult for you to see the changes in your skin. But after delivery, you go through many changes, your body is totally new, you are tired and stressed out and there is a lot of hormonal imbalance. All these things lead to changes in skin color and skin texture.

Natural Home Remedies For Postpartum Skin Care

After delivery, it is not possible to go to the parlor every now and then. You need to try things which work at home and also give you good and glowing skin.

  1. For Acne- If you are suffering from Acne, try the following things:
  • Cleanse your face two times a day morning and evening.
  • Apply a moisturizer.
  • Once a week, use a mild face scrub to remove dead skin cells.

2. For Pigmentation- Pigmentation takes time to fade away:

Whenever you step out of your home, always apply sunscreen.

3.  For Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes- This probably will go away as soon as you start having proper rest.

  • Ensure to have a healthy diet.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Try to get as much sleep as you can get.
  • Keep the under-eye skin moisturized.
  • 4.  For Stretch Marks- Well, there is no such perfect key to remove stretch marks. So, as soon as you know that you are expecting, apply moisturizer on your tummy three times a day to reduce the chances of stretch marks.
  • After Pregnancy, you should apply stretch marks cream.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Have a healthy and nutritious diet.

Beauty Tips After Pregnancy

It is not necessary that every new mom faces the above skin problems. You still can have good skin, but to maintain that glow you need to follow some tips. Skincare after pregnancy is very difficult. By including these 4 tips in your daily routine you can look like Supermom-

  • Cleanse- Cleansing your skin in the morning and in night is necessary to get rid of any dust and to keep skin clean and clear.
  • Moisturize-  By moisturizing your skin, you keep it well hydrated. Use a lightweight moisturizer.
  • Protect- Apart from taking care of the skin, it is also necessary that you keep it protected from harmful sun rays. Always cover your face and use sunscreen when you step out of the home.
  • Exfoliate- Exfoliation helps to keep away the dead skin cells. Once a week exfoliate your skin with mild scrub soft granules.

Bonus Points for Skin Care Routine

Some of the bonus points which can help you to maintain a good skincare regime are as follows-

  • Drink lots and lots of water. Keep your body hydrated by drinking around 8 glasses of water daily.
  • Try to get as much sleep as you can get, to be energetic and let go of any stress.
  • Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, they are rich in iron content which helps to reduce post-pregnancy skin and hair problems.
  • For Stretch marks to go away, apply oil enriched with Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter.
  • Take a Multi-vitamin supplement to cope with vitamin deficiency after pregnancy.

So, above are some tips and tricks for Postpartum Skin Care Routine. The changes in hormone after pregnancy is normal, it affects both your skin and hair. You just need to be patient and calm to get back to normal. In the meantime, make sure to keep your skin hydrated and eat a healthy and nutritious diet.

How did you take care of your skin after pregnancy?

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