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How to Lose Baby Weight After Pregnancy Naturally?

Congratulation! A new mom. So, all your efforts, anxiety, mood swings and food cravings have come to an end with the delivery of your baby. Now, all you can do is see your baby, love him and think of how amazingly blessed you are. But the journey of pregnancy doesn’t end here. Of course, delivering a baby is one big step. But you also need to come back in your shape. So, how to lose baby weight after pregnancy naturally? Well, you can do it with lot of determination and workout.

Yes, losing pregnancy weight or baby weight is very necessary. Being overweight brings lot of health problems with us. Also, you need to be fit and active so that you can easily run after your baby. So, let’s understand the ways to lose baby weight after pregnancy naturally.

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Importance of Losing Excess Weight after Delivery

Now, if you are thinking why it is important to lose weight after pregnancy. Check out the reasons which will motivate you to lose weight after pregnancy-

  • Having baby weight may risk of lifestyle-related health complications such as cardiovascular disease.
  • Gestational weight may increase the risk of postpartum depression.
  • Excessive weight makes your joints weaken, and may give you problems like arthritis.
  • Postpartum weight contributes to obesity. And obesity can lead to diabetes and hypertension in long run.

When is the Right Time to Lose Weight after Pregnancy?

Just like every pregnancy is different, every body is also different. Before you start the post-pregnancy workout, it is better to consult your doctor, as they know better about your and your baby’s health. According to research, it is suggested that one should wait for two months before you start the workout so that your breast milk is normalized.

It is also ok, if you take a year or so, to cut down your weight. As your body first needs rest and then the strength to deal with the exercise stress. Many women lose 50% of their pregnancy weight by 6 weeks. Since weight loss is unique to each woman, it is best to have some patience before you start with your weight loss efforts.

Tips to Lose Baby Weight

1. Have realistic goal-

It is very necessary to keep a realistic goal. Do not think that you will lose weight in one month’s time. Everything comes at right time. And losing weight depends on how much weight you have gained. So, be practical and have a realistic goal. Give your body a year’s time to come back in shape.

2. Eat a mix of nutrients-

Your body needs all types of nutrients, so it is a good option to eat a mix of nutrients. Focusing only on one nutrient won’t help you achieve your desired weight. So, do not just take calorie intake in mind, also choose healthy food and lifestyle.

3. Consume on healthy snacks-

Still, a long way to go, before you can start eating whatever you want. Research has suggested that consuming healthy snacks has a great impact on your health. Eat four to five times a day, consume a smaller portion of food. Have healthy snacks like fresh fruit, yogurt, hummus or protein bar.

4. Do not skip meals-

Skipping meals is never an option. It makes your body process the calories in a different way. Also if you are breastfeeding, then you should not skip meals as it can affect your overall postpartum recovery process.

5. Keep yourself hydrated-

It is very necessary to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water is an essential way to lose weight. You may feel the sense of fullness after drinking water, also your metabolism increases which leads to weight loss.

If you get bored with drinking plain water, you can try drinking unsweetened sparkling water to add some variety.

6. Avoid alcohol consumption-

Gone are the days, when weekend meant partying. Right now, your main focus has to be losing weight and getting in shape. No matter the type of alcohol, it adds directly to your weight gain and obesity. Also, since you are breastfeeding the baby, it is good to avoid the alcohol.

7. Breastfeed if you can-

If possible breastfeed the baby for at least a year, it will help you to lose weight. Breastfeeding a baby for at least 6 months has an immense benefit for both you and your baby. Breastfeeding-

  • Provides nutrition
  • Supports immune system
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Reduces the risk of mother getting ill.

8. Monitor your calorie intake-

It is all the game of calories, so you should monitor your calories intake. That doesn’t mean cutting back on calories, instead try eating and consuming calories smartly. Monitoring calories help you to work out on how much you are eating, and how much you need to shed down.

You can track the calorie intake through following methods-

  • Keep a food diary
  • If you cannot remember what you have eaten, take a picture of them so you know what you ate.
  • Have a calorie tracking app.

9. Eat high fiber food-

Fibrous food is good for digestion. It is time to munch on those healthy veggies and grains. Soluble fiber foods help you feel fuller for long and also slow down the digestion process.

10. Avoid added sugar and refined carbs-

Cut back on those processed foods and refined carbs, they just add on to the weight gain. Eating whole unprocessed foods are rich in protein, fiber and less sugar, they provide you nourishment and also helps to lose weight. So, it is better to stay away from fast foods, sugary drinks, sweetened juices and high-processed food.

11. Exercise-

Nothing can be achieved without exercise. Resistance training like weight lifting, helps you to lose weight and also retain muscle mass. A perfect combination of diet and exercise is the most effective way to reduce weight and to improve heart health.

12. Manage cravings-

Though pregnancy is over, but you can have cravings. If you are craving for high caloried foods like chocolate or ice cream, try to look for their alternative like eating sweet fruits and vegetables.

13. Have proper sleep-

Well, it is easier said than done. Having a proper sleep with your new born baby is next to impossible. Your sleep patterns disturb as you also have to look after your baby. Inadequate sleep, affects your sleeping habits thus interfering with your weight loss goals. You can try using lavender oil at night to improve your sleep quality.

Weight loss after delivery is very essential, but it is not something that you will achieve in one day. Take your time, understand your body and workout accordingly.

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