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13 Cool Tips for Summer Pregnancies- 2021

We all wait for Summer to approach as it’s the official vacation and beach time. But this season can be a little harsh on expecting moms. Yes, the Summer season for Pregnant women is like a nightmare, as with all the sweat, and hot weather, becoming cranky and moody is very easy. I agree, that Pregnancy is already an adventurous journey, but the summer season can really take a toll on you. Therefore, we have brought to you 13 cool tips for summer pregnancies.

Being pregnant in summer season can make your mood swings worst. As pregnancy already rises up the body temperature and summer season will just add it on. So, follow our quick and easy solutions to get rid of this hot weather and enjoy your pregnancy phase.

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Effective Tips to Stay Cool in Summer Season

1. Cotton Clothes-

Try to wear as much cotton dress as you can. Cotton does not stick to the body and the fabric is breathable. It helps you to breathe easily, without making you suffocated. Also, you can try wearing light colour cotton clothes in summer as it does not trap the heat.

2. Always Carry Water-

Summer brings the problem of dehydration with it. It is very necessary that you get enough fluids in the summer months to get you going. So, whenever you step out of home in summer, make sure you are carrying a water bottle with you. In normal weather, you should drink at least 10 cups of water, but in the summer season, your body needs water every hour. So, keep sipping liquid in a small amount every hour.

3. Wear a Hat-

Yes, summer season calls for a little style, but in this case it is necessary that you wear a hat when you step outside. You can add summer hats to your styling wardrobe also. A Hat prevents the direct contact of your head with sun. It protects your head and hair from the scorching summer heat.

4. Diet-

Keep track of your diet. One does not feel like eating in summer. But you need to eat to keep yourself active, or else the blood sugar level goes down. So, instead of eating something heavy, you can consume some light-weighted, water-filled fruits like- Watermelon, Sprouts, Salads, Curd. All these things are essential for the summer season and help the body to cool down.

5. Swimming-

If you have access to a pool, then nothing is better than this and you can enjoy the summer season. Taking a dip in a pool can really take off the heat from your body. Also, swimming is one great exercise for you to perform in the summer season.

6. Power Nap-

Summer already is a very tiring season. With all the sweat and high temperature, one gets tired very soon. Therefore, it is better to sleep for 30 minutes in the afternoon, as the afternoon is the hottest part of the day. Sleeping during that time will give you relief and also you will feel energetic.

7. Swelling-

Pregnancy comes with many physical changes, one of them is swelling in the feet. During summertime, this swelling can become worse. Therefore, try not to stand for long, elevate your feet by placing cushions and pillows, this reduces the water retention in your feet.

8. A Cool Neck Wrap-

To get relief from this scorching heat, you can wrap a cool, wet bandana loosely around your neck. It will help you cool down your carotid arteries, which carries blood up to your head. Slowly slowly as water evaporates from the cloth, you will feel relief from heat.

9. Stay Protected-

Summer season is not only bad for your health, but also for your skin. You skin becomes very sensitive during summer season. You can easily get dark patches, therefore, do not forget your sunscreen, when you step out of your home. Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays and keeps your skin healthy.

10. Summer Boredom-

It is very true that summer days are little boring, especially the afternoon time. As it is necessary to stay indoors during this time. So, at this time you can video call a friend or relative. Play some games with your partner, read a novel or listen to some soothing music.

11. Decrease Salty Food-

It is very necessary that you avoid eating salty food during summer season. Salty food can cause water retention in your body, which can result in swelling up of legs.

12. Skincare-

If you feel your skin has become dry and itchy skin during the summertime. You need to take more care of it. Pregnancy already stretches your skin; it is possible that your skin becomes drier with the summer heat. Therefore, keep your skin well moisturized. Soak yourself in a warm bath with oatmeal and apply an anti-itch cream.

13. Call for Doctor-

You need to be very careful during summertime. Watch for the following conditions like excessive swelling of hands and legs, decreased urine, constipation and stomach cramps, dryness of the mouth. If you feel really uncomfortable, then it is best you visit a doctor.

Hot summer days really take a toll on our body. It gets very difficult to survive in this weather especially if you are pregnant. Therefore, follow the above simple steps which will make you feel better and energetic.

Do you have any other tips?  Please share it with us.

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