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10 Ways To Speed Up Cesarean Section Recovery

Being pregnant, going through nine months’ pregnancy journey and giving birth all these three processes takes up a lot of energy from a woman’s body and also changes it forever.  These days, C-section delivery has become very common. We have brought to you 10 Ways to speed-up cesarean section recovery. After C-section delivery, you may feel difficulty in getting up, walking and doing your daily chores too.

After having a cesarean section recovery, you will be discharged from the hospital after 3 days. And it will take around 6 weeks for you, to get back in your body properly and feel a little energetic. Having abdominal surgery is a big thing in itself and recovery from it is already challenging. You will need more time to recover than you would if you had a vaginal delivery.

So, if you are thinking about how to recover from a C-section quickly, the following are some points which you need to take care of. Check out the blog-

10 Postoperative care after Caesarean Section

1. Accept help offers-

Do not hesitate to take help from anyone who is offering. Feeding your baby, going to the bathroom, getting a bath you will require assistance in everything. For the first few weeks, think of yourself as a baby who needs help and support in everything. Forget about cooking and driving, let your friends and family do that.

2. Rest like a baby-

All you need to get back your body energy is to rest. Rest. Rest and only Rest. Remember pregnancy and C-section delivery both are very tiring, you had major abdominal surgery. You will need to rest a lot, unlike a mother giving birth via the vagina. Resting properly will only help you to get back in shape and recover from this major surgery.

3. Take slow walks-

Slow walking is recommended by the doctor on the day of your surgery too. This is done, to relieve you from any gas formed and to avoid blood clotting. You may not feel like taking walk after surgery, but it is very necessary to keep constipation at bay and to loosen your joints and muscles. Walking slowly also gives you a boost of emotional and physical energy.

4. Don’t forget medicine-

Never doubt the medicines given to you by your doctor. It will not affect your breast milk, instead, it will relieve you from pain. So, do not try to suffer more by skipping the medicine. If you feel different like nausea after taking medicine, you can consult your doctor.

5. Green Vegetables-

It is very necessary that you eat a nutrient-packed meal. Your body is still in a recovery phase, it will take weeks and months before you can start doing work on your own. So, you need to work on your nutrient-rich diet like protein-rich and plant-based options which are full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients for your body to recover again.

Include the following things in your meal: –

  • Green and colourful vegetables.
  • A source of both animal and plant protein.
  • Some slow carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes.
  • Healthy fat like olive oil, nut butter and fatty fish.
  • Herbs and Spices in ample amount.

6. Wear comfortable clothing-

Right now you need utmost comfort in everything, and it all starts from wearing comfortable clothing. You don’t need to follow trends right now, you can wear very comfortable and cosy clothing. Make sure your dress is loose-fitting so that your incision does not hurt. Also, it will help you in taking impromptu naps properly.

7. Walk to prevent constipation-

Constipation will be a very common problem you will face after delivery. You will have trouble with your bowel movement after surgery because of the pain medication you are taking.

Try to take short walks every day, eat more vegetables and fruits, drink lots of water and you can also use stool softeners.

8. Return to exercise gradually-

Do not hurry to get back to exercise. Your body needs plenty of rest to overcome the surgery. Give yourself around 6-12 weeks after the C-section, before you feel you are ready. Later on, after consulting with your doctor you can start exercising gradually.

Start with low impact cardio, then go for running and high impact exercise in a minimum of 3-6 months.

9. Drink plenty of fluids-

After C-section, you are not allowed to have water for one full day. From the next day you are allowed to have water. You should drink plenty of water after you are allowed.

Keeping your body hydrated helps to flush out toxins from the body and also relieve you from constipation. Try drinking 8 cups of water per day, this way there won’t be any pressure on your incision.

Things to expect after cesarean section recovery

C-section delivery is not easy. Many women are awake during their surgery, and see the whole process of their baby coming out. After delivery, you are taken to the recovery room where nurses keep a check on you. You can expect the following things in the coming days-

  • Vaginal discharge- It will be more like a vaginal bleeding, and you will have it for several weeks after delivery. Bleeding is the only way through which your body will get rid of extra tissue and blood in your uterus, which kept baby secured during pregnancy. Slowly, the bleeding will get lighter and will stop.
  • Hair and skin change- Pregnancy hormones must have made your skin and hair very healthy and shiny. Now, after delivery you will notice hair thinning in the first 3-4 months. This again happens due to hormone change. Also, changes in skin will be seen in the form of stretch marks which will turn purple on your belly and tummy and it will take months to disappear.
  • Breast swelling and soreness- The first 3-4 days after your delivery, your breasts will make something called as Colostrum, a nutrient-rich substance which will boost your baby’s immune system. Later on, your breasts will be filled with milk. You will feel your breasts to be more tender and swelled up with milk.

Conclusion On cesarean section recovery

Above are some of the ways to speed up cesarean section recovery. Remember you have given birth to your baby and it is the most beautiful thing in the world. Your body has given full 9 months, so take it slow and don’t be in hurry to get back in shape.

If you feel anything different during the recovery phase, it is best to consult your doctor. Do not wait for anything.

How did you recover from your cesarean section recovery?

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