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Cabbage Leaf Therapy: For Breast Engorgement Relief

Breastfeeding is one of the best experience of motherhood. It is a perfect moment for baby and mother to connect and share a special bond. But not everything is happy and easy in this new phase, there come some different kinds of problems which helps you make into a strong woman. One such problem is Breast Engorgement, yes it occurs due to copious milk production. Now, have you heard about Cabbage Leaf Therapy: For Breast Engorgement.

Some of the other breastfeeding trouble includes: cracked nipples and painful bouts of mastitis. The best way to relieve from them is to try home remedies. There are other home remedies too to get relief from Engorged Breast. But first let’s understand the most popular one- Cabbage Leaf Therapy.

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What is Breast Engorgement?

Breast Engorgement is one of the most common problem which the new moms face. It is a situation in which breasts becomes swollen, painful and hard due to excess milk. New mother experience this situation 3-5 day after delivery.

What are the Causes of Breast Engorgement?

Breast Engorgement is one usual problem which occurs in postpartum period. Some of the other reason for this situation is-

  • Coming-in Milk- After 7- months of pregnancy mother’s body start producing milk. After your baby feeds on the colostrum i.e. first milk, breasts start producing more milk causing them to expand and become engorged.
  • Insufficient feeding- As soon as your baby is born, he/she is eligible to drink milk and doctors also support and encourage mom for breastfeeding. But many moms are not able to breastfeed just after delivery because of the medication. Since the milk production does not stop and goes the usual way, breasts gets overfilled.
  • Poor latch- Poor latching leads to less milk consumption, causing breast engorgement.
  • Erratic feeding pattern- You need to maintain a routine for your baby and breastfeeding. So, that your baby feels hungry at a particular time and also it helps to regulate the rate of your breast milk production. Skipping feeds or trying some new ways may confuse the baby and lead to less feeding.

Symptoms of Breast Engorgement

After understanding about the causes of Breast Engorgement, let’s understand the symptoms of Breast Engorgement.

  • You will feel heaviness in the breasts, as they are filled with excess milk.
  • There will be tenderness and throbbing, along with slight pain.
  • The breast tissues become hard and stiff in touch.
  • There will be increase in breast temperature, you can feel your breasts to be generally warm when you touch them.
  • You can notice mild swelling in your underarms, with a slightly swollen lymph node.

How to use Cabbage Leaves?

One of the best remedy to take care of Breast Engorgement is to use cabbage leaves. Cabbage leaves are rich in properties which can reduce pain and swelling. Let’s see how to use cabbage leaves-

  1. Before you think of using Cabbage leaves for engorged breasts, make sure the leaves are clean and dry.
  2. Place cabbage in the fridge, as we want it to be cold. Try to use green cabbage, as it won’t leave any stain.
  • 3. After the cabbage is chilled, remove its outer covering and throw them away. Then pull out two of the inner leaves, and keep rest of the cabbage inside the refrigerator.
  • 4. Wash the two cabbage leaves with cold water in sink. Make sure they are clean and free from any dirt and pesticides.
  • 5. Remove excess water from the leaves and dry them little with towel.
  • 6. Place this clean and cold cabbage leaves on your breast, make sure the nipples are not covered by the leaves.          
  • 7. To hold off the cabbage leaves in place, you can wear bra. You can also put breast pad over nipple to soak up the breast milk.
  • 8. Leave the cabbage leaves for approx. 20 minutes till the leaves become warm.
  • 9. Remove the leaves from the breast and throw them away.
  • 10. Use a fresh new leaves again to get some relief.

Other Home Remedy for Engorged Breast

Apart from cabbage therapy, other home remedies which are effective to relief engorged breast are-

  • Massage Gently– Massaging your breasts from the chest towards the nipple in a small stroke is very beneficial. Massage helps to improve blood circulation and gives relief.
  • Ice Packs and Warm Showers- Place an ice pack on your breasts (not directly) for 15-20 minutes, to relief from engorgement. Taking a warm shower helps to improve milk flow.
  • Try to Increase Feeds- Most new-borns need 8-12 times feeding, if you feed less than usual try to increase it slowly.

How to Prevent Engorged Breasts?

After understanding everything about Breast Engorgement, let us understand how to prevent it in future-

  • Maintain a regular breastfeeding schedule. Your infant needs feeding around 8-12 times. So, maintain a rigid feeding schedule with your milk production and baby’s hunger.
  • Do not leave breastfeeding in middle, breastfeed until your baby gets full.
  • Make sure that your baby has a good, and firm latching around the aerola not just the nipple.
  • Sometimes mom keep switching the boob during feeding. Do not do it, make sure that your one breast is completely empty and then switch to other side. This way you can also keep a track of your baby’s diet.

Breast Engorgement is really uncomfortable, but it too shall pass. It is just a problem of couple of days, till your baby starts drinking it properly. And slowly the demand and supply of breast milk gets settle down. Breast engorgement is a common problem these days, so do not panic and handle the problem tactfully.

Did you face Breast Engorgement problem? How did you deal with it?

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