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Is It Safe to Travel by Bus During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase but it also comes with lots of restrictions. Travelling is one of them. But no matter you are working or not, you cannot avoid travel. Be it a daily commute to work or travelling out of town. It is not forbidden to travel during pregnancy, you just need to be a little cautious. Now, if you are thinking Is it safe to travel by bus during pregnancy? Well, there are some tips which you need to take care of before thinking of travelling in pregnancy.

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Is It safe to Travel by Bus?

We all know 1st and 3rd trimester is a little risky in Pregnancy. You need extra love and care during those times. Travelling is risky during those times be it by car, by bus, by train or by air. So, let us understand the risk involved with bus travel during pregnancy.

  • There are no washrooms available in Bus. So, it gets little difficult as in pregnancy you have to pee again and again.
  • The free space left in bus is very small, so if by chance you get stuck in traffic. There is no place for you to get up and walk.
  • The bus is real uncomfortable especially during pregnancy. On the bus, you have to sit upright which gets really uncomfortable. Also, sitting for long hours can lead to swelling of legs.
  • You may feel thirstier during travel. Drinking more water means more trips to washroom.
  • Also, there are no seat belts in Bus, which puts you and the baby are greater risk.

6 Tips for Safe Bus Travel During Pregnancy

You just saw above the points which can bother you in Bus travel. But if it is a necessity for you to travel via bus. There are some tips and points through which you can safely travel via bus. You can always make your pregnancy journey easy, comfortable and memorable.

1. Be Transparent-

Be transparent with the bus driver and conductor that you are pregnant. As travelling during office hours can be a pain with the crowd and everyone be in hurry.

  • Always inform bus conductor that you are pregnant, so that, he can take special care of you.
  • If your bus journey is long, you can ask the driver to make short and frequent halts. So that you can get down and move around.

2. Do not Stand in a Moving Bus-

It is like forbidden for pregnant women to stand in a moving bus. Pregnancy already shifts your centre of gravity, therefore it becomes difficult for you to find balance. Standing in a moving bus may make you lose control and you can fall. Therefore, always wait till the bus gets stopped.

If you cannot find a seat in the bus, you can ask for someone else for their seat and avoid standing.

3. Choose a Comfortable Seat-

If you have an option, to choose your seating it is best to take an aisle seat, so that you can easily move out and get out of bus without walking too much.

  • If your bus journey is overnight, keep a neck and back pillow handy to avoid body strain.
  • Avoid front and back row, as they are riskier in case of accident.
  • If by chance you get two vacant seats, grab it and sit properly with your legs up.

4. Have a Companion-  

This goes without saying. It is very important that you have a companion with you whenever you are travelling. It is good to travel with a companion, then to travel alone.

  • Have your partner’s or doctor’s number on speed dial.
  • If somehow, you have to travel alone. Never get tensed, instead take all the necessary precautions and travel light.

5. Pack you own Food and Water-

You need to keep eating and drinking no matter the journey. It is best to keep your own homemade food and water, so that, you can avoid outside food. Always make smart and good choices during pregnancy. Avoid carrying oily food like chips, this can aggravate your nausea feeling. It is necessary to keep yourself filled up with good nutrients.

  • Eat properly and very cautiously.
  • Drink and eat at regular intervals, as you cannot get up on a moving bus, so chances are you might feel full.
  • The food and drink you packed, should be handy so that you can eat them easily.
  • Have a bag ready for motion sickness, as buses do not stop at random locations.

6. Try to move around whenever Possible-

Now, remember, you are not allowed to get up on the moving bus no matter what. Buses often make some halts in the long journey, so try to move around then. You can also use the washroom and walk for a bit to relieve muscle stiffness.

Some Tips to Remember in Bus Journey during Pregnancy

  • No matter how important it is for you to get on the bus. Never board the moving bus, you will put yourself at risk.
  • Always be alert on the journey, as buses do not have a seatbelt.
  • Sit in the middle section, as it is safer in case of any mishap.
  • Have emergency contact on your speed dial.
  • Carry wet wipes and sanitiser, to avoid and lower your chances of infections.
  • If travelling solo, make sure you pack light. Lifting heavy luggage can be dangerous.
  • Do not wear any expensive jewellery, that may attract pitpocketer.
  • Try to travel in an air-conditioned bus.

So, these are some of the ways in which you can travel safely by bus during pregnancy. If you have to take the bus for the work travel, you can also carpool if possible. Still, avoid travelling by bus in the first trimester. And always be pro, and act according to the situation.

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