15 Amazing tips to get prepared for Fatherhood

As your due date comes closer, everyone starts preparing the mom-to-be for motherhood. But what about father-to-be? Yes, just as happy as a woman is for becoming a mother, the same goes for a man. Parenting is not just one person’s job, both mother and father have to be involved equally to give the best to their children. Though both motherhood and fatherhood is ongoing process, we have shortlisted 15 Amazing tips to get prepared for Fatherhood.

Welcoming your baby in the world is an emotional moment both for father and mother. You get all types of mixed feeling from pure joy to outright terror. No one is perfect, so it is hard to feel completely prepared to become a father. So, let’s take a little at a time. Check out the blog to understand some tips about fatherhood-

15 Tips for Fatherhood

1. Spend quality time with your partner-

First things first, it is very necessary to spend time with your partner. The moment baby arrives, you both become parents and your child becomes your utmost priority. You both won’t have time to spend with each other. So, grab every moment you get in these nine months and make them super special.

2. Get healthy-

Gone are the days when you used to eat whatever you wish. You are going to become a dad now, it is necessary to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you smoke, it is the right time for you to quit smoking, as both active and passive smoking is bad for a pregnant woman. Try to eat healthily and stay healthy.

3. Sleep as much as you can-

Yes, sleep as much as you can. Once the baby comes you will miss your sleeping days. People often use the phrase “sleep like a baby” but this phase is very wrongly used as babies do not sleep in a stretch and also they do not sleep a lot. So, whenever you get time have a power nap, this will keep you fresh and energetic.

4. Talk to someone who has become a Dad-

It is truly said, that to know the exact experience it is good to talk to someone who actually has gone through it. So, whenever you feel you are ready, talk to someone who has recently become a dad, they can give you genuine and great talking. Also, you can visit some park near you to watch over dads and how they behave.

5. Be a Team-

You and your wife are a team since you got married and now this team will become even stronger after the baby arrives. It is very important for you both to be on same page. Think yourself as a team you, your baby and your co-parent are all a team for life. So, start seeing things together and through same lens. The journey of upbringing your child will become much easier.

6. Attend a Parenting class-

Just like there are classes for everything, there are classes even for Parenting. Many moms enrol themselves in parenting classes so that they know that they are doing everything right. So, for all the dad-to-be out there, try to take as many parenting classes as you can. Apart from parenting advice, you also will make some like-minded friends there.

7. Be involved in the Pregnancy-

Pregnancy is not just one parent job, both of them have to be involved equally. Therefore, the phrase “I am Pregnant” has changed to “We are Pregnant”. The more the dad-to-be is involved in Pregnancy, the more it makes the mom-to-be happy and confident. To be a mom should never hesitate to ask for help from their partners, after all, it is both your responsibility. You can give your partner prenatal massages.

8. Mingle with babies-

If you feel you are not good around babies, try to mingle with babies and play with them. The more you stay around real babies, the more confident you will feel. Try to hold them, ask for suggestions. If your friend has a little one, spend time with them.         

9. Get ready to have love at first sight-

Since childhood, you must be listening to phrase Love at first sight. Well, now get ready for it. The moment you hold your baby in your hand, all your worries, tension, and anxiety flew away. You just fell completely in love with that little bundle of joy. There are no words in dictionary which can describe the feeling mother and father feels, when they hold the baby in their hand.

 10. Share the household work-

Being pregnant and delivering a baby is not an easy job. It is time for you to share some of your household work, to get your partner little relief and rest. She has been doing the whole home management till now, but with the baby coming, she will need a little help of yours.

11. Set up baby furniture-

Yes, this is very important to set up baby furniture. Because when the baby comes you won’t have much time to do that. Set up the crib, have some baby-friendly furniture, also baby-proof the apartment. Still baby will give you some time to do all these things after it arrives, but the sooner the better.

12. Get infant car seat-

Many parents do not think it an important part. But whenever you travel, keeping your baby on your lap will make both you and your baby feel tired. Also, many hospitals insist on having an infant car seat, so buy one and learn how to attach and detach it. Then, you can use a doll to practice how to place the baby correctly.

 13. Stock up on Diapers-

Oh yes! Another most important thing. You will need diapers and lots and lots of them. You can even ask your friends to bring diapers as a baby shower gift. Keep adequate stock of diapers, so that they last at least few weeks and you do not have to run and get them. Also, before buying you both should decide which type of diapers you wish to buy.

14. Get some Frozen food-

Before baby arrives, make sure your fridge is stocked up with essential and food items. It is possible that your wife may not get lot of time to cook food, or she may feel hungry at a very odd time that’s when the frozen food will come into picture.

15. Take up Calming activity-

Learn and increase your calming activity. I am not talking about how to calm baby, but how to stay calm yourself. Yes, babies cry and scream a lot. You can’t even imagine how long screaming can go, at this time it is necessary for you to stay calm and handle the baby tactfully. It will be the hardest thing to do, but you have to do it.

So, above are some of the tips you can take care of and prepare yourself for being a father. A father is a child’s first hero. And a child needs both father and mother equally in its upbringing. Therefore, be ready to greet the little one and if possible take some time off the work. Do not be scared, no one is perfect, you will learn everything from time to time. And trust me You will be an amazing Father!

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