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Essential Baby Items List: Baby Things to Buy Before Birth

Baby Things to Buy Before Birth

Your nine-month amazing journey is about to be over and now you are preparing yourself for the new motherhood phase. The arrival of your little one will bring immense joy and happiness to your life. It is a totally life-changing experience for you and your partner. But it is better to be prepared beforehand, Baby things to buy before birth. Gone are the days, when parents used to wait for the actual arrival of babies before buying something for them.

List of Baby Things to Buy before Birth. The road ahead will come with lots of twists and turns and it is better to be prepared for it beforehand. Buying some of the baby essential items is one thing that will help ease your work a lot.

Do not worry, we have broken down the list for you. Check out the list of baby things to buy before birth-

Essential Baby Things to Buy Before Birth

 For Breastfeeding

The first thing you will do, as soon as your baby arrives in the world is Breastfeeding. Yes, even doctors prefer it

  • Nursing Clothes- For all the new moms, you should have some of the nursing clothes which will make your feeding easy like nursing bras, feeding gowns, nightwear and tops also. Choosing dark coloured clothing will help you conceal the stain of any breast milk. Also, you can have breast pads to soak up the excess milk.
  • Breast Pumps- This is needed if you get too tired while breastfeeding your child. There are different types of breast pumps available in the market like manual breast pumps and electric breast pumps. You can choose the one according to your requirement. You can store your breast milk for 24 hours.
  • Formula- If in case your baby is very weak, you may want to take help of formula milk. Giving your baby top feed will help them gain weight quickly and will keep your baby full for long time.
  • Thermos- You would need thermos to boil some water for the formula milk or even for you to drink.
  • Bibs and Muslin Clothes- You need to put bib around your baby’s neck to avoid the spilling of milk. Applying bib will help you to keep their clothes safe from getting dirty.

For Baby Bedding Essential

Just like you want your bed to be clean, soft and hygienic. Your baby also wants the same. Let’s see what are some baby bedding essential-

  • Baby Mattress and Crib- This is something very important these days. Having a lightweight baby crib is essential, so that baby has its own space to sleep and stretch. Also, sometimes crib does not come with mattress, so invest in a good mattress which does not suffocate baby.
  • Baby Blanket and Sheets- Baby’s skin is very sensitive; they are prone to allergies very soon. Investing in lint-free good quality blanket and sheets which are breathable and also comfortable will be a good option.
  • Mosquito Net- Protect your little one from the harmful and deadly mosquito by applying mosquito net on your baby’s crib. You can also have an ultrasonic mosquito repellent which protects your baby from bites and diseases.
  • Baby Monitor- It is not possible for you to be always around your baby. So, keep a baby monitor near your baby whenever you put your baby to sleep, this way you can easily track and can have a good eye on your sleeping child. Buy baby monitor which have good battery and is long lasting.


For a few days when you are in the hospital and also there are loads of relatives, you should have a diaper on your baby so that, changing of nappy is one less thing for you to do.

  • Disposable Diapers- Do not buy diapers in bulk in starting, you don’t know what suits your baby skin and what not. Instead, buy three diapers of each brand, try them on your baby and see in which your baby is most comfortable.
  • Cotton Nappies- Keeping your baby in diaper all the time, may cause rash. So, when you feel you are done with all the work and is free for some time. Remove the diapers and have cotton nappies, this way it won’t be burden on you and also baby’s private area gets fresh air.
  • Wet Wipes- You need baby wet wipes, to make sure your baby’s private area is clean. Any time they wet their nappies, clean the area with wet wipes. This will keep the area hygienic, clean and will also smell fresh.
  • Changing Mat- You cannot just put your baby anywhere to change their diapers or even nappy. Have a changing mat, this way your baby is on clean and dry mat. They are very useful when you travel with new-born.
  • Dustbins and Garbage Bags- You don’t need any headache of throwing away the dirty diapers again and again. So, have the dustbins and garbage bag ready.           

Newborn Baby Clothing

The first thing which you should buy for your baby is Newborn clothing. Don’t go for anything fancy, buy clothes which are comfortable, have cotton material and are soft. Also, do not buy too many clothes, babies grow up fast and you won’t even get a chance to repeat their clothing.

  • Sleepsuits- You need to have at least 2-3 sleepsuits which are comfortable, of cotton fabric and easily accessible. Choose the one which cover your baby from ankle to neck.
  • Tops- Dressing your newborn is one hell of a task. Choose the dress which are front open and do not have any glitters. Making them wear dress whose button goes back may be tricky.
  • Socks- Most of the times we forgot to cover newborn baby’s legs and later when we touch them, we find them very cold. Therefore, it is essential that you keep your newborn’s feet warm all the time. Buy at least 3 pairs of socks.
  • Swaddle Cloth- Swaddling your child when they are sleeping will help them sleep better and longer. A wrap- around cotton blanket or swaddle will keep them warm and also protected from cold temperature.
  • Caps- Caps help to cover your new-borns head and ear. It keeps them warm and gives them the feeling of being secure.

Bathing and Cleaning

In the starting, you only will need to give a sponge bath to your baby. But as your baby grow a little bit, they would just love playing in the water. Also, you will enjoy seeing your baby splashing water and this can be a great bonding time for you both.

  • Bathtub- Based on the size of your baby, you can have a foldable bathtub (so that it does not occupy space). Plastic tubs are easy to clean and Convertible tubs can expand as your baby grows.
  • Towels- Have a set of 2-3 towels which are soft, can absorb water and is gentle on baby’s skin.
  • Baby wash and Shampoo- For your new-born, everything should be special and herbal. Chose the baby wash and shampoo which are mild, tear-free, and fragrance-free. Also, first check if your baby is not allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Massage and Hair Oil- Massaging your baby is very necessary, it helps them become strong and keeps them healthy. To massage your baby, you can use any of the traditional oils like almond and coconut oil.

Safety Tips for Newborn Baby

This is not on priority, but it is good to be prepared beforehand. When your baby starts to crawl, baby proofing of the house becomes necessary. Invest in good quality smoke detectors, stair gates, and playpen for your baby’s safety as they are needed to avoid falls.

Also, make sure you have plug socket covers, fireguards and kid’s friendly furniture.

Seasonly Newborn Baby Essentials Checklist

The above list which you have seen is the general baby list items. Let’s also have a look at the seasonal baby items.

Summer Season

During the summer season, you need to be careful about heat rashes. So, let’s see what to buy for baby in the summer season-

  • Baby vests- It is necessary to buy proper baby vests with popper buttons; they are perfect for summer season. Choose soft fabric and light colour.
  • Summer hat- A simple cute summer hat to protect your baby’s head and eyes form harmful UV rays.
  • Muslin cloths- This is needed to wrap your baby properly. Also many of the prams and chairs have synthetic fabric which are not good for baby’s skin.
  • Sunblock- I don’t usually believe in this, but these days sun’s rays are very harmful, to protect the delicate skin of your baby, it is necessary that you use a herbal sunblock.

Winter Season

The Winter season calls for more items, as the temperature drops, it is necessary to keep your baby warm. Here is the checklist of winter season baby items that you need to take care off-

  • Baby quilt- The first and the foremost thing to buy for your baby is the baby quilt. There are plenty of baby quilts available in the market, choose the one which is soft, non-bulky and keeps your baby warm.
  • Thermal wear- Yes, the best way to keep your baby warm is to have their thermal wear. Thermal wear protects them from cold chills and keep them warm.
  • Sweater or Cardigans- This is for the final layer of your baby’s clothing. These days you can find such amazing cute and fancy cardigans    in the market.
  • Wollen caps- Ears of the baby are very sensitive. It is necessary that you cover them, so that they don’t catch cold.
  • Full-sleeved vests- When you look for clothing for your baby, it is better to always look for cotton as cotton does not cause any allergic reaction with the baby’s skin. For additional layer, you can use woollens and sheets.
  • Sleepsuits- Have some loose fitting sleepsuits, so that your baby can sleep peacefully in monsoon too.
  • Insect repellent- For this, it will be good if you consult your paediatrician. In winter season, mosquitoes and insects may bother your baby. Having a good insect repellent will protect them from mosquitoes and heat rashes.


Above are the Baby Things to Buy Before Birth. It is not necessary that you buy everything listed above, you just need to focus on buying items which you think will be very necessary and will be required in the starting of weeks. Then, later as you are already loaded with the visits of your friends and relatives, you will get the gift items.

The above is the list of things to buy when pregnant, do not wait for the end moment to buy these things.

Have you made any such Baby items list to buy?


1. When to start buying baby stuff during pregnancy?

The best time to start buying baby stuff is around the end of the eighth month. The ninth month is already a high time, you never know when the baby can come, so it is better to be prepared beforehand.

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