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Celebrity Pregnancy and How They Lost weight

The whole pregnancy journey is very overwhelming; it brings a lot of change in a woman’s life. For starters, your body looks totally different with weight gain and hormonal changes. Other than this, you deal with mixed emotions like happiness, anxiety, sad etc. The main concern of every pregnant woman is whether or not they will be able to lose their pregnancy weight. Well, do not worry this thought crosses every expecting even celebrities. We have brought to you Celebrity Pregnancy and how they lost weight.

You won’t believe it, but celebrities are always in focus and limelight. They are more conscious and worried about their looks and weight than we are. But post-pregnancy, they all work very hard to lose that weight and get back in shape. Let’s check out some of the motivational celebrities and their post-pregnancy weight loss journey-

1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

Well, we all know that Aishwarya gave birth to her daughter Aaradhya and she gained some weight in her pregnancy journey. After delivery, she found it a little hard to lose her weight instantly. And we know that Aishwarya has always been in the limelight, she faced a lot of flak from the media on her weight.

But she didn’t let any of the things affect her motherhood. She was very calm and patient and took her own time to get back in shape.

What Aishwarya Did:

  • Aishwarya ate a lot of boiled vegetables and cut down on her fat.
  • She ate Brown rice, to increase her metabolism.
  • Yoga is her best friend.
  • Always kept herself hydrated with water and fresh juices.
  • A total “No” to junk foods.

2. Kajol:

Kajol has always been a jolly actress, who takes away everyone’s heart with her smile. When she was pregnant, she gained few pounds, but she reversed it soon. And came back in her sexy avatar. She returned to the screen in a proper shape, seeing her no one can tell she is a mother of two.

What Kajol Did:

  • She followed two mantras to lose weight: Eat right and Exercise right.
  • Her fitness regime included yoga, lifts, squats and endurance training. You can start with some simple exercise also.
  • She was totally against junk foods and unhealthy snacking.
  • Kajol drinks lots of water and keep her hydrated always.
  • She loves to eat paneer, fish, chicken, milk and nuts. Her motive was to include high-fiber, low-sugar and heathy fats in her diet.

3. Mandira Bedi:

Mandira bedi is a real inspiration. She is a total fitness freak, who gained a whopping amount of 22 kgs. Post-pregnancy. But soon i.e. in just six months, she was able to get back her sports toned body.

Mandira’s Post-Pregnancy Routine:

  • She was into 5-days a week of gym which included running, spinning and circuit training.
  • Power yoga is her secret, to reduce the weight quickly.
  • She only ate dal, roti and sabji for lunch and no-carbs dinner.
  • Her healthy breakfast idea: scrambled egg, milk and fruits.

4. Kareena Kapoor Khan:

Kareena has always been in limelight, be it due to her pregnancy, her movies or her zero figure. She is everyone’s favourite, and the way she fashions her pregnancy is remarkable. After pregnancy, it didn’t take a long time for her to get back in shape.

Kareena’s Weight Loss Mantra:

  • She ate foods rich in calcium and iron. Also, every night she used to drink one large glass of milk.
  • For her walking was the safest exercise after pregnancy.
  • Her post-pregnancy exercise included “Aerial Silk Yoga”, which consists of twists and palates.
  • To fight off the dark circles post-pregnancy, she used to eat food which were high in Vitamin B12 like- ghee, bajra, buttermilk, jaggery, and roti.
  • She was patient about her weight loss journey. For her, it was more of strengthening your core muscles.

5. Shilpa Shetty:

One of the most popular actresses known for her waistline. Shilpa is a fan of Yoga, during pregnancy she too gained some weight but it took her only 10 months to get back in shape. Can you believe she lost around 20kgs in this short span of time?

Shilpa’s Routine:

  • Her post-pregnancy fitness mantra was weight training.
  • She used to eat all healthy foods.
  • Her last meal of the day included soup, salad and chicken.
  • To regain her muscles, she used to go for cycling and walking after pregnancy. 21 days later she started her weight training.
  • Her morning used to start with aloe vera or amla juice and breakfast included brown sugar, porridge and tea.

So, above are some actresses who lost their baby weight soon. But as some of them say, always decide your priority. For all the above actresses, looking good and fit is very important or else the media criticize them. So, you mommies take your time to get back in shape. Till then, enjoy this precious time with your little one, they will grow up so fast.

Happy Motherhood!

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