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Why is wearing Heels during Pregnancy Bad?

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To wear or not to wear heels during Pregnancy? Well, this is one of the biggest questions which every woman searches for as soon as she knows that she is expecting. If you are in a habit of wearing heels regularly, then quitting it may be a little difficult for you. Many women love to wear heels, it compliments their personality. However, during pregnancy doctors strictly prohibit wearing heels. Well, they have got good reasons. So, keep reading to know why is wearing heels during pregnancy bad?

If still you feel, that it is necessary for you to wear heels. Then we also have shortlisted some simple ways in which you can do it. Check out the blog-

6 Reasons Wearing Heels During Pregnancy is Bad

1. Calf Cramping

This you must have felt even when you wear heels at the normal time. Wearing heels during Pregnancy contracts the calf muscles and put a lot of strain on it. The strain leads to cramping of calf muscles, which worsens in Pregnancy. Already, due to the increased weight, you may be feeling a little pain in your legs.

2. Back Pain-

Back pain and Pregnancy are very much relatable. Due to the increased weight on your uterus, your back gets bent and it results in back pain. Heels alter our posture; it causes pelvic muscles to bend forward. Now, in Pregnancy when you gain weight the change of posture puts a lot of stress on your back, causing pain. Also, at this time the ligaments of the legs and lower back become loose, leading to back pain.

3. Stretched Muscles-

During Pregnancy, only your back and abdomen are not affected, but whole body gets changed. The ligaments in calf and ankles loosen up due to Pregnancy hormones. This causes stretched muscles. Also, your feet expand in Pregnancy. So, you might find it troubling to get fit into your old shoes.

4. Improper Balance-

In Pregnancy, due to increased weight the centre of gravity shifts. And the rollercoaster of hormones in the body, weaken your ankles too. Wearing heels in this situation will definitely affect your body balance and you are more prone to falling down.

5. Miscarriage-

Miscarriage is one serious issue in Pregnancy. No women should ever go through this. During Pregnancy, your body is already dealing with so many changes, now wearing heels on top of that may make you lose your balance, leading to Miscarriage.

6. Swelling in Feet-

During later stages of pregnancy, you may find your feet and ankles swollen and this happens due to water retention in the body. Walking and standing become tough with swollen fingers. Wearing heels with swollen feet will only aggravate your pain

Safety Tips for Wearing Heels during Pregnancy

So, above are the side effects of you wearing heels during Pregnancy. Still, if you feel or if it is a must to wear heels, then take care of the following safety tips.

  • You can wear low length heel in your first trimester. In the later stage, your hormone flow increase and also your muscles start to stretch.
  • Invest in shoes that are comfortable and are not tight.
  • Wearing sturdier and lower heels will work, but only during early pregnancy.
  • If it is necessary for you to wear your heels the entire day, then it is advisable to take short breaks from your heel whenever you can.
  • Try to avoid stilettos, or kitten heels. The thinner the heels, the increased are the chances of you falling.
  • If you are going out in a party or for any outings, try to avoid standing for longer duration. This will give relief to your legs.
  • If after wearing heels, your calf muscles pain, it is better to stretch your legs and gently massage them.
  • For everyday purpose, replace your heels with flat and more comfortable shoes.
  • Try to avoid wearing heels for 2 hours at stretch.

So, above are the reason why wearing heels is bad in Pregnancy. Although you may not find any medical reason backing this up, but with all the bodily changes going on during Pregnancy, it is advisable not to wear heels. You are already carrying an extra weight; you do not need anything else which can make you less comfortable. Therefore, try to avoid the heels and just enjoy yourself in a comfortable flat shoes.

What are your views on wearing heels in pregnancy?


1. Can I wear heels in my Third Trimester?

The Third Trimester is the last trimester of your pregnancy. At this time, your baby has almost grown and you might be feeling difficult to balance yourself. Now, wearing heels at this time will add to your problems and it may lead to bad balance making you fall.

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